Days 7-12 of my Beauty Advent Calendars – Boots Beauty and Advent Blog Swap

My Days 7-12 of my advent calendars is late because I ended up with two posts that I really needed to put up yesterday – But never mind, here’s what I got on days 7-12 (I’ve been Very lucky!)
(I’m sorry if this post is hard to read for you – I have spent hours trying to get the layout to work, I’ve, finally, got it working on my browser (chrome) but pretty sure it doesn’t work on other people’s browsers, I’m sorry, it is driving me  nuts. The next instalment will have a different layout!)

On the 7th I got my second perfume sample from Boots and it’s a Paco Rabanne perfume ‘Black XS’ – I actually really quite like it so I’m happy to have that sample.
From the lovely Fiona I got an Elf ‘Hypershine lipgloss’ in the shade ‘Fairy’ – I’ve not tried it yet but I have this in another shade and I really like it.


On day 8 I got a little Umberto Gianni hair bobble/tie thingy. I actually think it’s quite cute but I won’t be able to use it until I grow some hair back! 
And from Fiona I got two rather luxe looking sachets of hair products – I’ve not tried either of these brands so looking forward to trying them, especially the Phyto one.

On day 9 there seemed to be a rather pink theme! From Boots I got a Seventeen ‘Supreme Shine‘ gloss in a gorgeous pink shade and from Fiona I got this cute, pink cupcake shaped lip balm.

Day 10 gave me some lovely treats. From my Boots calendar I got the Orly ‘Bonder’ base coat which is quite intriguing. 
From my Advent swap with Fiona I got Two Models own goodies! The Hi-Definer eyeliner and mascara; very exciting.
Day 11 gave me my third perfume sample from the Boots calendar – The fact that it’s ‘Ghost’ is nice as it’s something I’ve wanted to try for the longest time.

Another duo of beautiful products from Fiona on this day, I got Two Barry M Dazzle dusts! I love these, a lot.

Day 12 was another good one for me. My Boots calendar offered me the Boots ‘Nail Shine Solution’ – I paint my nails a lot so this will come in handy.

And from Fiona, the best thing I’ve had so far, a Sleek ‘Matte Me’ lip cream in ‘Birthday Suit’ – I have wanted one of these for a while but couldn’t decide on a shade, Fiona’s managed to get me one that I Love!

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