Cheeky Superdrug haul – 3 for 2 cosmetics is hard to ignore! – Bourjois and Revlon

I’d make excuses but what’s the point? I bought some pretty things from Superdrug, in ther 3 for 2 offer, and I love them, so far, so I thought I’d share them with you!

More lip products and more cream eye shadows… hardly a big surprise! 
I’ve seen this on a few different blogs and there was something really rather nice about the shade. Also, being the lip pencil obsessive that I am, I was interested in trying out the Bourjois formula as I’ve heard some Really good things about it.

The shade is ‘Plum Russian’ and it’s just very very pretty (though Superdrug have it listed at Prune)

It’s sheer, with a hint of a gloss but also has a good colour saturation at the same time. I definitely like the formula and I like that, although so many brands are bringing out these products, not every brand is doing the same thing with them. The Bourjois offering costs £7.99.
Buying this was not my own fault – The whole blame falls squarely upon my blog swap partner from some months ago, Fiona at ‘The Beauty Fiend’ because she bought me one of these glosses in the shade ‘Kiss Me Coral’. I love that gloss soooo much that I just had to buy a more A/W friendly shade – See, totally not my fault hehe. (Keep an eye out for some exciting posts that she and I should be bringing you in the future – Thing blog swap, think beauty advent calendar, ooh!)
This shade is called ‘Berry Allure’

It’s a bit more pinky than I thought it was going to be (was expecting a bit more purple) but I really like it none-the-less. Definitely going to be great for the cooler months for a sheer, glossy hint of berry. These cost £6.99. 

Lastly I picked up one of the Bourjois Color Edition 24hr Cream to powder shadows. I read a lot about these on blogs, recently, and with them being compared to the Maybelline colour tattoos I just had to give one a try (that and the simplicity of a cream shadow is something I really rather love).

I wasn’t sure what to get because I have some similar shades and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to venture to some of the less standard shades – When I saw swatches of ‘Petale De Glace’ I could see that it was less pink and more pinky-champagne. 

And I Love it.

I don’t have anything quite like this shade so that makes this a really exciting find – It’s just sooooo pretty! Beware, if you buy this from superdrug, though, they have this listed under ‘Or Platinum’ and I expect the other shades are off, though, I bought this based on the picture and it worked out right. 
For £6.99 I was very pleased with this and have been itching to get using it. 


    • admin November 17, 2013 / 1:32 pm

      It is So much nicer than I expected. They don't have the same lasting power as a colour tattoo but pop a primer underneath and the longevity is much better xx

  1. Serena November 17, 2013 / 3:08 pm

    Ahh… I wish I saw this before I went and got a bunch of stuff from Superdrug. 🙂 They all look like things I want!!!!!

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