December 2013 – Primark Haul

What would life be without another Primark haul?! Went in for one thing, and to try another thing on, came out with a few – something I’m sure most of you relate to.
This was actually meant to be in my Oct/Nov haul but I had the photo in the wrong place and so it got missed out. I don’t remember the price but I saw it and had to get it because, simply, a few days before I had been thinking how nice it would be to have a big, shirt style night dress to sleep in and there one was, in a nice flannel fabric and gorgeous colours!


It’s the coat hangers I went in for and jeggings I went in to try out, but looks like things didn’t quite go to plan did they!?


We’ve been running low on hangers for a while and now reached a point where it’s one in one out in the wardrobe so, for £4, these seemed like a good investment. They’re a lot narrower than normal hangers so should help save space and I like the velvety feel of them which means I can use them for all of the things that normally slide off the hanger.


The time I went in, previously, they only had jeggings in a really pale shade so I didn’t get any. When I knew I was going back in for hangers I decided I’d try some of the pale ones on so that I’d know what size I was once a shade I liked came in. Turns out a shade was already there – As you can see, these were £7, I just really needed some jeggings as there were tops that I had that were too long for jeans and too short for leggings. I got them in a size 12 which have a lot of room in them but they’re really comfy. I’m normally a size 10 but jeggings aren’t easy size wise.


These two are because I ended up on the wrong floor looking for the hangers. I picked up the robbin slippers because I’d seen them on my way out on a previous visit but had already paid and was in a hurry so couldn’t get them. They’re £2.50 and you can see in the photo how thick the fleecy/wooly lining is; soo much warmer than the standard fleece slipper things they sell (I clearly need another pair and the dusky pink pair I’ve seen have been calling out to me from afar)

I don’t really know why I got the socks but I love the grey/pink combo and am loving the winter prints (still can’t get used to that but loving it none the less) I think they were something like £3 (maybe) but very cheap either way.

I don’t Need another £5 skater dress, not at all. But then I had to go and see one with a rose print on. I am so obsessed with rose print that it’s unhealthy so this got picked up without hesitation.


Just look at the print, though, I love it so so much!
As a quick addition, I was in Primark to pick up some bits for other people and I saw one, last, pair of the slipper/footlets that I wanted to buy last time but didn’t – It would have been mean not to get them and I’d have been sad as they’re the colour I love, they’re So warm and they’re so pretty! Plus they were only £3!



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  1. London Kat December 5, 2013 / 1:14 pm

    Such gorgeous snuggly bits and pieces! I NEED those lovely robin slippers!
    kat x

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