You Beauty Discovery Box – Unboxing / Review – December 2013

I only heard about the You Beauty Discovery Box last month, not sure how it evaded my radar when I loved the You advent calendar last year, but there you go! Last month I was gutted as by the time I knew about it all of the options I’d have wanted were gone. 
In that is the difference with this box, the two main samples that you get are chosen by you, from a pretty extensive menu, but if you’re not quick enough the most popular things will be gone. As well as the bigger samples you’ll get a couple of little extras too. Another massive difference in this box is the price – It’s £6.95 with p+p included and with the two bigger samples and two smaller samples you’re not getting much less than you might get from a box that’s almost double the price! 
Here’s what I got this month 
One of the options I chose had a pair of items in so I got Five things in my box, very very impressive for the price. 
Firstly, from the choice that was a duo I got a 70ml bottle of the ‘Awapuhi Wild Ginger HydroCream Whip’ by Paul Mitchell. This is said to be a styling cream that also gives hair hydration – With ingredients such as argan oil and honey extract I’m really excited to try this out. Even the name sounds decadent! 

The second part of the duo is this Awapuhi wild Ginger HydroMist Blow-Out Spray’ this is a 25ml can and is said to give hold, volume and nourishment – Very impressive claims, I look forward to seeing how this does. 

Perfume samples just don’t seem so bad when they’re in a box as affordable as this! I got the Flash fragrance by Jimmy Choo – I’ve not sprayed it as this may go in to a giveaway or a gift. 

Again, fun little extras like this are really welcome in a box like this – I’m not a fan of raisins in chocolate but this is Green & Blacks and it also has hazelnut in so I may well have to give it a go anyway.

Lastly I got this full sized Matte Long Lasting lipstick by Lola Makeup by Perse. I was very excited by this, it’s by a brand that I’ve never used before, and I didn’t know what shade I was going to get but it felt exciting none the less.

The packaging is stunning, it has that matte effect to it so it’s going to get grubby but I won’t care because it’s so nice, even the way it clicks open and shut, Nice.

The shade I got is called Vamp and it’s a really, really, berry toned purple.

I rubbed most of this swatch off right after photographing and there’s still a shadow of it left now, even after getting soaked giving Ethan a bath and washing my hands multiple times. It’s a Very very dark, uber bold shade and I’ve not been wearing much like that recently but I am head over heels for this.

I’m blown away by this box, honestly. Go check out the menu (though can’t be sure what’s still in stock) – There’s some amazing brands on there, and a Lot of full sizes. It’s really difficult just to pick two! 
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  1. Gemma Hooper December 10, 2013 / 5:06 pm

    Looks amazing! I'm going to sign up soon even though I imagine the good stuff is gone! Do you have to sign up for a year???

  2. admin December 10, 2013 / 5:16 pm

    It's amazing isn't it!

    No, Gemma, they even make it easy to cancel and re-sub incase you don't want a month! Xx

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