A subscription code for Birchbox subscriptions for my readers – Trio of beauty products – Model Co, Aromatherapy Associates and Reverence De Bastien

As you may already know the fantastic lady over at Birchbox who I’ve been talking to gave me a code for my readers to use if they decide to order a Birchbox subscription – The original code was for £10 worth of reward points to spend in the Birchbox Shop and if you still want to use it then CLICK HERE
If that incentive wasn’t quite enough for you then maybe you’d like to use the code you’ll find below this picture – Yup, you’ll get this amazing trio of Reverence De Bastien, Model Co and Aromatherapy Associates products.

Soo, all you need to do is get yourself a subscription at www.birchbox.co.uk and enter this code at checkout: BBXpettit2

The code is valid until the 1st December so don’t umm and ahh too long (That’s something I’m really guilty of, I miss so many offers by over thinking!) 

Maybe you’ve been wanting a box but just not had that little extra push? Maybe you’re wondering what to ask for for Christmas and someone lovely will get you a few months subscription? If you’re thinking about signing up then this trio of beauties might be the incentive you need (I know I’d be tempted if I wasn’t already subscribed!)


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    that lipstick colour is awesome!

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