Glossybox UK – Unboxing / Review – December 2013

Didn’t get my Glossybox that early, this month, but well worth the wait! It’s a good’un.
Lots of red to keep the festive feel going. 

The box design is really nice, this year, very festive but also quite stylish and chic – A little bit different.

I love the candy cane tissue paper!

Forgot to do a pic of everything together so let’s get right into the individual products – The biggest thing and, so, most obvious in the box was this Wilkinson Sword ‘Intuition – Naturals’ razor. This isn’t the sort of high end thing that many would expect in this sort of boxes but I’m a bit of a fan of high street stuff and this is quite a different thing to get, I like it. Weirdly I think I was remarking to myself that replacement places for Wilkinson swords were cheaper than the ones I currently use but buying a new handle seemed silly – Saved me the job now! I’m not excited about this but I Am pleased to get it and it’s going to be endlessly useful if I can get the replacement blades more cost effectively.  It’s worth £6.49.

Always pleased to see a lip product and I’m Loving glosses at the moment so this ‘Nude Lip Gloss’ from Beautiful Moments Cosmetics was a nice thing to see next; I’m quite impressed with how the swatch on the back of my hand is still there even when I gave it a quick swipe to get it off – Obviously it won’t stand up like a lipstick or anything, but it’s staying put better than many glosses would. 

It’s just the right shade of nude for the type of lip product I like, it’s got enough pink in it that it won’t wash us pale skinned people out. Very nice shade, I look forward to trying it. This cute little tube of gloss is half the size of a full sized – It’s 4ml, the 8ml full size is worth £12 so ours is a pretty decent £6. 
The only spoiler I’d fallen prey to was the one that told us that we’d each get a Maybelline product in our box – Again, those who’re subscribed for only high end samples won’t be so pleased but I’m Very happy with this. The item I got is the Brow Drama in Medium brown. I’d have been happy with most Maybelline products, I’ve been really enjoying them as a brand recently but this was, actually, the perfect product for me as it’s something I’ve been hoping to buy in the future and the medium brown shade is my shade.

The brush is really interesting and I think it’s going to be great to use – Very very happy about this. This is full sized and retails at £4.99.
Hard to read due to the shade but, Yes, that’s a Seche Vite polish! I like Seche vite, I use the top coat and have one of their colours and I really like it. Very pleased to see this, though it’s very similar to a shade I got in my last Glossybox, but never mind! This shade is a little darker than the one I already have, as you can see I had to tilt it to the light to get the reflection to give you an idea of the gorgeousness of it. The shade is ‘Hypnotic’ and I like it Very much! Sehce Vite nail polishes retail for £9.95. 

Lastly we have a really nice sized sample of a new product from Sanctuary Spa. This is the ‘Active Reverse – Resurface & Refine Ultra Polish’ which is pretty self explanatory by the name! I like Sanctuary product so am always happy to find a new one that I can try out. This sample is 15ml and the full size is 200ml, selling for £12 so this is worth just under £1 (I’m quite impressed with the price of the full size so this could be good if it’s re-purchasable)

All in all I’m Very happy with my box (though does seem some people got a big Rituals product rather than small sanctuary?) but either way, I like the box that I got and I will use everything I got which is the most important thing for me – And for the first time this has actually prevented me buying something that was close to the top of my ‘to buy’ list!

The total value of the box comes to a little under £28.50 (rounded up a bit for a nicer figure) Not bad at all really – Good box, thank you Glossybox! 


    • admin December 18, 2013 / 8:45 pm

      Yeah, definitely, I'm genuinely thrilled with all of it, to be honest – All really usable and good quality products from good brands! And it really is the first time I've been able to cross something off my 'to get' list with thr brow drama – Pretty good going, really (and a good job I didn't get a color tattoo as I'd have had most shades possible!) xx

  1. Nicola December 19, 2013 / 9:23 am

    I'm really jealous of your box! The polish in mine was a kind of rust brown colour, and the brow mascara came in too dark a colour for me to use 🙁 I think I shall be unsubscribing in the new year, other boxes like Birchbox look better.

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