Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Google friend connect is Not gone - But to be safe, please follow me on Bloglovin too

The title says it all, really. As hoped/suggested the issues with GFC are sorted and that widget with some of your lovely thumbnails in is back! There was uncertainty as to whether or not it would be sorted even if it was a glitch as google have said that it's unsupported now, so either google were feeling uber generous and fixed it or it was fixed, naturally, by whatever changes were made to the rest of their systems.

Either way, thank you google for giving us back our readers!

There's been much discussion, today, over whether or not GFC is a completely dead system - It clearly isn't as I get new followers on it regularly and I follow other blogs on it regularly. I know that there are issues, and that it probably Will go at some point but I'm glad it's here for now.

What today has reminded me of is that I do need you lovely, gorgeous people to go on over to Bloglovin', Twitter or Facebook if you're to keep up with my blog in the future if GFC does go. So pleeease click through either, or all, of those linked words and make sure I don't lose you if GFC disappears for good!