Love Me Beauty Box – Unboxing – November 2013

Love Me Beauty boxes tend to, normally, me the first one that I get of a month but, this month, they’ve arrived considerably later than normal – I got mine yesterday. It’s not the end of the world, mind you, there’s no issues of having to avoid spoiler posts/videos like with other surprise boxes so it doesn’t matter that it’s a bit later (especially when there’s a rather nice selection of products in there!) 

First up, and probably the one I’m most excited about, is this ‘Hydro Lip Booster’ in the shade ‘Wood Rose (39)’ by the brand Art Deco. Now I’ve had a number of products from this very beauty box, in the past, from Art Deco but it’s actually a really good thing; I’ve really fallen in love with the brand so I am always pleased to see another item by them pop up in the menus for the boxes. 
The gloss is an orangey toned red, almost terracotta and I think it looks really pretty. You can see from the swatch that it’s got a nice level of pigmentation and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this translates on to the lips. The Art Deco glosses cost £11.50

Mitchell and Peach are a brand I’ve heard of before but haven’t tried any products from. I think that the name is ‘English Growers’? But the font isn’t the easiest to read – It would fit in with the very floral scent of the product, though. It’s not something I think I’ll use as it’s a little too lavender for me; a scent that I enjoy but that gives me a headache – I’m sure someone else would love it and find it a really nice relaxing product to use, though. This is a 20ml sample size; the full size would be 50ml and retails for £20.

I’d not heard of the French brand Absolution until they arrived to Love Me Beauty this month but I really like the look of their packaging, plus it has that nice quality feel to it. This product is called ‘Le Masque Purifant’ which I think most of us could translate quite easily! It’s supposed to rid skin of impurities, and restore radiance and vitality which is a nice combination I think. I like face masks, a Lot, so am very happy to get this one and am Really impressed with the sample size – The tube is 40ml where as the full size would only be 10ml bigger at 50ml – That 50ml full size would retail for £24 (Very nice sized/value sample!) 

I already have this product from a box that I got a few days ago – Shame, they’re nice pencils but I don’t need another bronzey/brown shade. The pencils are soft and pigmented and I like them so I think this will make a good part of a giveaway prize at some point in the future. The Jelly Pong Pong ‘2-in-1 Shadow/liner‘ pencils cost £10.50 and this pencil is full sized.

Lastly is a full sized nail polish by Models Own – A really nice brand to see in a beauty box so I was really pleased about this. The shade I got is ‘Prussian Blue’ – I know it’s showing a little purple in this but it’s a really nice deep blue shade. Very happy to have this, these retail at £5. 
All in all, a good box – As always, a nice mixture of types of product and an amazing range of brands and products. Even with the two that I won’t use there’s three fantastic items which, by far, outweigh the cost of buying the box. Very nice. 


  1. Kate Musgrove November 21, 2013 / 12:51 pm

    Box is amazing this month! I so want to subscribe it seems the best one for value of money xx

    p.s make up brushes came this morning 🙂

  2. Janey L November 21, 2013 / 3:43 pm

    I haven't ever heard of this particular beauty box! (I'm not very up on the latest happenings in the beauty world!). I love the colour of that Art Deco lip booster. So lush! 🙂


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