My latest competition win – A 6 month subscription to Yes Nurse’s Brand new gift service!

I had a really exciting competition win recently. In all honesty I hadn’t actually realised I was entering a competition until I got a tweet to tell me that I’d won! I had voted for Yes Nurse in an award that they were up for and, also, tweeted to let others know that they could do the same – but I did that because I like their company and their product; I had no idea that there was a competition going on to do those very same things!

The post has become a bit of a review, which wasn’t what I intended – I just really do like this hand cream and am so pleased to have won 6, whole, months worth!

I’m a big fan of nice surprises, though, so I was very very excited to find out I’d won and that I’d won a gift box with some of their hand cream in – That leads on to the second surprise of the whole thing; when my box arrived I discovered that it wasn’t just a gift box, it was a 6 month subscription to their brand new gift box subscription service, took me by surprise, yet again.

The third, and final, surprise was that I was the first person to ever open one of these boxes – Maybe not the biggest thing ever (to some people) but it felt a little bit special to discover that.

I think that there was a nice surprise for the team at Yes Nurse, too, when they discovered that I was a blogger and that I was looking to post about the box – sometimes things just work out in the most wonderful of ways.

The team over at Yes Nurse really are so nice, the e-mails that they have sent me have been just so nice and so friendly – They’re So nice that when they found out I was a blogger they gave me a 10% off code for you lovely people if you get one of their gift subscriptions – The code is PETITMOI – Maybe you’d like a sub yourself or maybe it’d be a great present for someone who needs some extra TLC for their hands.

As you can see the packaging is just lovely, on these boxes  – I’m going to be keeping the box itself for storage of some sort!

I’d recommend looking on the website, especially the Our Story section, to find out a little more about the brand and the people behind it but what I can tell you is that the hand cream is good, I Love it. It’s doing wonders for my dry, eczema ridden hands – I do have other good hand creams, and I still love them, but this stuff is Very very good. It sinks in amazingly quickly and it has a soft, natural sort of smell to it.

The gift option that I was lucky enough to win was their 6 month option, as I said above, which means that I get sent my initial box along with a VIP Card – On that card is a number which I, then, enter into their site, with my details, to set up the following four deliveries.

Ok, so not everyone is going to be thrilled about the idea of a hand cream only subscription box but I’d really recommend trying this stuff out as it’s pretty amazing – And if you do like it, the subscription sets are a very good way to save money and also make sure you don’t run out.

A little added extra that came in my initial box was this little envelope with an emergency tea bag and a little block of chocolate – This little touch really made my smile; which is something I feel like the company enjoy doing.



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