Saturday, 23 November 2013

Competition Entry to Mumsnet competition - 'We were going out to dinner'

Well another lovely blogger, who I'm quite fond of, over at Tiaras & Prozac entered this competition (link to it for more info HERE) a short while ago and when I saw the premise, I liked it. I wanted to give it a go but as my week got more and more stressful and time became less and less I didn't think I was going to get anything done. 

I've sat down, this evening, with no ideas in my head and written a good half of at least ten different pieces but each of them weren't right in some way or another. In all honesty, is this one right? Who knows, but I like it a lot better than the others! So, here's my entry:


We were going out to dinner but it felt like such a poor excuse for a first date, that’s what everyone does. I spent the whole day, yesterday, trying to think up better things we could do. We could have gone to the cinema? But I stopped that thought dead in its tracks, everyone knows that the cinema is the way to ensure no second date, you don’t even get a chance to talk so how on earth are you going to make a good impression? And believe me, I wanted to make an impression on this girl.

We could have gone to a pub but the chances are it would have been too loud or too quiet, too expensive or too cheap... or there would have been a pub quiz on which is great if you’re out with friends, not if you don’t want a girl to discover you know Nothing about geography before she has learned how much you Do know about literature, music, history and plenty of other things that actually sunk in over the years. (Honestly, no idea what it is with me and Geography!)
I dug deep and tried to think romantic – Maybe a walk in the park. In the movies they’d walk around a huge park filled with old trees and lush vegetation under a perfect starlit sky and then they’d sit on a bench all night talking about their hopes and dreams and learning about each other’s past. But we live in England, we’d have walked around a tiny park, in the rain whilst a drunk guy stumbled around in the bushes and intimidated us until we left.

Honestly. I was close to giving in and just taking her out for dinner, hoping that the cliché would work and that we’d bond over a starter and fall in love over dessert but then I was struck with a moment of genius – So, here we are, if you’re reading this, welcome to our date!

We both love books, you see, so I'm taking her to a book shop and we’re going to leave you, the unsuspecting reader, these notes. I'm going to make her pick her three favourite books and I’ll pick mine so, if you’re reading, this then you’re going to enjoy the book you've found it in or we think so, anyway. And if you've found this then, at least, she didn't hate my idea (unless you fished this out of a bin) – You might be wondering how our date went? Well, so am I, but that’s a whole other story that’s not been written just yet. 


  1. I love the whole premise of that competition. Have half toyed with a weekly or monthly linky thing with a different starting sentence each time to encourage people to write more. Fab entry honey, good luck! x

    Tiaras & Prozac