My, Very lucky Christmas 2013 – What I got for Christmas – Part 1: The Beauty bits

It was a bit too many photos when I did a pot of all of the things I got at once so I’ve split in to two, this is still quite photo heavy but not so bad – This is the beauty edition which includes Estee Lauder, Mac, Benefit, Barry M and Soap & GloryMy first post for Christmas was to show how Ethan enjoyed his day, click for ‘Ethan’s Day’ and my ‘Clothes, books, food and more’ post.

My fiance is mental and has taken me from having No MAC to having a special edition brush set, an eye shadow set, eye liner, mascara And lip liner all at once!

 This is the ‘Stroke of Midnight’ brush set – Five brushes and a Stunning bag… love? Yes… true love.
This is the shadow set he got me – It’s a Veluxe Pearlfushion shadows in ‘Pinkluxe
I’ve missed using big, bristled brush mascaras so this was Nice to see!
The Soap & Glory  manicure set was from my mum, I already knew I was getting it but I can’t wait to try out the newer items from it.

This is the Benefit set that Azii got me ‘Whole Lotta Lovin’
 My mum bought me some Benefit, too, but unfortunately the sales girl pushed her towards getting me some pretty obvious bits which I didn’t want/already have so I’ve now got money to spend at Benefit when I go back to return them! (My Mum was quite expecting it to happen this way so I don’t feel too bad).
 My Mum put four Barry M polishes in my stocking, two of them I had but I was amazed that she managed to get two that I don’t have And one is a limited edition I almost bought and the other is one I really wanted!
The one above is the pink silver which was exclusive to Superdrug.

This is ‘Crush’  from the matte range, been wanting this a while.
On the topic of nail polishes, This is what Azii got me from Ethan and Skye… mhmm Estee Lauder!
Skye chose them as she wanted to get me red and purple nail polishes so they got me the Estee Lauder ‘Delectable’ Nail Coffret.
Stunning stunning stunning!
L-R we have ‘Black Plum’, ‘Smashed’, ‘Fallen Angel’ and ‘So Vain’
As well as the Barry M polishes my Mum got me two of their shadow palettes and I didn’t have either of them!
Lovely range of shades in the ‘Smokin palette’ and I love that coral blush.
 A really interesting, and lovely, selection of colours in the ‘Glamour Puss’ palette.
 My Grandparents and Uncle arrived later in the day and my Nan and Grandpops kindly gave me some lovely Estee Lauder products – An eye make-up remover, the nail polish in ‘Le Smoking’  and the lip gloss in ‘Praline Paradise’

And that’s my beauty stuff! I’ll do a second post, shortly, to show the clothing, food, books etc that I got, too.

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  1. Kate Musgrove December 26, 2013 / 12:42 pm

    Wow.. you did get spoilt I had my eye on the mac set too but it was so expensive I didn't put it on my list considering I had loads on it already 🙂 xx

    • admin December 26, 2013 / 1:23 pm

      I know I still find it shocking! I didn't have a list, other than the manicure set from my mum and a primark dress in my next post Everything was a complete surprise. Azii went in to the mac store in brum, with Skye in tow, and bought it all himself, no help from staff, just swatched things and picked it all! Very impressed lol (even if the staff may have been perplexed by the tall, long haired guy in tattered jeans and converse with the very loud demonstrative little girl in tow hehe!) xx

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