This nail look has been published in a post before but it was right at the bottom and it wasn’t the main feature which I think is a shame as I’m really happy with the way that it turned out. 

I made this look when I was creating a look for an MUA competition – I wanted to make a look based on the colours of tarnished gold and purple and I had an image of a nail gradient that I wanted to create with those shades. Of course I’d never done a gradient before but I wasn’t going to let that stop me! 
Considering this was the result of my first ever attempt at a gradient I was quite pleased with it and I absolutely love the colour combination. I just kept looking at my nails until I changed them a few days later. 

The shades I used were ‘Uptown Glamour’ by Nails Inc which was the freebie with Glamour mag and one of the £1 polishes by MUA in the shade ‘Deepest Purple’ – I love how the warmth in the gold made the purple a more plum colour which is exactly what I was hoping would happen and is why I didn’t go for a plummier shade in the first place. 

I was absolutely thrilled when my Mum brought some of my old toys and books from the loft, recently. We lost a lot of them when we had them stored at one of our older houses as it turned out the place they were stored was getting damp – But, thankfully, there was still a good deal that were saved! 
I was taught to keep my things really nice when I was younger and, being the well behaved child that I was, I did. As such a lot of the books are in perfect condition which I’m so happy about – He’s going to get so much use out of them. 
The same goes for the toys, there’s things we’ve got that had small parts but they’re all still there – He’s going to have some great new toys and have no idea that they aren’t brand new other than some not too good packaging. Also, some of them are going to be passed on to my sister for my nephew; I am just So pleased these things are going to get a second life with new children!
I’ve not taken pictures of the toys yet but I’ve got some of the books – He’s not getting all of them for Christmas he’s had some already, some will be Christmas, some Birthday and some just whenever I feel like adding some more to his collection. Just think how much money I’m saving by having these for him – I am so glad that my mum managed to save as much of them as she did – I loved books so it’s fantastic to see them again (shame that lots were lost, though) and to know that my boy can get joy out of them now too.

Definitely worth asking your parents if there’s anything left of yours in their attic, you never know what treasure troves might await! 

Any childhood memories coming back to you? 

Loved these so much

There’s also about ten Topsy and Tim books which I forgot to photo – They’re amongst what he’s getting for Christmas as he has enjoyed watching the new show of that a couple of times on Cbeebies! 

I’ve realised, recently, that I don’t take anywhere near as many photos of Ethan as I used to, which is really sad, especially as I have a nice camera now. But, when I came to try and take a Christmas photo, with him, it reminded me why it doesn’t happen often. Thought I’d show you some photos of what happened… 

Well… I’m glad he finds himself so funny… The crazy wide eyed faces were his way of being utterly hilarious… which is evident in all of the following shots where he’s laughing, hysterically at himself.
Needless to say, as much as I’ll treasure these shots, they’re not quite what I was looking for to put in my grand parents’ Christmas cards!
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 This was quite a while ago, now, but everything’s been a bit crazy recently so this post has been put off and off for various reasons but I still wanted to let you know which bits I’ve picked up and you may see in future posts (Let me know if you’re particularly interested in any of them as I can look at them sooner)
I bought one of their fan brushes from their super cheap range – When I get fallout I get really impatient and rub it off and often end up rubbing it in to my face so I thought this might be worth a try to prevent it. This was £1.50 before the 30% off.
Again, from the super cheap brush range, I got this lip brush because I only have one lip brush and I have a number of products that I use brushes with so I thought that a second one would be a really good idea. This, too, was £1.50 before the discount.

The powder brush from the studio range (I think?) was, finally, in stock when I was making my order. This is one of those brushes that bloggers and vloggers are always mentioning but is always out of stock. I don’t Really need a powder brush but I was intrigued so I picked it up whilst the offer was on. This was £3.75 without the discount.

I’ve never tried anything from their mineral range so I thought I’d go for their Mineral foundation which I got in the shade ‘fair‘ – Before the discount was applied this was £5 (Please don’t ask me about this any time soon as I seem to have lost it… though as it’s the most expensive thing from my order I’ll hopefully find it again soon!)

Sticking with the idea of trying out their mineral range I picked up one of their Mineral lip tints in the shade ‘Berry’. Before discount this was £3.50.
It fits nicely with my current love of sheer lip products.

This was sort of a repurchase but also not. I’ve ordered the Daily brush cleaner before but, unfortunately, the bottle leaked so I wasn’t able to use it much (the team were really good in sorting that out for me). The use that I did get out of it, though, was good and so I wanted to pick one up so that I can get some proper use out of it. These cost £3.75 before the 30% discount I got.

I’ve liked the look of the Studio blushes for a while so I bit the bullet and ordered one this time. After looking at swatches online I opted for the palest shade as they seem So pigmented that this was the safest option – The shade is called ‘Headliner’ – These blushes are £3.75.

You can see the flush that the blush gives, here, and that was with the tiniest drop of the product.
I had a couple of pounds left to get to the total needed to get free p+p so I decided to pick up one of the Brightening eye colour quads. This one is in the shade Luxe – I’ve bought one of these before and for the very very reasonable price of £1.50, I liked it so I decided to pick up one with some nice, warmer shades.


Not the most crazy pigmentation but not half bad for something so inexpensive and some lovely, warm autumnal shades.

Lastly I picked up one of the Tone correcting concealers – My concealer obsession isn’t over so I decided to try this one out. It cost £1.50 before discount and it’s in the shade Ivory. It’s a very teeny tube but, so far, the product seems quite nice (though the fruity smell is a little weird, though not unpleasant)So, that’s what I picked up. This came in at around £18 which is a pretty good bargain for what I got, and for free p+p too. I really like ELF products and look forward to trying these out. I’m sure you’ll see some of them in future posts.

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You may have seen, back a few months ago, that I did a blog swap with Fiona from ‘The Beauty Fiend’ after we were paired up by Kat at ‘Tales of a Pale Face’. We had planned on thinking about another swap around Christmas but when Kat did a post about making your own beauty advent calendar from samples and things you don’t use I decided to broach the idea to Fiona that we make each other an advent calendar as a swap idea. 
Soo, what we’ve done is we’ve collected up samples/duplicates/things we’ve not used and we’ve also had a budget of £25 which allows us to buy extras to fill the gap as it’s not that easy to find 24 things! Once we got everything together we’ve wrapped them up and packaged them and we’re going to send them off to each other to unwrap, one a day, in the lead up to Christmas – A home-made beauty advent calendar! But, also, a surprise as it’s been done by someone else! 
I’ve had the best time deciding what to get for Fiona and I can’t wait to find out what she thinks of the things I’ve got for her. I also had a great time deciding what order she should get things in. It was posted off yesterday, which is good as it’s almost December! But here it is all wrapped up before I sealed up the box and packed it up!

Don’t worry, if you see this, Fiona, this shouldn’t give anything away – Only that it’s all rather tightly packed in there! 

I’ve let Kat know that we’re doing this as she may be thinking of organising a blog swap around the idea next xmas – The only thing that might be tricky is the weight of packages, I get the feeling the one I’m sending to Fiona is going to be a bit pricey – But if you’re careful about the things you buy you can try to make things lighter. To be honest, I don’t care how much it costs to send, I’m just crazily excited for Fiona to start opening it and for me to start opening mine too!