Christmas 2013 – Ethan’s day

I am going to do the obvious post detailing all of the lovely things I was given but I want to share some pictures with you, first, of Ethan and some of his moments throughout the day. I’ve not photographed much of what he’s got, yet, as he was busy playing with it, but definitely going to have some toy reviews coming up this year as he’s had some fabulous things.

For my posts showing what I got, here’s my ‘Beauty post’ and my ‘Clothes, books, food and more’ post

Very excited, emptying his stocking.

His face when he realised his stocking wasn’t It and there was a huuuge pile of presents from loads and loads of people down stairs!

I love how excited he got about everything.

Being drowned by a massive present.

‘Helping’ Grandma put his bin lorry back together.

Previously grumpy whilst I tried to take photos of him in his Xmas pjs; Daddy Azii managed to distract him and get this cheeky grin.

Any chocolate he got he thought he could eat instantly, after the second instance of this we made sure it didn’t happen again. It was ok really, it was Xmas! Thankfully he didn’t, totally, over indulge.

His Very cute set of letters spelling his name from BigJigs.

Ethan and Daddy Azii playing with the new toys.
Almost the end of the day, finally able to start unloading the tonnes of pieces of track and roadway that Nanny, Tops and Uncle Warren got for him.

All in all he had a great Christmas – He still had one breakdown which was based upon a power play so it took us a while to sort that but, over all, he was a really good boy and he Really enjoyed himself.

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