My perfect haircut? Maybe!

My hair cut is over a week old, now, but I’ve had so many other posts fighting for attention that this one has been left by the wayside – Aww poor post. 


I had my hair cut about a week and a half ago and it was with a new lady, so I wasn’t sure how it would come out, especially as she was less expensive than the last one I saw as she’s not as high up in their list of differently qualified people. Needless to say I shouldn’t  have worried – She did exactly as I asked and she made my hair so good! It’s exactly how I wanted it and even better than last time! It’s not so good right now but that’s because I need to run some straighteners through it, but never mind, here’s some pics from the day: 

Nice and short but textured and enough length that it’s not totally flat to my head. Nicely shaped around my neck, too. 

Like how she shaped it around my ears, as well, and the whole shape from the side.

And here’s the new me! She cut the fringe a bit shorter so that it’s more ‘fringey’ and it won’t grow out quite so quickly and, as you can see, there’s still some body in the hair rather than it being totally flat on my head.

I love it – I wish my hair looked like this all of the time! It’ll be a good few months before I can go back so it’ll grow pretty long but, at least, I now have an actual image set to show if I have to see someone new ‘This is how I want my hair!’

A new hair cut is just the nicest feeling isn’t it?
I still find it hard not dying it – I miss the colours, a lot. But purple and pink aren’t easy to match make-up to, now that those things matter to me.

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  1. Kate Musgrove December 15, 2013 / 12:58 pm

    Looks good. Very choppy with some length to it, gives it loads of texture and added volume. I have very long hair and can't imagine have it short. Xx

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