Saving money and sharing my childhood with my son this Christmas – My old books

I was absolutely thrilled when my Mum brought some of my old toys and books from the loft, recently. We lost a lot of them when we had them stored at one of our older houses as it turned out the place they were stored was getting damp – But, thankfully, there was still a good deal that were saved! 
I was taught to keep my things really nice when I was younger and, being the well behaved child that I was, I did. As such a lot of the books are in perfect condition which I’m so happy about – He’s going to get so much use out of them. 
The same goes for the toys, there’s things we’ve got that had small parts but they’re all still there – He’s going to have some great new toys and have no idea that they aren’t brand new other than some not too good packaging. Also, some of them are going to be passed on to my sister for my nephew; I am just So pleased these things are going to get a second life with new children!
I’ve not taken pictures of the toys yet but I’ve got some of the books – He’s not getting all of them for Christmas he’s had some already, some will be Christmas, some Birthday and some just whenever I feel like adding some more to his collection. Just think how much money I’m saving by having these for him – I am so glad that my mum managed to save as much of them as she did – I loved books so it’s fantastic to see them again (shame that lots were lost, though) and to know that my boy can get joy out of them now too.

Definitely worth asking your parents if there’s anything left of yours in their attic, you never know what treasure troves might await! 

Any childhood memories coming back to you? 

Loved these so much

There’s also about ten Topsy and Tim books which I forgot to photo – They’re amongst what he’s getting for Christmas as he has enjoyed watching the new show of that a couple of times on Cbeebies! 

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  1. Mungle Ville December 1, 2013 / 9:52 am

    Aw cops and robbers!!! I used to read that, and I adored Topsy and Tim!

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