Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Glossybox UK - Unboxing - November 2013

I think it's safe to say that a lot of us were left a little unsatisfied with last months box - The contents weren't awful but they weren't great and we all had such high expectations based upon the beautiful sounding theme. The good thing is, though, that I think that the team have really listened and they've not made a massive fuss out of the theme this month, in fact there isn't really much of one. 'The Glossy Wishlist' doesn't conjure up anything in particular in the imagination; in fact it leaves scope for absolutely anything.

So, thank you Glossybox - That alone is a big improvement on last month. I'm not against themes, but only if they actually work and they deliver what was suggested. 

This months box was nice - It wasn't wow, it wasn't amazing but it's nice and, to be honest, I think that's what we should be expecting with these boxes. Never forget the amount we pay; as long as we get things which cover the cost of the box and which are nice, then I'm happy. Don't get me wrong, I like to get a wow box, and I know they're possible so I'd hope we get them from time to time, but this box is nice and I like that.

This is the Yves Rocher 'Cocoa & Pistachio Hand Cream' - It was a bit weird for me to see this in there, but a pleasant surprise too. I almost made an order from Yves Rocher recently but decided not to this month (and am likely to in the future) - Not only that but this was one of the items that was in my basket! So I'm really rather pleased to have it and it's really rather nice. I love the idea of cocoa and pistachio and it works nicely - The cream doesn't smell much at first but once you rub it in to your hands you can smell the lovely pistachio smell and then a little after that you get a hint of cocoa - It rubs in nicely and your hands don't feel at all greasy afterwards. Obviously I've only used it very quickly so no idea how it'll be long term but so far, so good which is rather impressive considering this costs £1.95 (That's for the full sized 75ml tube which is what we have in the box)

I've never heard of this particular nail drying spray - It's the Elegant Touch 'Rapid dry for nails'. I love nail related things, I love nail polish I love painting my nails and I Really love anything that'll speed up the process. I've not used this yet but I did give it a spray to see if it had a strong smell and I can't smell anything so that bodes well. This is the full sized 125ml can which costs a really reasonable £3. I'm really hoping that this works as it may well be a must have product if it does!

Well you already had the nail obsessive rant in the above section so there's no need to say it again but, needless to say, I'm always pleased to get a nail polish in my boxes (though I know I've seen people who don't feel that way). The B. range is something I've seen a lot in Superdrug and on their website but I've never ventured as far as purchasing anything from them so I'm really pleased I'm getting the chance to try out one of their products. This is their B. 'Complete Long-Lasting Nail Polish' in the shade '180 Midnight'  and it's a full sized polish which retails at £4.99 - It's not a colour I'd have picked myself but it really is rather gorgeous looking so I am probably going to be trying it out, along with the quick dry spray, once this post is live! 

Make-up, yay! The Emite Make Up 'Micronized Eyeshadow - Dams' comes in a teeny little compact which feels quite cheap but then has the name written on it quite nicely which seems to suggest higher quality; bit of a contradicion there. The shade I have is a shimmer/highlight sort of shade. When it was on my finger it looked quite white but once I swatched it on to my hand it became a sheer shimmer. 

You can see it here, it's a nice enough shade, it'll be nice to highlight the inner corner and the brown bone but not for much else. The actual formula feels very nice and light and the sheen left over once I fully rubbed the shadow away is nice enough. I don't love it but it's fine and I will use it - The thing that gets me is that this thing costs £16.80 for the full size and the one we got Is full size... I definitely wouldn't pay £16.80 for this, nice formula and gentle sheen or not. 

Lastly we have the Vichy 'Idelia Life Serum' - In the little organza bag is three boxes which each contain a little tube of product. The bag is nice and I'll keep hold of it for packaging a gift or something in the future, it is a bit overkill for some boxes of cream but, then, they clearly want them kept together which is understandable. There are two tubes of the 'Idelia Life Serum - Skin Idealizer Serum' and one of 'Idelia - Smoothing and Illuminating cream'. Each tube is 3ml so a total of 9ml of product which makes it a nice little sample when the full size is 30ml (almost a third of the full size isn't bad at all in my mind) - The full size costs £29.30 which is a bit above my budget but I'm always open to finding something that transforms my skin into perfection and who wouldn't pay extra if we found that! So I'll keep and open mind, these will go into my samples collection and I'll give them a go in the coming months.

All in all, as you can see, it's a nice box. I really like the hand cream, the nail polish and the quick dry spray, yup the three cheapest things, guess that says plenty about me, haha! But, yes, there's some things I really like and then the remaining two products will get used too, they're just not as exciting for me (I like skincare but I have a lot to try out so it's just added to a list really) 

I'd say this is a decent box, Glossybox, so thank you! (And I wouldn't mind at all if Christmas was one of those Wow boxes I was talking about earlier!

Please don't forget to enter my giveaway which you can find linked through the photo at the top right of my page - The chance to win the 'Nude 'tude' palette by The Balm (it's a real stunner, honest)


  1. I got the hand cream in cocoa and raspberry and it smells amazing! I agree about the eyeshadow, I got the same shade and I know I wouldn't pay £16.80 for it. I love the look of that nail polish though, I wish I'd got that instead of the perfume sample!

    1. Ooh that does sound nice, I do love raspberry but I'm also a bit obsessed with nutty scents at the moment so it suits me quite nicely.

      Oh, I'm sorry you got perfume sample instead of the polish, that is a real shame! What perfume is it?

  2. I liked each and everyone of these items. Enjoy!

  3. It was this one:

    Obviously it's expensive for the full size, but you only get a tiny sample. Plus it was super floral and that's not really my bag at all!

    1. Gosh that is expensive, which makes it worse, really, because it means that even if you did like it it would cost loads to repurchase!

  4. I've yet to receive mine but after lasts month disappointment followed by the amazing Birchbox I've not really though about my Glossybox much, this has piqued my interest!

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  5. seems like the boxes are all very similar this month which is good as then you don't see other things you wish you had. I saw in the magazine that glossybox are releasing a xmas box for £25

  6. I think the thing which I'm most interested in for this box is the hand cream! Sounds nice and as usual, I hope to hear what you think about it. :)

    Random things and Strange whims

  7. Wonderful post;I have the same Yves Rocher hand cream...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  8. I have to say that I stopped Glossybox ages ago and still haven't really seen anything really wow that has made me want to sign up again :( xxx


  9. Does glossybox still describe itself as luxury samples? I think that's what a lot of people had a problem with when I used to get it, as many of the products were decidedly not luxury/high end.

  10. Ah this box looks sooooo much better than last months box, although not good enough to make me want to subscribe again :/ the boxes are too varied, I've seen people receive perfume samples instead of the polish which just isn't fair :( xxx

    Gemma | ❤️

  11. Have to disagree with the handcream - I received the raspberry version and to me it's absolutely disgusting - also I think the value in comparison to yours was at least £7 less - as I got nail polish wipes, and a perfume sample. After last month's "Dark Romance" fiasco and other fails, I'm now convinced that it's a two tier system based on age and if you are a blogger or not. I also find it rather galling that we get a magazine where they test out all sorts of lovely items which somehow mysteriously never make it into our boxes as samples - and quite frankly I think I am done subsidising their fun. £120 per annum can buy a lot of goodies which I can choose for myself and enjoy instead of hawking on Ebay.

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    It is usually felt in the hands of expertly-trained professionals.
    Nonetheless, chiropractors are able to prevent the pain and frequency of headaches but many
    other ailments and illnesses that affect the quality of life.

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