November 2013 Favourites – Beauty plus one random

Well… once this post goes live it’ll be December – I’ve failed in my aim to have all of my Christmas presents wrapped by the end of November, upon writing this I have None of them wrapped. 
This month, though, has just felt like a massive ball of stress – I’m not going to go in to why, there’s just Far too much to it but wow, it’s been soo stressful. Thankfully, though, my Christmas shopping is pretty much done so that’s one less thing to worry about in December. I can only hope that December is a much less stressful month, I’d love to enjoy the festive spirit with my family and my friends (which includes you, lovely bloggers, I’m enjoying everything festive So much more thanks to the Christmas love that’s going around in the blogs that I read!)

Anyway, favourites, I swear it’s impossible for me to post without preamble! (Maybe I should call that my ‘style’ and, so, that makes it ok!)

It’s been a lot about the eyes this month – I’ve, mostly, been sticking to the same old things when it comes to face and lips but been putting more effort in to the eyes. Only one item from my amazing Benefit collection is in there, that’s not because I don’t like them but because I want to try them more before they appear in a favourites. Also, my stunning palette by The Balm isn’t in here and that’s because I spent a lot of the month trialling the Nanshy brushes so I wanted to use them with shadows I already knew rather than trying new shadows with new brushes – Anticipate the ‘Nude tude’ palette appearing in a December favourites sometime in the future! 
There’s not a whole lot to say about the V05 ‘Extreme Style – Matt Clay’ – At the moment my hair is too long, it’s only a little past my ears but with a cut like the one I have that’s really long and it means it’s really messy too. After I dry my hair following a bath it goes really soft and flyaway which, with the length, isn’t a good look. So, I take the tiniest bit of the clay on to my finger tips and just rub it into my hair and it, literally, just keeps it a bit more in control and it makes it more of a styled messy which is a Much better look.

The Body Shop ‘Honeymania’ perfume is something I bought in a sale haul a while ago as I loved the smell of the lip balm from this range. I wasn’t sure about this perfume to begin with but it’s really grown on me and I absolutely love it. I know I’ve had fragrances in almost every favourites post for a while now but I, really, have been changing them up that often!

If you’ve seen my post about my Yes Nurse competition win (HERE) then it won’t be a surprise that this hand cream is in my favourites – Put simply, I love it!

These are the three Nanshy Brushes I enjoyed the most but I really did like all of them. I’ve used all sorts of different palettes and single shadows with them, in order to give them a good test, the only one I used a good few times is the one shown below. They worked nicely with each brand and style of shadow I tried them with, though. 
This is the palette that I came back to more than once whilst testing the Nanshy brushes and it’s the ‘On the beach’ palette by Canadian brand Quo.
The formula is quite different from the shadows I normally go for as they have a more solid feel to them but it still works. I don’t know what it is about this palette but I just love it – I shall review it properly in the future I’m sure. I picked this up from the lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady in a blog sale so it wasn’t brand new when I got it, but it was barely used and I got it for a total bargain, especially considering it can’t be bought in the UK.

During the time that I wasn’t testing out the brushes I was drawn to two different cream eye shadow products. The first being Benefit’s ‘Creaseless cream shadow’  in ‘Birthday Suit’ – This is one of those shades I saw mentioned a good few times, and loved the swatches so when it was an option in the set I ordered it was an obvious choice and, thankfully, I love it as much as I expected.

The other one is one of the Bourjois Color Edition cream shadows in ‘Petale de Glace’ – I can’t decide if this is pink or champagne but either way, I Love it So much, the shade is just soo gorgeous.

The last two beauty items are a concealer and a blush.

The concealer is MUA’s Cover and Conceal in the shade ‘Fair’ – This has almost appeared in favourites posts before but I keep going up and down about it. But considering I’ve used almost the whole tube and I use it most days I’m going to say I like it – It’s not high coverage, by any means, but I just like the look it gives.

I wish photos did this blush more justice – This is the ‘Antique’ blush by Sleek and I love it so so much. It looks really dark but there’s a variety of ways that you can make it work, with a light hand it can look like a really natural flush with a gorgeous added sheen.

The non beauty thing doesn’t have a picture but Azii and I have both been loving Master chef: The professionals this month. Azii’s never watched any of my cooking programmes with me, before, but we’ve both really got into this and we enjoy sitting and watching it together. Who knows what it is about this sort of show but they’re so addictive!


  1. Erika December 3, 2013 / 3:57 pm

    They all look absolutely gorgeous and have a very nostalgic feel about the shades and tones you have picked. I am a huge Benefit fan, so can understand why they feature in your favourites and am sure there will be more of them in the future.

    I haven't done a favourites post before, or an empties. I might aim to join in with it after Christmas. Great post, thanks for sharing your faves!

    • admin December 3, 2013 / 4:22 pm

      That's a good point actually, lots of antiqued, vintage shades for me recently, just done my nails an antiqued gold, actually!

      I need to do an empties post, soon, before the bag of things I have becomes too massive. I quite enjoy reading and writing both types of post 🙂

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