It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it’s Christmas Day – I’m not going to do much of a post, just a few photographs to show you our gorgeous tree and my gorgeous boy and his reactions to the tree! 
We’re off opening gifts, eating good food and playing – I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas!

The year is coming to an end – It was a whole year since I started blogging, yesterday, and I’m so grateful for everyone who reads the things I write, or maybe ramble.

Anyway, on to our tree, and some of our decorations plus the excited face of my beautiful boy when he saw the tree on the first morning it was put up.

This is my Mum’s traditional style tree – It’s been polluted with disney and various other things so it’s not quite as it used to be – Still it’s a gorgeous tree. 

This was a gift from some of my very best friends, to Ethan, he loves to read it and say ‘Merry Christmas Ethan’…’Thank you!’

I got this for his first Christmas – I love it.

I put the lights on, even though it was morning, so that it would be even more exciting for Ethan.
His happy face.

This is the first year he’s fully been able to appreciate it – Last year he was obsessed with the tree but he didn’t really understand it.

Merry Christmas, lovely readers.

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  1. Lindsay December 26, 2013 / 5:25 pm

    The tree is beautiful and I love the personalised decorations!

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