The MUA Colour blasts – Stay, Girl Like Me, Loud, Bring it back, Diamonds and Unfaithful – On the eye swatches

I’ve posted quite a few posts for the MUA Colour blasts, I’ve done two swatch posts HERE and HERE plus an actual review of the range HERE. I like them, I know not everyone does, but for the price that they are and for what they do, they do a good job and I really enjoy wearing them.

I’ve had, though, a couple of people ask me for some photos of the product actually on the eye. Now, I’m not so good at taking pictures of myself, I’m Really not very good at taking pictures of just my eye… as such I spent over an hour and a half, and took over 400 photographs the other day in order to try and capture what these lovely eye shadow tints look like on the eye.

Before I put the swatch photos, a bit of a ramble, the photos will follow – My eyebrows are bad, nothing like an extreme close-up to show quite How bad. If there is any creasing on the eye lid it’s not the product it’s my delightfully horrible eye lids. I’m wearing the thinnest layer of MUA Cover and Conceal wand concealer in the lightest shade under my eyes and a little on the brow bone, I have the MUA Pro base concealer on under each of the eye tints and then other than that and the eye tints themselves I have no make-up on so please forgive any huge pores you may see (though hopefully I’ve cropped out any bad skin)

Lastly, it’s obvious I’ve not created a look with these. If I was making a proper look with them I may combine them with other shades, or use a powder shadow with them or just finish the look with some eye liner and mascara – But with these photos I literally just put the shades on my eye so that you can see how they sit on the eyelid.

This is the shade ‘Bring it Back’ – This shadow looks different in different lights but this is the only angle I was able to take this in thanks to the horrendous light at the time. You can see that it isn’t a ‘Pow, in your face’ sort of shade but it’s a lovely medium – dark brown that even works on its own if blended out a little.
 This is the shade ‘Diamonds’* which is the hardest to see on the eye – That said, you can just see it and it’s a lovely soft pink without any of the tones that make you look unwell which is the standard effect you get with most pink eye shadows. It’s very wearable and I’m sure you could build it up a little better than I did – Also, this shade has a real gold sheen to it if you see it in the right light.
 Like I said, all those creases are down to my lovely creasy eye lids. But this is the shade ‘Loud’* I don’t wear shades that are that dark very often but I actually love this deep purple/plum shade on the eye. This shade can look darker on the eye but I patted it out a little do that it didn’t look too dense as it’s not how I’d wear it. Though, of course, if you wanted a thicker block of colour you could build it up more.

These two photos are both for the shade ‘Stay’ – I couldn’t decide which photo I liked the best. This shade is one you need to build a little to get a decent amount of colour from but I absolutely Love how pretty this looks on the eye – Not much more I can say other than that; it’s obviously not everyone’s cup of tea to have something that soft and subtle but I love it.

This was the hardest one to photograph without doing more to it. I blended it, a little, at the edges but I’d been going by an hour and a half by this point, this was the last one I did and the light was almost gone, I had taken a Lot of photos of my own ear and my nose and I had been up and down the stairs so much that going to get a brush to do it properly just felt like too much work.

That aside, you can see how this lovely gunmetal shade has a lovely pigmentation to it – This is the shade ‘Unfaithful’* – As with the plum shade I have patted this out a little so it can be darker than this but I wouldn’t want it any darker. This would make a great smoky eye with the right products used with it, or maybe on its own if you blended it out a liiiiitttle better than I did!

The products marked with a * are press samples – Please see disclaimer here


    • admin October 7, 2013 / 2:26 pm

      They're pretty aren't they 🙂 I don't think they're for everyone, if someone's looking for 'pow' they won't be blown away but for wearable, pretty shades they're so lovely xx

  1. Serena October 7, 2013 / 7:34 pm

    Ooh! I think I will have to get the rest of these!

    I just happened to notice that you didn't post a photo of A Girl Like Me. Just wondering why because it's my favourite colour and I wanted to see what it would look like on fairer skin.

    But yeah, I think Stay looks especially amazing on you.

  2. Amethyst Skies October 12, 2013 / 7:47 am

    See until you posted pictures of you wearing them I wasn't that intrigued by them but now I am.!

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