Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Days 19-24 of my Beauty Advent Calendars - Boots Beauty and Advent Blog Swap

I feel a bit sad that this is my last post telling you what I've got in my two advent calendars this year - I think I'll do a final post, to show you everything that I got in both of them and sum up what I thought of the Boots calendar and tell you how much fun I had doing the swap with Fiona! (Please don't forget to check out her blog HERE)

But, for now, here's what I got in days 19-24:

On Day 19 I got a classic carmex lip balm from Boots; I was quite pleased with this as I've never tried it before. From Fiona I got something which I Had tried before and was Very happy to try again - The Cadbury 'Winter Wonderland' bars are Delicious! (Though I've been good at not eaten that one, yet, so maybe it'll last long enough to be in the summing up post, we'll see)

Not for the first time there seemed to be a coincidental theme and on Day 20 it was glitter! From Fiona I got the MUA Luxe glitter palette - This is one of the few things I haven't tried from the Luxe range, it's not something I was itching to get but I definitely would have picked one up at some point to have a play with it. And I Love the colours in this!
From Boots I got another Mavala nail polish - Definitely a good thing, I love the Mavala polishes that I already have and who doesn't need a good silver glitter from time to time?!

Day 21 was a Very good day! From Boots I got a Botanics hair serum which I really love the idea of and am looking forward to trying. I really like the Botanics range so, hopefully, this will end up on my list of good products from the range.
And from Fiona I got this Stunnnnning nail polish by Models own in the shade 'Copper Pot' - I'm in Love with this nail polish!

On day 22 I got a miniature of Nails Inc's 'Porchester square' from Boots. Ordinarily this would be very exciting as I looove Nails inc but I already have this shade - I'm sure I'll be able to find a good home for it, though.
From Fiona I got this gorgeous shimmer blush/bronzer/highlighter by Collection - It's Very very pretty!

On Day 23 Boots bought me a mini can of Umberto Gianni's 'Backcomb in a bottle' spray - Very interested to try this out!
And from Fiona a super exciting pigment shadow from Urban Decay in the shade 'Baked' - Very very pretty! I like these pigments, I have a few and they're really lovely.

On Day 24, with a very sad feeling, I opened my last door and unwrapped my last present! Thankfully it was a Very good day so it made me feel a little less sad - From Boots I got a Seventeen mascara and from Fiona I got a Bodyshop cube which is in my favourite Bodyshop scent 'Honeymania'! Very very good things for today, yay! 


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