Benefit – Nice Package Kit – ‘Hello Flawless’, ‘Fakeup’, ‘Creaseless Cream shadow’ and ‘Hervana’

I heard about the new Benefit ‘Nice Package’ kit that was released, recently, a few weeks ago. The basic concept is that you can design your own make-up kit, based on various options, for a set price. The kit is £62 and you get a choice of a base product, an eye product, a cheek product and an extra plus you get a cosmetics bag for it to all go in.
Initially I put this set to the top of my Christmas List as I knew (and checked with the team) that it wasn’t going to be available on the Boots website where I had some points to redeem. But, after it playing on my mind for a week or so, I had a bit of a brainwave – I had already earmarked the £50 worth of reward points on a purchase for myself so, if I spent those points on an essentials order (nappies, wipes etc) I could, in effect, give myself the cash value – Essentially I swapped my boots points for cash (I don’t know if that makes sense to other people but my Mum and Azii understood it so I’m sure you all shall too)

I don’t want the fact that I used points towards this to de-value it, at the end of the day once I converted them in to cash, in the way that I did, I could have spent them on Anything, and I chose this kit. (I also used £5.50 worth of TopCashBack money which I had waiting to be claimed – Again, this was free money but once I claimed it I could have used it on anything, I picked this)

Look how beautifully it was packaged – The tissue paper is such a nice detail. 

I, instantly, fell in love with the bag. I love that style of bag and I love the design plus it’s beautifully well made and clearly a good quality piece. Considering it was a ‘freebie’ in the set I was Very impressed. 
And here are the items I opted for.

For the base product I opted for the ‘Hello Flawless – Oxygen Wow’ foundation in ‘I’m Pure 4 Sure – Ivory’ 
I like a lot of the foundations that I have but I am really eager to try a higher end one so this seemed to be the perfect opportunity – Bought separately this would have cost £25.50.
For the cheek product I went with the box blush in ‘Hervana’ – This was probably the hardest one to pick, for me, because I wasn’t totally sure what to go for. If ‘Rockateur’ had been an option then I’d have chosen that, outright, but with it not being in there I was a little stuck.

As always I went for a good old trawl around the internet and looked at various posts, reviews, swatches in order to settle on a product. It was between the ‘Hoola’ bronzer, this blush and the ‘Dandelion’ highlighting powder. I liked the idea of all of them but, being so fair, I didn’t want to buy a bronzer without seeing it near my own skin and I already have a number of highlighting powders that I love.

And that’s how I come to pick the gorgeous looking blush above. I’m so glad I picked it, even just looking at it you can’t help go ‘ooh’ – This would have cost £23.50 bought alone. 

Being the concealer addict that I am it was a no brainer to pick a concealing product for the eye section. To be honest it was, also, really easy to opt for the ‘Fake Up’ concealer as I was intrigued by it the moment I saw posts on it and, so, it was a natural decision to get it. I got it in the shade ‘Light’ and it retails for £18.50.

This last product was, possibly, the easiest decision yet. I’ve seen various posts and videos where this Creaseless Cream shadow is used so, when I saw it was an option, it was a ‘this will be mine’ moment which is why I, now, have ‘Birthday Suit’.

I have some of the older packaged creaseless creams and I really like them but I absolutely Love the new packaging – It’s so striking, it’s eye catching and absolutely gorgeous. Plus if you want to go for practicality it has that too – It’s best to store cream shadows upside down and this new packaging does that for you due to the way the jar has been made – Pretty and practical, I like it. These shadows retail at £15.50.

I know there’s no swatches but the light was pretty horrid when the set arrived – I shall endeavour to do some swatch posts in the future, or some posts with them being worn. Either way I shall remedy that issue!

All in all, I’m sure you’ll agree, this was a massive bargain. Individually the items would have cost £83 so, even without the added extra of the bag, you’re making a £21 saving. If I hadn’t managed to magic the cash out of various saved up resources then I’d have happily waited to get my hands on this for Christmas as I think it’s an amazing set and a fantastic way to get to know a brand as exciting as Benefit, or stock up on your favourites if you’re already more familiar with them – I anticipate being on the wish lists of beauty junkies everywhere! 


  1. Yaya Duran November 8, 2013 / 1:03 pm

    The bag is lovely and so is the makeup!

  2. Sharon Taylor November 8, 2013 / 4:56 pm

    What a fabulous idea, and fabulous choices – I haven't actually tried any of those products although I would have wanted Rockateur too.

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. Fiona Sykes November 8, 2013 / 5:05 pm

    This is a great idea! You made some great choices too 🙂 xx

  4. Serena November 8, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    That is just lovely! I had no idea that cream shadows were meant to be stored upside down so thanks for informing me! 🙂 Enjoy your lovely new makeup!

    Random things and Strange whims

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