Christmas selection of Yankee wax tarts And a new oil burner!

I’ve loved burning candles for many many years (a friend once got in to the habit, thanks to be, and set fire to his curtains, his parents weren’t impressed) – But they’d normally been for atmospheric reasons rather than scent, I’d never really been too bothered by scented candles.

But, as with so many things now, bloggers and vloggers being so in to scented candles and the likes has really rubbed off on me. It found me falling in love with one of the candles from Boots’ gift section (Fig noir and blackcurrant), hunting through TK Maxx for festive candles that didn’t smell… weird and, now, obsessing over trying out some of the Christmas themed offerings from Yankee.

When it comes to price and trying things out in volume the wax tarts seemed like the most sensible option but I haven’t had an oil burner for a good few years so this seemed like the perfect reason (excuse) to order a new, pretty one!

And look how pretty!
I got this for an absolute bargain £6.99 on eBay HERE – I was expecting to have to just settle for a normal style but when I found these metal work, shabby chic style ones I just fell in love.

Next was the decision of which of the Yankee tarts to order. There’s lots of sellers on eBay where you can pick a selection for a set price, etc, but that meant making decisions and I’m not good at those. Plus it also meant finding a seller that actually had all of the ones that I wanted. Unfortunately it seems some of the ones that I want to try and US only so that’s a shame.

In the end, when I remembered my Mum had signed us back up for Amazon Prime, I checked on there and I found these people selling a set of 10 random Christmas scented ones HERE and these are the ones that I got!

A good few of the ones I wanted to try are in there so I’ll get to see which I like best – Plus there’s a few I’d not have picked myself so it’ll be nice to see what they’re like too.

Kitchen spice and Home sweet home both have a rather cinnamon heavy smell to them so I may not be able to burn those because my Mum can’t stand cinnamon but when we get our own place maybe I can spice it up with those two.

I decided to test the burner out (in case the candle was too far from the dish or something?!) and picked Christmas Rose as a tester as I didn’t think it was overly Christmassy so I didn’t mind using it before I want to, intentionally, set the festive mood. As it turns out Christmas rose is just… rose… rose and more ROSE! It smells VERY strongly of rose. I like rose but not to that extreme. And it lasted for a good couple of days even though I got rid of it a little while after it had totally turned to liquid.

A good experiment, though, as now I know that when I find one we like we’ll get a fantastic level of scent from it. I won’t be getting Christmas Rose again, though, just a little much for our sensitive nostrils. 


    • admin December 4, 2013 / 9:00 pm

      I'm absolutely in love with it – It's just got such a nice shabby chic look to it and goes with a few different bits and bobs I've got in my room – Does the job, too, I was worried that because it had open sides and the candle was quite a way from the dish that it might not work so well but it worked just fine 😀 xx

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