BBB Beauty Box II – Unboxing

When the lovely lovely Jane over at British Beauty Blogger said she was going to be putting together another beauty box I was over the moon – I missed the first one that she did so it was great to know there was going to be another! You can be sure that I was awake at 7am on October 30th when the box went live,  I wasn’t going to miss out on this one too.
For £22 plus £5.95 p+p the products in the box come to an approximate value of £150 – Mhmm, absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful that Jane put this box together and am really hopeful that she’ll do another in the future. 
My box is one of the ones that took a little longer to arrive, it only came yesterday, but I really don’t mind at all – Some sent cross emails which I think was a big shame when it was clear that Jane was doing her absolute best, but there ya go. I’d better get onto the amazing contents of the box! 
Just look at that – I think it’s perfectly clear why there’s so much excitement around the box and all 750 sold out in only a few hours!

I have lots of L’Occitane samples from the event I went to a while ago but not much of them are skincare related so it was wonderful to see some fantastic skincare items in the BBB box. These are the angelica face toner and cleansing gel. They’re both 50ml bottles so there’s tonnes in there and I can’t wait to give them a go.

When Jane did the post about what’s in the box I clearly didn’t pay much attention to the sizes of things as I had just assumed that this was going to be one of the teeny tiny samples but nope, this is a 30ml tube of the Cherry Blossom hand cream by L’Occitane, very very nice.

I’ve never tried anything by Mandara Spa before so this ‘Tropical Blooms’ bath milk is a very welcome addition to my collection of body care items. This being a 100ml bottle means I’m going to get a whole lot of uses from it.

I feel that I have something from this brand already, from a beauty box, but I’ve heard fantastic things about it so I’m very glad to have this. I don’t wear my hair Big but I love volume sprays in a smaller amount to just add a bit of body so this Alterna Bamboo 48-hour volume spray is likely to be good for me. 
Thyis wouldn’t have been my first choice of colours for the CND Vinylux polishes but, none the less, I think it’ll be a lovely shade to try out and I will wear it plenty. I am really interested to see how these polishes work. 
Another brand I’ve never tried, this Roger & Gallet ‘Huile Sublime’ is another product I look forward to trying, I have a few dry oils and I like them a lot.

Rituals are a brand I’ve tried a bit of and would like to try more. This is the only item in the box that I don’t really have use for – I don’t have a car. I’ve said my mum can have it but she’s quite sensitive to smells so she’s not sure if it’ll work for her. I’m sure I’ll find someone who wants it, though, I love the idea of this product.

Another Very welcome addition to my collection – I’ve heard a lot about Maybelline ‘The Rocket’ mascara so I’m really looking forward to trying this one. I have a few mascaras on the go at the moment so this will have to wait a bit… at least I’ll have to try to wait a bit, whether or not it’ll actually happen is another matter.

Yup, you’re not seeing double there are actually Two REN masks in the box. I already have a sample of the Invisible Pores mask so this will be a nice addition as it means I’ll be able to use so much more. The Glycolactic mask is one of the gems of the box, for me, as it’s one that I’ve wanted to try for a Long time but even buying the sample sizes can end up costing a bit due to the popularity – Very pleased to finally have a little tube of this! They’re both a nice sized 15ml tube.

This is the little added extra that Jane put in the box – Isn’t it cute! She suggested we could use it to make a little gift of items from the box for someone but I don’t think I’ll be doing that, I need to try out all of these things! I may use the stocking to put some little chocolates in for the little person in my life, though, and put it in his big stocking or hang it on the tree – I just quite love it either way. 
Very interested to try out this Washi Wash cloth – I  believe I read that this is great for holding the heat which is great, I really like applying a really hot flannel to my face for removing products. I have a few flannels and just one of them is great for this reason so I’m very pleased to have another. 
Very intrigued by this Bourjois ‘Khol & Contour’ pencil – I’ve enjoyed a good few Bourjois products so I’m looking forward to trying this out, too.

Another iconic product that I’ve really wanted to try for a while – This is a 15ml sample of the Indeed Labs’ ‘Hydraluron serum’ – Just can’t wait to try this out as I’m all about hydrating my skin at the moment.

Along with the nail CND Vinylux, above, this was a product where we could have got one of three shades – With the Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss I was happy to get any of the shades. This coral shade with lots of glitter looks like something I’m going to love, and I Love the packaging, too, so pretty and individual. As if the box wasn’t full enough of full size and of samples this is yet another full sized product.

Yet another brand I’ve not tried but have really wanted to – This is a 15ml offering of the Vichy ‘Smoothing and illuminating cream’ – Another product I’m really looking forward to trying.

I wanted to get a photo that showed a decent view of the shade of this shadow but, yes you’re seeing correctly, this is a full sized Urban Decay eye shadow. It’s in the shade ‘Zodiac’ and it’s really stunning looking. It’s not a shade that I’d have chosen, myself, but I think it looks totally gorgeous. A deep, deep green that almost looks slate/charcoal in some lights. I’ve not done any swatches of these products as it’s going to be a big enough post anyway – But you can definitely expect a swatch post or these being used at some point.

And, because all the previous products weren’t enough, the last product is this – The La Roche-Posay ‘Redermic R’ cream (and a flipping full size of it too!) – Yet another brand that I’ve been hoping to try soon, I’m going to get using this very soon I think; wrinkles are not my friend!

Honestly, this box has something for everyone. In my case I’m crazily excited about almost every item included – blown away by the brands, and the amount of full sized products there are. Jane has done a phenomenal job and I think we should all be so grateful for the fact that she is willing to put her time, and effort, in to putting something so amazing together for her readers. Thank you, So much Jane, and to all of the brands that have worked along side her to put this box together. Amazing, simply amazing.


  1. Serena November 10, 2013 / 2:16 pm

    Ahh! You're so lucky to be able to get this! So many lovely products! I wanted to get this but I was on a field trip the day it came out. 🙁
    Looking forward to seeing what you think of these products in future! 🙂

    Random things and Strange whims

    • admin November 10, 2013 / 3:18 pm

      I know, I definitely feel lucky! Aww I'm so sorry you missed it, even more reason to hope she does another one so you can get one in the future, I'd definitely recommend them.

      As a beauty box addict this box is just out of this world, it's like four or five beauty boxes in one and with them all being perfect rather than them being half good half duds as they often are. You can see that this is made my someone who's such a massive part of the beauty junkie community.

      I'm definitely going to be posting about these in the future! xx

    • Serena November 10, 2013 / 5:14 pm

      I hope she does come up with one next year! So many goodies in one box! 🙂
      Enjoy your box!

  2. Vita November 10, 2013 / 6:29 pm

    Wow this is one really great box! Very lovely products

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