October / November 2013 – Primark Haul

I bought some of these bits in October and some in November, hence the title. I was only supposed to be getting some essentials (socks etc) but there’s some amazing things in there at the moment – I, honestly, could have bought another three or four jumpers, they have such a  nice range in our local Primark right now. But anyway, on to what I got, it’s a Primark haul it’s all about the photos!
Well I may have bought a few extras but at least I did pick up the things I went in for too!
Azii needed some new socks (he still needs more but these will do now) I was quite impressed that such good quality ones were available and they were £5 for 5 pairs which is a bit of a bargain.I’m not normally a winter/christmas print type person but, it seems, this year I am so I picked up these cute thermal socks which just called out to me – They were £2.50 (I think, sorry I lost the receipt) and they’re so cosy and warm.


I had hoped to pick up some of the cosy tights in a couple of different colours but they only had them in black this year so I only picked up the one pair – They’re £3 and if you’ve never tried them you should. They actually had a range of much higher quality ones which looked fantastic but for £6 they seemed quite a bit for me, when I was trying to stay sensible (sort of)So to make up for the lack of cosy tights I bought a pair of the thicker cotton/knitted style tights too. These were listed as ‘brown’ but I think they’re a really greyish brown and I love the shade – For £3 (again, it’s an I think) they’re a nice bargain too.


Honestly, I really wasn’t joking about not liking Christmas prints in the past, but it seems it’s well and truly changed this year as, as well as the socks above, these knitted leggings just jumped into my hands. They’re £10 which feels like a lot of money for seasonally limited leggings but my gosh they are So cute and So comfy. Also I was quite impressed that it said they had angora wool in them, quite posh Primark, quite posh.


Lastly, on this visit, I picked up this gorgeous long jumper. There was soo many jumpers I wanted but I settled on this one as I loved how different the colour was and the style of knit plus it’s so long it could work as a jumper dress as well as an oversized jumper. I really struggled to get a decent photo of this but the camera seemed intent on making the black and wine colours look really separate in the photo whereas in real life it merges together so well that it all just looks like a really dark wine colour – so so pretty and So warm and comfy. It’s quite a loose knit so in the cold it will let the wind in but for inside or with layers it’s amazing. It was £14.
A little while later my Mum and I were in town looking to pick up some extra Christmas bits. The plan was to get Ethan some Christmas pyjamas and my Mum was going to buy me one of the other jumpers from their knitwear section that I loved.The plan didn’t work – I Did get Ethan’s fleecey xmas pyjamas (£4) but I also picked up some knitted leggings for Azii’s daughter Skye for £5 (Like mine above but pink and grey and with penguins) and I bought myself the jumper rather than wait until Christmas. Plus my Mum bought me a gorgeous dress (will be photographed at Christmas) and she bought a Minnie Mouse top (£8) for Skye and a Minion top for Ethan (£5) for Christmas too.

I don’t have photographs of all of these things as Ethan wasn’t at nursery last week so I didn’t have a chance to get them in the living room for pics – I will say, though, that if you want some Christmas themed clothing for yourself or your little ones then Primark is a Great idea – So many different things for both girls and boys, I could easily have bought tonnes for both Ethan and Skye if I’d not been careful. Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the last couple of photos.

I’ve wanted a cream/stone coloured cable knit jumper for ages – Can’t say why but I have. This is in a size 8 and is massive, oversized, comfy lovliness. It’s so warm and cosy I love it. It was £12 (or £14 sorry, memory gone bleugh)


I saw this shopping bag near the till and I loved the design – I don’t have many reliable shopping bags at the moment so I grabbed it. It was £1.50 and actually holds Loads more than you expect, very impressed.Sorry for all of the rambling in there, I know Primark posts should be mostly pictures but there was lots missing today (so rubbish!) – I hope you got a good idea of some of the things available in Primark at the moment – there’s some real gems in there, honestly.

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  1. Serena November 6, 2013 / 12:33 pm

    I adore those cosy tights! SO lovely and warm! Also, that cable-knit jumper looks great!

    Too bad you didn't manage to get all the photos in, I love seeing what people buy (I'm nosy like that), but it seems you're all set for the colder months 🙂

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