Sunday, 29 December 2013

Some Qwertee tee's that we couldn't pass up! The 10th and 11th Doctors!

We're Doctor Who fans - We're Massive Doctor Who fans... absolutely in love with the series and, so, when Doctor Who tees come up on Qwertee we're often a bit in love with them (I actually got a gorgeous one of the tardis a few weeks ago that I'm yet to share!) 

So... when Qwertee posted that they had Two tees for sale that say (normally only one a day) and they were these two tributes to the 10th and 11th Doctor's we just Knew we had to order them - I really enjoy this style of tee with funky quotes etc. you may remember my Sheldon one that's the same format. 

His and Hers tees - The 10th Doctor. 

His and hers tees - The 11th Doctor.

I was really sad when the 10th Doctor left and I know I'm going to have been gutted to say goodbye to Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor when he left on Christmas day (Can you tell I'm writing this post in advance?!)


  1. I have to admit, I never really did get the whole Dr Who thing x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I think that being a bit of a geek to begin with kind of helps :D

      But either way, you're missing out, it's one of the only things we watch telly for :D xx

  2. My lad LOVES Dr Who - and I really wish I did as am a total geek at heart, and really love everything sci-fi. I do however have a Dr Who phobia and can't even listen to the music - much to my OH's chagrin as he loves it. Maybe need to do some aversion therapy and sit dow and watch a bunch of episodes without hiding behind sofa. I am such a weirdo! The tops are totally great though - my lad would love them, though I have to say my vote is for David Tennant every time ;-)
    Love Vicky

    1. Oh noo that's not good! Aversion therapy for sure, it's fantastic! We're even trying to work out when to start Ethan watching it, some of our friends with little ones the same age have just let their boys start watching it and we think it might be the right time...

      Mm David tennant is good, I was worried I'd never cope with him going.. Smith was amazing though and I'm very very sad he's gone :( xx

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