My Very lucky Christmas 2013 – What I got for Christmas – Part 2: clothing, food, books etc.

The second part of my ‘What I got for Christmas’ post – This is clothing, food, books plus one more. 
As well as all of this I got money from a variety of parts of my family who are, all, very very generous – I think this is, easily, the most spoiled I’ve ever been at Christmas, so, incredibly lucky.
I chose this from Primark and my mum bought it for me for Christmas – It’s so beautiful and I wore it on the day – What you can’t see in the photo is that it has a really nice low back, too.

I was rather pleased to find these in my stocking – Now that I wear dresses so much more I need more tights and things, and I don’t have as many in purple as I’d like. My mum got me three different types but they all feel lovely – I’m extra excited about the ‘ultra cosy’ ones as I always wished that Primark did these in purple but they never did. 
One of my best friends, Vicky, gave me these adorable Miffy slippers – I’m wearing them as I type, so warm and comfy! 

What would Christmas be without some pjs?! My mum got me these two sets, the purple tartan are lovely but the fleece Xmas print are my favourites – I’m wearing those now, too. I think these were all from Tesco’s F&F like the tights above. 

Again, can’t have a stocking without furry socks! These are the F&F offerings, i love the muted purple tones.
Lastly for the fashion related things, my nan bought me some earrings… unfortunately I don’t have my ears pierced (which I’m surprised she forgot) so she’s returning those and I am going to try and look for something pretty in exchange.
Knowing how much I was obsessed with the ‘Great British Bake Off’ My mum bought me these two books – Can’t wait to delve in and see what sort of recipes these contain.
These were the present from Azii that I already knew I was getting (though didn’t know what type) because he knew I’d been thinking of getting some new headphones so he wanted to make sure I didn’t get any before Christmas. I’m a Big fan of Sony products and these look So nice and so sleek and posh, can’t wait to find out what these are like.
As well as the cute letters for Ethan, Bigjigs very kindly sent me a big box of Heroes! So so nice of them.

My very close friends Ruth and James got some wonderful presents for Ethan and Skye but they also got us a very nice selection of biscuits – We’ll enjoy dipping in to these.

And, as if biscuits and a big box of chocolates, my mum went loopy when it came to our stockings this year – This is the crazy selection of goodies I found in mine! Though at least mine wasn’t as bad as Azii’s! 
Utterly, utterly crazy (plus he had one of the massive boxes of nerds and a bag of chocolate money in his stocking from me)


  1. Lindsay December 26, 2013 / 5:15 pm

    Lovely gifts! I'm sure those sweet treats will keep you going for a while and the dress is stunning, I'm obsessed with lace!

    • admin December 26, 2013 / 6:25 pm

      Gosh I should hope they last a long time, I'd go pop if I ate them all too soon! Me too, I love lace!

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