The wedding planning and bargain buying begins

Only a few weeks ago we reached the ‘we’re getting married in a year!’ date (17th August) which definitely got me thinking but it was only when I realised that we’d actually had the wedding booked since January which was only a few months under a year itself that I went ‘Arrggg that year is going to go soo quickly’ – So I started properly looking into things and getting some more fixed ideas. 
Weirdly, after years of picturing a very specific colour theme of purple and cream, when it came to the reality of picking things I realised that my tastes have changed So much that, as much as purple is still my favourite colour, that colour scheme just wasn’t what I wanted any more. Almost instantly I knew that dusky pink was going to be the new colour scheme and, when I couldn’t get Skye’s dress in dusky pink, champagne/ivory quickly became an accompanying colour! 
As such in the space of a week or two I’ve gone from having nothing bought/planned (other than the actual venue of course) to having bought my sisters bridesmaid/maid of honour dress, deciding which dress I’m getting for Skye and ordering a head band (random I know) for  myself. 

And that’s the dress I got for my sister – The lighting hasn’t been great on any of the days since it arrived, it needs a good iron and the top is totally unlaced so it looks Very wide for a size 10 dress but you can, definitely, get a good idea of how gorgeous it is! I managed to get it on eBay, from a lovely lady who’d had one of her bridesmaids drop out of her wedding, for around £35! It’s, also, already been altered as the original dress was crazily long – It may, still, be a little too long for my sister but we won’t know until she tries it on. She’s going to look so so beautiful in it!

So, yes, that’s how we roll with my wedding, bridesmaids get their dresses first – I’ll get my own dress at some point soon, I’m sure, though I won’t be posting That online. I’m not worried about the suspicion but I would like my man to see the dress for the first time on the day we get married. I Will tell you, though, that it’s going to cost less than £50! (All in all I should be getting my dress and both bridesmaid dresses for around £100 – Bargains are a speciality!)

Oh and here’s my head band – I’m not fussed about Azii seeing that so I’ll post that on here. 

Isn’t it pretty! It’s a random thing to have as one of my first purchases but my hair is one of those things that I’ve been sure I’d struggle with. Then during my wedding planning ideas I just thought about head bands, one thing led to another and that’s that! (another eBay bargain, £6ish for this one)

So, yes, things are well and truly on their way. Things feel much much more real when there’s a bridesmaid dress hung on the back of the door! Just a shame we’ve just had to cancel our Second attempt at giving notice of our intent to marry due to yet another issue with birth certificates and things. This will Definitely be sorted soon, though, or I may go loopy (er).


    • admin October 6, 2013 / 1:15 pm

      I can't wait to see her try it on 🙂 xx

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