Empties Post #4

I had really good intentions for this next set of empties – I was keeping an eye on how many I had, wasn’t going to get too many and then… this happened! 
So, yeah, quite a few favourites again but I’ll try not to ramble too much – But, of course, I also want to give you a good idea about what these products were like so you know whether they’re any good! Decent balance needed, I think. 
Boring essentials first – Nothing fun here. Though you’ll notice there’s a lot of them, that’s because those little ones that say they hold as much as a bigger can? They don’t.

On to some body care, it wouldn’t be an empties post without some Soap & Glory in there, I actually managed to finish one of the Massive 500ml bottles of shower/bath cream/gel stuff, I never know what to call it, our showers don’t work so I use them in the bath and they’re not exactly gel-like! Either way, I Love ‘Clean on Me’ and I have  a second bottle ready to use, though am using ‘Rich and Foamous’ for a bit first!

I won’t be re-purchasing ‘The Srub of your life’, though. It’s a great scrub but I prefer things that dissolve in the bath/sewers etc rather than leave little pink balls in the system. I’m currently alternating between ‘Flake away’ and ‘The Breakfast Scrub’ instead (yup, definitely sticking with S&G!)

Lastly I finished up a body wash by Anatomicals. I got the ‘You need a blooming shower!’ wash in one of the first, or even The first, Glossybox that I got. It was a nice gel formula and had a gentle floral/rose scent to it. I liked it but I have lots of other body washes so I doubt I’ll re-purchase.

I read tonnes of good review, on the Boots website, about the Boots ‘Coconut & Almond – Intensive Hair Mask‘ and it cost around two pound so I gave it a go. It smelled nice but wasn’t amazing, it was just like leaving a normal conditioner on your hair for longer – Not a bad product but on to bigger and better things!
Batiste – Not much I need to say about that, really. I’ve bought another can, I’ll buy another after that one… and so on.

With my short hair the Vo5 ‘Revive Me Daily’ shampoo lasted me Ages (The conditioner is still going as I use a mask sometimes so it doesn’t get as much use) – This was a nice shampoo, nothing to write home about. 

Your eyes do not deceive you! I actually finished up some cosmetics!

The ‘Every Lash Mascara’ by MUA is one I really enjoyed using, quite a dry formula, which is what I prefer, and it gave a nice, natural fluttery lashed look. I’ve not re-bought it, yet, because I have so many other mascaras to try out, but if I don’t find one I like better then I may re-purchase in the future.

The MUA ‘Gel liner’ in ‘Fairground’ didn’t actually run out, it dried up. It’s a nice liner but because I don’t use liner every day they don’t get enough use. I’d had it for well over a year so it’s no wonder it dried up, really!

The Nivea Lip balm was in a Christmas set, it’s a nice balm and I’ve used them in the past too. I used it before bed and my lips still felt soft in the morning, always a plus. I won’t be re-purchasing, though, as I have soooo many lip balms.

Lastly the MUA clear mascara – This doesn’t look very empty but, believe me, when it was up on its end for long enough you could tell how little was left. It was also quite dirty as you Can see! These are only £1 and do a decent job of taming brows so I’m already using another one. 

Lastly, a couple of bits of skincare.
I really like the L’Oreal ‘Skin Perfection – 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution’ – I use it to take my make-up off before using a cream, gel etc cleanser with water and a flannel. It does a good job at removing the bulk, sometimes all, of my make-up, meaning that the second clean is very much for my skin rather than make-up removing purposes. I’m already using a new one of these (This new one is possibly my third?)

I’ve also finished up an Anatomicals ‘Day Cream Believer’ face cream. This was a nice, really basic cream with no big claims that sunk in nicely and did a good job of moisturising. I do, now, prefer things with more active ingredients but if you want super, super basic then this could be for you! 

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