Sunday, 22 December 2013

The who's who of our family - Don't ask Ethan, you'll become rather confused!

Unfortunately we don't get to see my Dad's side of the family as often as I'd like - We're all only one town away but when Azii and I don't drive and everyone has jobs and families and things - Well I'm sure you'll understand.

That doesn't explain, though, how confused Ethan gets when it comes to 'Who's who' in my Dad's side - The child has an amazing memory, just not when it comes to this side of the family - Too many Aunties, uncles and grandparents all in one place me thinks!

But anyway, this leads me to a rather funny story about when we visited them a couple of months ago - We were going to see everyone but also to drop off my sister's Bridesmaid dress.

This is a pretty old photo (Ethan's first birthday if you'd believe it considering how huge he was!) but it shows a good number of the people mentioned.

So we walk in...
Ethan walks over to my Brother-in-law (not in the pic) and says 'Hello Grandad'...
We say no...
He walks over to my future Sister-in-law (far left of photo) 'Hello Grandad!'...
Then on to my youngest brother (second from left) 'Hello Grandad?!'
At this point we point him at grandad so he doesn't get any more confused. So he walks over to Grandad (My dad) And says:
'Hello Grandad... We bought you a dress!!!'

Needless to say we explained that the dress was actually for Aunt Sam (cue asking a good number of people if They were Aunty Sam!)

Honestly... I don't know why, we don't see them loads but we see other people even less and he remembers them. I can only assume it's because he always sees my Dad's side in Such a big group that it doesn't give a chance for everyone to fit in his memory...

'Hello Grandad we bought you a dress' - Not quite kiddo... not quite.


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