Love Me Beauty box – Unboxing / Review – December 2013

Another month, another Love Me Beauty – I look forward to all of my boxes but with a constant stream of good quality cosmetics and full sized/decent sized samples Love Me Beauty are definitely a favourite. 

A lovely floral card to welcome in the festive season and, definitely, no complaints from me regarding the purple colour scheme, more festive things should be purple!
And here’s the contents of the box (I got one extra) 

First up we have a nail polish by Headline Colors in the shade ‘Quicksand’ – I’ve Headline Colors from a box before and really liked the polish so was very pleased to see them pop up again this month. As it happens I, just, got a Butter London polish that’s quite similar to this but, hopefully, when I put them next to each other they’ll look slightly different which will justify my keeping them both! I want them both even if they are almost the same. These polishes are full sized and retail at £9.

You may be wondering why I photographed this without the lettering showing… Well that’d be because there’s no lettering on the pencil! Honestly? I don’t mind, it’s a bit weird but I don’t mind. The shade is, clearly, evident from the coloured part at the end so I’ll always be able to tell what it is without having to open it.

So you must be wondering? It’s a lip pencil in the shade ‘Romantica’ by Lord & Berry. I was surprised to see them again, considering we’ve had so much by them, thus far. In all honesty (slight issues in past items aside) I like the brand and I like the products so I Am happy to see them again, but a bit of variety wouldn’t go amiss.

Similarly to a previous month, with an eyeliner, this pencil is a little odd. The strip of product inside is too far inset into the body of the pencil – Not sure why this happens, or if it’s standard for L&B products, would be interested to find out, though. 
And here’s a quick swatch. I was very impressed with the pigmentation of this, and the lasting power (it took a good scrub to get it off) – It’s not a colour I’d have picked myself but I do think it’ll be quite a nice match for one particular lipstick that I have. These sell for £7.50 and this is a full sized pencil.

S5 is another brand we’ve seen in these boxes before but I’m very happy to see them again and the chance to try out their face mask, this time, wasn’t one I was going to turn down. I think that ‘Vitality Mask’ will be a very nice way to sate my face mask addiction for a little while. This is a good sized sample at 15ml with the full size being 30ml – The full size costs £52 which makes this a pretty pricey sample!

And if the S5 offering wasn’t enough, I got the ‘5 Minute Facial’ by Rodial as well. I’m not sure why they decided to put two masks in one box but I’m, definitely, not complaining (yeah, I said above, addict). Rodial is a brand that I’ve not tried before and I’ve wanted to so I’m really glad that I’ve got the chance now. I am really needing to fix up my skin for an event I’m hoping to go to in a few weeks so this extra couple of face masks may well give me a fighting chance! This is a ‘deluxe’ sample, the full size is 50ml and costs £35.

And, as if two full sized cosmetics items weren’t enough, we were lucky to get a Second Lord & Berry item in this box! I really enjoy their lipsticks (this is my third, all from these boxes) so was happy to see that we’d got another. 
A very pale, pink toned nude, I’m interested to see how this looks on, I do quite like the look of the swatch, though.

It’s very similar to my natural lip colour, just a bit paler, so I am intrigued to find out how this will look. These lipsticks are worth £12.
I was a little surprised to see this in the box – I think it’s because I filled out some of their box surveys – You get an extra sample when you fill out a certain amount and when I did last months one I did notice it had gone back down to 1, so maybe that’s because I was due this in my box?

Either way, I already have one or two of these but I really don’t mind getting another – I really like bath oils and now I’ll have plenty of uses out of these!

Yet again another fantastic box from Love Me Beauty. I’d definitely like to see a few more brands creep in there, but considering the size of the products, type of products and value, it’s not the end of the world that we’re seeing some brands repeated.
Very happy customer this month and looking forward to trying everything out!

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  1. beautyqueenuk December 12, 2013 / 3:22 pm

    Oh this is another fab box, I love the look of that lipstick and the nail varnish and would quite like to try the face masks ha x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

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