A New Years – Group Giveaway – Bundle of goodies incl beauty, book, jewellery and an amazon voucher

Again, not intentionally flooding with giveaways but these opportunities present themselves and I don’t want to stop you, my fabulous readers, being able to take part in these giveaways and have a chance to win some wonderful things! This is the last giveaway I’ve got planned for a while, though and I think this one is well worth running, the selection of goodies on offer is wonderful!

This time I have another group giveaway to share with you – This time we’ve each bought something which goes into the prize collection and One lucky winner will win Everything!

The other lovely bloggers that are bringing you this fantastic giveaway are:

And here’s what you could win:

Who wouldn’t want to win that collection of goodies!?

We’ve got a £10 amazon voucher to treat yourself, a range of beauty and hair care goodies to pamper with, a book to relax with, a gorgeous owl necklace, paint your own duck to get creative (with little ones or on your own!), a cute baking calendar + diary and a pot of purple hair dye for those feeling adventurous! (I should show you my days of purple hair some time!)
If you want to be up for a chance to win these goodies then use the rafflecopter widget to enter – You can do as few or as many entries as you want but, obviously, the more you do the better your chances of winning! 

This is a UK only giveaway and runs until 31st December 2013
You need to be 18 or over, or have parents permission to give us your address
Your details will be passed on to each of us as we’ll be sending your items individually.


  1. admin December 20, 2013 / 3:47 pm

    Hi, It's a group giveaway and I'm not the one in control of the rafflecopter. We were only having two options for entry, each, so there's not too many as that often puts people off. It's really easy to follow via fb, twitter, bloglovin etc 🙂

  2. Anonymous December 29, 2013 / 11:48 am

    What a lovely start to 2014 to win all these lovely goodies x

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