Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Walking Dead - General overview NO spoilers

Last week The Fiance and I watched the first series of 'The Walking Dead'. He'd seen it before, more than once, but for me it was one of those series' I really wanted to watch but hadn't bothered until I knew I could watch them all in a row and not miss any. Which is why it was great when my best friend let us borrow the first series on dvd from him.

I really really enjoyed it. I used to watch  horror movies of all types a Lot but since I had The Boy I find it a little harder to watch these things; I've become more squemish and I worry too much about end of the world scenarios. But I'm not going to let that stop me watching the things I've always enjoyed, if anything it makes it better as I actually get a bit scared rather than being, seemingly, immune as I always used to be.

The Fiance is, as I have mentioned before, a massive zombie fan so this was bound to be a hit for him, and I can totally see why. The plot isn't exactly dissimilar to others, how could it not be, there's only so many end of the world zombie scenarios that could take place - But what makes this stand out is the little details, things which you don't know are missing in other interpretations, but once you see them in this, you see how much they matter. Also, the fact that it's a series rather than just a film, means that you can really get to know the characters and, obviously, in something like this it really helps; lets you empathise and makes you care so so much more. I won't be saying anymore than that as I absolutely cannot stand reading spoilers and so will not be posting any.

We were supposed to be borrowing the second series from my best mate, but another friend of his borrowed it and hasn't finished watching it yet. As it happened, just before my best mate visited the other weekend he 'accidentally' ordered series 1 and 2, and got them sent to my house, as they were only £18 on (though isn't on there anymore, sorry!) - I say accidentally as he likes to pretend he didn't do it on purpose. He's a rather generous type and he knows we're having money troubles, plus not being able to let us borrow the second series from him he wanted us to be able to watch it, so he decided it can be a 'living together present' - I'm pretty sure they don't exist, but I was hardly able to argue the point.

So, we're very very lucky, the boxset turned up today. We won't be watching series 2 for a bit because The Fiance is rather glued to the X-box playing the new Bioshock game (no, I am not the type of girl that is bothered by that, he can play to his hearts content) But I cannot wait to watch it and find out what happens, even though I know it'll have me really anxious and probably make me quite upset too - That's what these things are meant to do, provoke emotion!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Baking fun times - Chocolate fairy cakes

Concentrating on the scales, his
favourite part of baking.
Well, the other day we did some baking! I just decided, at random, that it was about time that we did something fun in the kitchen, it also coincided with MUA's third birthday, so nice and easy to justify needing cake! (not really but I like being able to justify things, haha)

The Boy absolutely loves to bake, he loves being in the kitchen for any reason but baking is his favourite. When I told him we were going to make cakes he asked if it would be banana cake, I said no, I thought we'd do chocolate cake and he went, simply, apoplectic with joy. He jumped up from where he was sitting, with a shocked face and said 'chocolate! chocolate!' and ran off to tell Grandma we were going to make chocolate cake.

This might seem a little extreme but he used to not like chocolate cake for some, unfathomable, reason so now that he's decided he likes it, he finds it very very exciting. And, for the same reasons, we've never made chocolate cake together before.

I found a recipe which I'll link here:

Making a toddler wait whilst the cakes cool, torture.
I did the exact same recipe, though I added an extra tablespoon of chocolate powder as we were using a milk chocolate one.

The cakes weren't very chocolatey but with such a small amount of chocolate powder, and we used drinking chocolate so it wasn't pure chocolate, you couldn't expect them to be - For something simple and toddler friendly these were lovely to make. They were nice and easy, took exactly 15 mins to cook at the 200 degrees listed and they're not even the slightest bit dry.

We'll definitely be making these again. Next time, maybe, we'll be able to decorate them - I wanted to this time but my back just wouldn't let me stand up any more, the pain was getting too bad. Luckily they're nice and tasty even without icing.

Kids are flippin' Funny #14

This afternoon The Boy spent some time with Grandad. Grandad had a tap to fix up in their bedroom so my little guy went up with him to watch and was, surprisingly, well behaved.

But the thing that he enjoyed the most was something he asks for a lot and that's to 'play planet' - In more understandable terms this is to play 'Little Big Planet' on the Playstation 3 - Most of the time The Boy will just watch Grandad play but more recently he's been given the controller himself and is actually starting to understand how to play a bit.

Ok so I don't want him becoming a full on gamer just yet, but he's coming from a family of gamers, he's going to get into it at some point and goodness me it was cute to go in there and find him sat there, really concentrating, trying to make the little character do things! So so cute

Friday, 29 March 2013

FOTD - Face of the Day - #1 Mostly Dainty Doll

I thought I'd have a go at doing a face of the day post. I'm not sure how well it'll work, I find it really hard to get the lighting right so that my makeup is seen, plus I'm bad at taking pics of myself, but I would like to give it a go. 

Today I'm feeling a bit run down and pale so I thought I'd keep the look simple and just stick with pale, but add some definition and some gentle bits of colour and shape; dainty doll seemed and obvious brand to create this look with (please click the pictures to make them bigger and see better detail):

Without glasses

Eyes closed so you can see the soft eye colour

With glasses

Here's the list of products that I used:

- Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation: 003 Medium

- Dainty Doll concealer pen: 003 Medium - On redness and blemishes

- Dainty Doll concealer: 003 Medium - Under eye

- Dainty Doll powder blush: 002 My Girl - On apple of cheeks and across cheek bone

- Dainty Doll powder blush: 003 Money talks - Contouring

- Dainty Doll eyeshadow: 002 Treat her like a lady

- Dainty Doll mascatra: 001 Black

- MUA mascara: Shade 1 clear - As eyebrow gel

- Dainty Doll lipstick: 008 Storm in a teacup

- MUA fixing mist

- Brushes: Real techniques buffing, contouring and blush brushes. MUA E5 spoolie and E3 blending brush.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Third Birthday MUA!

It's MUA,  Make up academy's birthday today - They're only a week or so older than my son!

It's been a fantastic three years for the brand and I'm so pleased to have been following them for most of that journey! I predict an amazing forth year ahead of them, with the new product releases, and the fantastic attitude, they're going to go even further.

Check out their website for their new products, the undress your skin range, the undress me too palette, the power pout lip crayons and the merged eye shadow trios!

And whilst you're there why not check out their sale - It's on certain lines (not on the new products,  understandably ) and there's some amazing things in there - Obviously with my money restrictions I won't be ordering anything but you really should take a look, lovely friends, there's some of my favourite products on their for fabulous prices (50p for the sheer finish lip glosses?!)

Although I can't celebrate with the sale, we're feeling in the celebrating mood so the boy and I will be baking chocolate fairy cakes on behalf of MUA this afternoon; nothing to do with us wanting cake ;) hehe

Another fantastic t-shirt!

After sharing my new, Karen Hallion, t-shirt with you the other day (See HERE), I thought I'd show you this really amazing t-shirt too.

This one is from Qweree and it's just so very very cool.

I'm a really big Big Bang Theory fan so this was, yet another, obvious choice but this stands out to me even more than other Big Bang Theory tees do because it's got so much more to it - It's got all of my favourite Sheldon quotes plus ones I didn't even remember!

Really am bad at taking self pics, easier if I pretend the camera
isn't there
I really like the shade of green, too, it's not as bright as my Belle and Dr Who t-shirt is but it's a more 'apple green' shade - I like it, a lot. Woo for colour!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Buying beauty with Tesco clubcard points?! - Beauty Express

Posts are likely to still be quite sporadic this week as I'm still recovering from the poorly and, so, don't have the weeks posts written up like I normally would. Admittedly, it's not just the poorly, there's some stress too, but hopefully that'll get sorted sooner rather than later - if it doesn't then I think not having posts written will be the least of my worries!

But, to the point of the post! Whilst making space for The Fiance to move in there was lots of sorting of bits and bobs and lots and lots of important pieces of paper - As such, when I was filing all of them away, I came across some unused Tesco Clubcard point vouchers and remembered I've used them for a variety of interesting things in the past including thorntons chocs and furniture for the boy.

So, today, I decided to see what sort of things I could use them for through the rewards section of the website. Imagine my joy when I discovered that £15 worth of clubcard points would give me £30 to spend at Beauty Expert.

As it happens there's more options than just £15 of points used, you could use £5 of points to get £10 to spend at the site, £10 to get £20 and then the £15 to get £30 as I did. The site offers free delivery so none of your voucher will be eaten up by that, and there's a Lot of great items on the site.

I've never used the site before, but it's easy enough to navigate and there's a lot of really great skincare, bodycare and make up brands to look at; no problems at all spending £10, £20 or £30, whichever you were able to get!

I'd really recommend taking a look if you collect clubcard points and are looking for something to use them for; especially if you're looking for a nice little treat for yourself.

The only thing I'll say is that there are certain brands that the voucher won't work with, and it doesn't seem to work with sale items either, but there are a Lot of things on the site so I'm sure most people could easily find something.

We've got enough points left to exchange them for a voucher to go for a nice meal together so that'll be really nice, especially whilst we're low on the monies. I do love the way that tesco allow you to use your clubcard points; it'd be fine if we just used them to buy more shopping but the fact that you can exchange them for other things is just great.

Keep your eyes peeled for the haul post for when I've ordered, and received my bits from Beauty Expert, I look forward to showing you all!

Dr Who Dr Who Dr Who!

This is going to be a short, and rather to the point post - Dr Who starts up again on Saturday! That's Saturday 30th March, just so we're clear.

I'm a massive massive Dr Who fan, the Fiance and I did a total re-watch last year in time to watch the new series begin, so I absolutely can't wait to see where it's going to go now with the new assistant and just in general.

I'm so unsure about the new assistant, I get the feeling she's going to be ruddy amazing... but will she be Amy? Well, no, she won't ... I do think I'm going to love her, I just think it'll take time to get used to the newness again

Me in my Dr Who Christmas tee from Qwertee,
with my Adipose called addy

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cats are flippin' funny too

Bit of a change from the normal 'Kids are flippin' funny' tag but my cat is a little but of a nutter and I managed to catch it on camera for the first time in ages, so I thought I'd share.

This would be my cat... eating curry. It's only a korma, but it's from asda and they have the slightest hint of heat to them... And regardless of the curry, it's a cat eating curry. She's always been a weirdo, but this is pretty weird even for her! 

Kids are flippin' funny #13

I have absolutely no idea why but when we got his In the Night Garden Mega Blocks out the other day, The Boy decided that he wanted them alllllll upside down to begin with...

He does make me giggle.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #12

The Boy absolutely loves 'helping' in the kitchen. If he hears someone starting to prepare things, be it lunch, a meal or a cup of tea, he'll go into the den, drag a chair into the kitchen and start going 'I'm getting started!'

So, when my mum was doing a roast last week, I wasn't entirely surprised to be greeted by him, on his chair, with a colander full of cauliflower leaves and stalks, and a wooden spoon:

He did mixing, and squashing, snapping and pelling - He made a right mess, had a lovely time and smelled soo bad of cauliflower afterwards! 

Big Jigs Farm House Sorter Review

As you may have seen, last week, I posted HERE that we've been lucky enough to be chosen to be in the final for becoming part of BigJigs' Play Patrol. I'm still so so pleased and excited that we've even been lucky enough to get this far, it really makes me feel fantastic about our lovely blog and how things have come along so well in the time I've been really focused on it.

The final phase of decision making for the BigJigs team is going to be based upon reviews that we, the final 12 bloggers, write about a toy that they've sent us for this purpose. I'd like to think it goes without saying, but it's important to get this stuff said - Yes, we were sent this product by BigJigs, but no that does not affect the way in which I'm going to be writing about it. This review is based entirely on how well my boy has played with the toy, how much he's enjoyed it and what I feel about it too - We've not been paid by BigJigs and this is completely based our opinions.

Before I get on to the product that we received I'd like to talk, a little bit, about BigJigs as a brand. They've popped up a few times in posts I've done in the past, in fact one of the first posts I did back before the blog took off, was a review of one of their toys (see HERE). But we've had a lot more experience with them as a brand, now, as we own quite a lot of bits from them, so I feel like I can give my opinions of them in a more overall way.

I can, in all honesty, say that BigJigs are one of my favourite brands for toys; this is the reason that I took the opportunity to apply for the Play Patrol in the first place. We live in a world where children play with things which are loud, plastic, battery or mains operated and disposable. Now I'm not against those things as a whole, The Boy has plenty of things like that, but BigJigs are a company that make toys which fulfill my longing for the more traditional; the toys are wooden, they're wholesome and they are basic without losing excitement for the child. In the world we live in it'd be near on impossible for a child to not have toys which fit my first description, but to balance that out, I want my boy to have some things which are the absolute opposite, and that's exactly what BigJigs toys are. They have a whole range of toys which are utterly charming, they're just so beautifully made and, I know I said it before, but wholesome - It's my favourite word to describe this company's products.

If you'd like to check them out, click HERE for their website or HERE for their facebook. I'd really recommend having a look - We have a lot of their wooden train track and accessories, plus we have some bits from their food range and now, of course, the toy featured here; but they do a lot lot more, I'm pretty sure there'll be plenty of things that most children would love.

And now, on to the product review.

One of our favourite delivery men arrived with the package on Wednesday morning and it couldn't have come at a better time. The Boy had been quite poorly on Tuesday and was still feeling quite miserable on Wednesday so was in real need of something to cheer him up, and goodness this really did!

Even opening this was a real joy, they have distinctive packaging which is both simple but exciting, bright colours without being overwhelming. There was a really clear picture on the front to show what the toy was like and that was more than enough to have my boy running off to the living room with it and opening the box before I even had a chance to get the camera out - Luckily I had it to hand and it wasn't long before I was snapping away. 

More on the packaging; I was really pleased that the toy wasn't over-packaged. There was no excessive piles of plastic or anything like that that you often get; the toy came in a cardboard box which was big enough for the toy and nothing else, the individual pieces that came with it were wrapped in thin, plastic wrapping to keep them from being damaged but, again, not excessively so - They were so simply wrapped that even my boy was able to unwrap them himself. which even added to the experience for him, he loves being able to do things like that for himself.

As the photos above show, The Boy's initial reactions were good, he was so excited to be opening this new toy and every step was just a bit more exciting for him. For me, though, at first I was a little unsure as to how well we'd be able to review this toy. As it's a shape sorter, and it's aimed at 12 months plus, I wasn't sure how well it'd be played with considering the boy is almost 3 and has been doing shape sorters so easily for a long time.

But, as ever, I needn't have worried!

The fact that the shapes are farm animals rather than basic shapes mean that this wasn't anywhere near as simple for The Boy as I had initially worried. He was able to do them all, but he did have to think about it, and have a good look at the shapes, and the holes, in order to see which one went with which - See his concentratng face above!

Despite the fact that the shapes are a lot more complicated than a standard sorter, I think that this toy could, easily, still be played with by a younger child, as the recommendation states. Rather than just giving them all of the shapes you'd be able to give them one, show them the relavent hole and then it'd become more of a dexterity exercise rather than reasoning and recognising one; as it is when they're trying to work out the shapes for themselves.

One thing I wanted to make sure of, when reviewing this, was that I got a really representative view of how my little guy would play with this. So this is him playing with it the second day that we had it (of his choice, no need to be suggested by me) - One thing he really likes to do with it, as you can see if you click the picture to see in more detail, is that he likes to put the animals in the shape but leave them in the hole rather than pushing them all the way through. This turns it into a game of how careful he can be, he has to be so gentle with any subsequent shape because if he's not all of them fall out and he has to start again - This game was devised entirely by him and I think it shows how this toy really can be played with in more ways than the obvious, and it shows how it can grow with the child; utterly destroying my concerns that it'd be too young for my boy.

As you can see in the picture above, he quite likes just playing with the animals on their own sometimes. He's really going through an animal phase at the moment so this really appeals to him. The choice of animals included is great as it's all the obvious ones, but there's also a goose which he's not encountered as much before - Admittedly, at the moment he does keep calling it a 'ghost' but I'm sure we'll get there.

Another thing, which I'm really really happy with, is the fact that on the back of each animal the name is written in really clear letters (click on the picture above to see this in more detail). My boy is really into letters at the moment and can read almost the whole alphabet, so for him this is just perfect; we're just at the point where I'm trying to show him how letters string together, so the shorter names are perfect for this and then as he learns more and becomes more confident we can move on to some of the longer names. This is yet another way that I think the toy will be suitable for older children rather than just youngters - I see this being a great little tool in helping The Boy develop his letter skills, and I'm constantly on the look out for things to do this.

Considering that this is sich a simple toy, I'm so pleased with the ways in which the boy has played with it. The picture above shows The Fiance showing him how his trains on his wooden track can stop at the farm and deliver food for the animals. Due to the way that this toy has been thought up, and designed, it's much much more than a basic shape sorter; as your child gets older it can be used as a more interactive farm as well as it's original, intended use.

Other ways he's found to play with it have been to just, simply, use the animals as stacking blocks and see how high a tower he could build on the arm of Grandma's chair, plus he's even taken to involving some of his other toys in his games, it seems that 'Baby Bear' really likes the toy horse. In compelte honesty, this was done by The Boy, it had nothing to do with me.

Despite my initial concerns, this toy has, already, become a firm favourite in this house. It's been played with every day since we got it, and whenever someone comes to visit us it gets taken out so that The Boy can show it to them. Sometimes he just likes to take all of the animals out and put them in again, he's always been a bit of an 'eeyore' child, putting things in and out, in and out, of some container or another (If you don't get this reference you need educating in the ways of Winnie the Pooh!) He also, just, quite likes carrying it around the house; again this is a pretty long standing thing with him, he loves carrying things around and the handle on the top makes that so easy.

The quality of the toy is exactly as I've come to expect from BigJigs, it's strong and sturdy, it's well painted and it's quite obviously had a lot of thought put in to it. The roof comes off in two halves, which makes it easier to take on and off for littler hands, and the animal shapes come in a different range of sizes so they're not all too samey for the child.

The Boy has one, single, quibble with the toy though. And that is that the tree shape which is included has a rounded base, and so it doesn't stand up on its own like all of the animals do. He's quite a particular child (possibly could be read as peculiar ;) ) and he tries, time and time again, to make it stand up, but it simply will not - But as far as quibbles go I think that's the smallest one possible, the playability he's had from this in what's not even been a full week is just fantastic.

I'd really recommend this as a toy for your little ones, or as a gift for someone elses child - Maybe as a first birthday gift, I think this is a toy that could really grow with a child and become a solid favourite. My only regret is that my boy hasn't had it from younger as I think  he'd have loved it when he was littler just as much as he does now.

This was on the first day, when he was poorly still, he insisted on having it
on the sofa with us as we sat for cuddles.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fiance's birthday - The joy of giving gifts

Last week it was my fiance's birthday. Luckily he was off work (I say luckily as he's been living here over a week now and it's the only day off he's had so far) so we were able to spend the day together. We didn't do a lot as he'd been working a lot and we were all pretty run down (which has turned into colds all round this week).

The boy and I did bake him a yummy chocolate and vanilla marble cake, though. Well, I say the boy and I... The boy barely helped and mostly just whinged that it took too long to cook, hehe, that's his brand of helping anyway!

The recipe is really weird and although it was made in a silicone loaf tin, the recipe seems to be for a bigger tin (though it's meant to be for a loaf cake) and so it spreads out and makes a Massive cake that actually lasted almost a week!

I wanted to do a post about the gifts that I got him, primarily, so that's what the rest of this post is. It's not a 'look how much of a good fiance I am' post, that's not what I want to do at all, I just wanted to share these things as they may get mentioned again in future posts, and also as gift ideas. So here's the list:

This is the main present I got for him and it's a ticket for a very weird event called '2.8 hours later' - Put simply, crazy people decide to get together and play a scary, horror version of tag and people run around big cities being chased by zombies... yup. I kid you not.

This is something that The Fiance has wanted to do for a long time now but hasn't, really, been able to justify the money for, so I decided to get it for his birthday. I think he's utterly insane for wanting to do it but he's really looking forward to it.

This is a t-shirt from one of our favourite t-shirt companies, Qwertee . They're a company that do really cool tee's for one day at a time, and once they're gone they're gone. Every three months or so they do an event called 'Insanitee' where you can buy a mystery tee for a reduced price and you'll get whatever they send you, in the size you specify. I've had a couple and got one good, one bad, The Fiance, though, has had about five and they've all been Fab! As such I got him another instanitee for his birthday and this is what he got. If you can't see properly, it's a very english cup of tea pushing a takeaway coffee cup into a hole shouting 'This is england' in a 300, spartan sort of way - It's not a tee that either he or I would've bought, but it's just so so funny so he's really pleased with it. It's also very very him, he loves tea.

This is another top from Qwertee, but this is one I bought on the day it was available on the site. The Fiance loves Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit but doesn't have a t-shirt for either of them, which is weird as he has a t-shirt addiction, and he had no money when this one came out so I bought it for him. If you can't see the letters in the grid, just click to enlarge.

This is a really weird Japanese special effects makeup book. As I said before about running around being chased by zombies, The Fiance also likes to dress up as a zombie once a year and he goes on a really great event, 'The Birmingham Zombie walk' - Over the past two years he's been doing his own makeup and he's learned some great tips and done it really well, so I thought I book would really help him learn some more. As it happens this probably isn't the sort of thing that'll help him in the way that I hoped but it's full of awesome, really abstract images of some great looks.  

Another book (he loves books); this is 'The Hobbit: Chronicles' it's a massive, really beautiful book full of pictures, photos and descriptions of how the film of The Hobbit was made, details about the characters and drawings of how things looked before they were made real. It's an absolutely beautiful book and I know that The Fiance is going to love looking through it.

This was a bit of a random gift, but there's a company that does 'awareness bands' with weird things written n and this one says 'I support Zombie awareness' - The Fiance used to have a wrist band but it got lost so I got him this to replace it - They're not cheap, but it's a zombie one, well worth it!  

Another random little gift. He also loves lego - This was in a sale so I picked it up as a little joke gift. As it happens, The Boy has become totally obsessed with it and has watched it over and over since last weekend; it's been a life saver whilst we've been poorly as we've not been able to do a lot other than snuggle on the sofa.

Another dvd, well a Blu-Ray - More zombie related stuff, this about zombies found at the centre of the earth, I believe. Also in the play sale, seemed like the sort of film The Fiance watches, I quite like bad horrors too so we shall see what it's like.

This one is a Proper bad horror - How could a film called 'Cockneys vs Zombies' not be great?! Can't wait until we can sit down and watch this together.

This is an anime series which I watched a couple of episodes of a few years back and it's always stuck with me. I saw it on a website and it was a really reasonable price so I decided to get it as I thought the Fiance would like it. I did worry, though, as it might seem as though I'd bought it more for me than  him (which is why I got him the extra Qwertee) - But, as it happens, when he opened it, it turns out he has read some of the manga and really loved it so he was really excited about this gift. So pleased it worked out this way.
I also got him a poster, another cheap little random gift, of lego figures sat on a beam, as builders, like the famous image. Weird, but kinda cool, no idea where it'll go when we get our own place but I'm sure we'll find somewhere.

Thank goodness I am obsessed with planning ahead and started buying gifts for both The Fiance and The Boy not long after Xmas, otherwsie if I'd left it too late we'd have been at the out of money point and I'd have been stuck for getting them things. I got The Fiance quite a lot but this is the last birthday before we move out and get our own place, so next year I won't be able to get him anywhere near as much, so I wanted to spoil him one last time. I think I managed to do that.

A few of these bits may well be mentioned in the future, film reviews and the likes, so that's the main reason I wanted to post. Also wanted to share gift ideas for guys, sometimes these man shaped people can be tricky to buy for =D 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

My Karen Hallion t-shirt - Best t-shirt Ever

This is something I ordered with my birthday money, but it was coming from the U.S. so took a little longer to get here than the other things I bought. I hadn't, actually, heard of this artist before which is amazing as she's just utterly fantastic and I Should have known about her, but I'm so so glad that I have now. Her name is Karen Hallion and you can find her on Facebook HERE.

She does a whole variety of designs, but the ones that caught my eye the most are the Disney princess mixed with Dr Who ones; I am a huge huge Dr Who fan and the concept of these is just magical.

I'm editing this as this part, previously, said that Karen Hallion's Ariel and Dr Who t-shirt is on Qwertee today, which it was when I posted this but they're a one day only site so it's not available anymore. Thankfully I was able to relocate some money put aside for something else that we don't need right now in order to get the Ariel tee, and also get a different one for The Fiance, only fair to treat us both!

Ordinarily, Karen Hallion's tshirts are only available in the US - But if you really love them then most of the sites do post to the UK, which is how I got my Belle one. Obviously there are some instances where they're available here but it doesn't seem too often so definitely worth looking in to getting them from the US, these designs are just not to be missed!

It was an absolute no brainer to go for the Belle design as, even though I'd never thought about it much before, Belle is the Disney princess I love the most. She's a book geek, that alone makes her the perfect princess to me! 

I absolutely love the concept of this whole range of tops, too. The idea of the Dr going to take a Disney princess as his companion, just perfect. I think Belle would be the most amazing companion... *zones out into daydream*

Here's me in the tee, sorry it's not perfectly centred I'm reeaaally bad at taking pics of myself! 

It's lucky, really, that I've just started broadening my horizons when it comes to more colourful clothes, I used to be just black, purple, grey and the odd bit of red so the green would have been too much but I really really like it!

Definitely, definitely check this lady out, she's wonderful, I mean Disney princesses and Dr Who?! Genius, absolute genius!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bargain E-bay dress - Paid for with Top Cash Back payment

As I've said in previous posts, zero monies at the mo, but thank goodness for TopCashBack!

There's this dress that I've wanted for ages, and I keep worrying they'll go the moment I get the money. I'm sure they wouldn't have but I'm known for not having the best luck so I'd hate to have to try my chances. Luckily, though, about £10 worth of my funds in topcashback became payable a couple of weeks ago, so I was able to transfer it over into my paypal account and buy this little beauty!

It was £8.99 and it's listed HERE. I got the shade Nude; it's more like the colour on the ebay site, it was a bit bright when I took this pic - It's a creamy colour but just a little darker than cream.
I'm so so pleased with it, it's got a thin lining, it fits me perfectly (The 8/10 size), the lace feels like good quality and it's just so so pretty! It's going to be one of my absolute go-to dresses this spring and summer, I'm even wearing it whilst it's still cold as I love it so much.

If anyone doesn't know what TopCashBack is, it's a site where you go to them before you order things online, check if they offer cashback for the site that you want to buy from and if you click through from their site you'll get a percentage of your sale back into your account. It takes a while to track and then clear and become payable, but it's well worth it! In just over a year I've had more than £120 cashback, which does include doing things like spending £10 on paddypower bingo and getting £30 cashback etc.

If you want to sign up to the site click HERE - I'm being a bit cheeky and this links to my referral link page and it means that if you sign up via this link I'll get a bonus for referring you - But then why not? If you use it you'll be able to save money, Topcashback get a new customer and I get a bonus for sharing the site, it's a win win, lovely friends. I, honestly, wouldn't recommend the site if it hadn't worked for me - It really has, and for plenty of my friends too.

Poorly, won't be a lot of posts

Yup, you read right, I'm poorly again!

It's only become proper poorly today but the past few days I've been really really exhausted (even more than I normally am due to fibro) and pretty run down. I'm hoping it won't get bad, but I am feeling really rather poopy this evening (writing this thursday evening but posting it on Friday morning)

The boy was poorly a couple of days ago, but has become better quite quickly. That said, when we were poorly around my birthday he was only poorly for a day and I was poorly for a week and a half - So who knows?!

So yes, just so you all know, there's not just one buggy/cold/flu thing going around, there's at least two!

Thankfully I had a few posts half written, or mostly drafted which I've scheduled to go up over the next few days, but there won't be a lot going on, only one post a day and nothing massive - But that's life when we're poorly I guess!

There will be, at least, one big post next week, though, regardless of whether or not this develops into proper poorly or gets better by tomorrow and that's going to be our post for the final stage of the BigJigs play patrol application! As I said in the post a short while ago, linked HERE, we're in the final 12 of those who applied to be a part of the BigJigs play patrol! We got sent the toy which we're going to be reviewing, the other day, I'm giving The Boy another day or so to play with the toy so that I can really make sure I see what he likes about it, and any quibbles he has, so that I can get a really good review written up.

So, for those who're here for the parenting side of things, watch this space - A review of a fab bigjigs toy will be up before Wednesday next week!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A rather exciting MUA - Make Up Academy - Announcement - The Power Pout lip crayons

I have been wondering what would do it. What would be the new item that would be announced that'd make me Really Really wish I wasn't utterly without money at the moment. I had an inkling it'd be an MUA product and I wasn't wrong!

I've said it already and, despite some issues, I think MUA are proving me right - This is going to be the year for MUA. In my opinion this announcement is absolute proof of that.

I've been loving lip crayons/balm stains/gloss sticks for a while now and, this month in particular, they've been an absolute staple as you'll see in my March favourites. I think they're going to be the perfect spring and summer lip products.

And that's why MUA are right on time with announcing their 'Power Pout' pencils.

I would like to include a photo but as the photos don't belong to me, I won't be, but here's a link to the facebook image which has all of the shades and their names:

I think the shades look fantastic and I think I'll be collecting them all (The only one I'm not totally sure about is the brighter orange one but  I'd still like to give it a go) - They're going to be £3 and they're coming to shops on 10th April but the team have said they might be online very soon - This has often led to things being online that day or very very quickly at least.

I'm absolutely gutted that I can't get these straight away but they are, without a doubt, jumping right to the top of my list of things to get once we've got money again!

**Edit** They are online now!

My Cosmetics storage - March 2013

I just wanted to do a quick post about my cosmetics storage. Now this isn't all of my storage, I've got things which are in a big cosmetics box that I have, these photos are just to show the stuff that I have out on my set of drawers, on show and in pretty storage things. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Glamour Magazine - April 2013 edition - A really important article and a fab freebie

I've never really read magazines very much, not since I was much younger anyway and, as such, I've never read Glamour magazine before. If I'm honest, the thing that drew me to it was seeing people talking about all of the fab freebies they so, and then also seeing the price; now that I'm more interested in beauty and fashion I thought that maybe it's something I would have some interest in now.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

LIB - Latest In Beauty - Little beauty box for March 2013

This is just a quick post to show what I got in my Latest in Beauty 'Little Beauty Box' for March - Just so that people have an idea what samples they get if they decide to take a look and order a box for themselves. See the website here. Just to remind people, Little beauty boxes aren't like other beauty boxes, they're only £1.50 and you get three little samples; but you get to choose what you want to try - I really like them and have a nice collection of things to try; most of the samples are quite small but some are bigger than others.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #11

Another post that doesn't really need many words.

We have quite a big battle with The boy and food. He has been a pretty picky eater but, thankfully, he's broadening his horizons a little now.

He's not really developed a whole lot when it comes to table manners though...

My Dainty Doll Collection - Swatches

I said I'd do a post of my Dainty doll collection swatches so here they are. 

To stop this being any more photo intensive than it already is, I'm going to link back to my original haul posts for you to see these colours in the pan - My first Dainty Doll haul is here and the second is here (scroll further down to the bottom for DD)

Firstly, I'd like to say that I know that a lot of the photos are pale, that's because the products are pale, they're designed for pale skin and so they're subtle, soft colours that complement that sort of skin, that's why I love them so so much. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #10

There's not a lot of description needed with this one, the picture says it all really.

Just imagine my surprise when I went in to see the boy first thing in the morning and was greeted with this.

Yes, that's all of the clothes out of his drawers, piled on top of his ride on toy car. Why? Not a clue.

Birchbox UK - March 2013 - Unboxing

I saw some previews of what was going to be in the March UK Birchbox and, considering I'd been seeing all the posts about the Jan and Feb boxes and wishing I'd got them, I thought I'd bite the bullet and get a subscription. I used birthday money to subscribe for 3 months, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep the subscription up once it's over but I really hope I can, if the boxes stay as good as they have been so far this month!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Some lovely mothers day gifts - Very lucky me! - March 2013

As many of you know it was Mothers day, here in the uk, on Sunday 10th March.

A few years ago my amazing sister sent me a mothers day card on behalf of my son as she knew I wasn't going to get anything otherwise, but since then I've, obviously, not been able to celebrate it (Last year I did buy myself a gift but that's hardly the same!)

So imagine how happy I was when the fiance got here a few days ago, the day he moved in in fact, with a beautiful gift bag with some mothers day gifts for me!

The Fiance and I both really enjoy the series '2 Broke Girls' so this is a gift that will be fun for both of us. Also he told me he managed to get it from HMV so it was a super bargain - I know a lot of women wouldn't like to know that their gift was a big bargain but I love bargains so much that I'm even happy if someone managed to get a gift for me as a bargain!

My other gift, which is a sort of plaque thingy (Can't think of a better way to describe it) as you can see above, is just so lovely. I love the litle verse on it and it's so sweet - I absolutely love the little trees and flowers on it too, so very cute, very not what the 'old me' would've liked but exactly the sort of thing that the 'new me' loves.

Such lovely thoughtful gifts from 'the boy' (Though a huge thank you to the fiance for helping him sort that out hehehe) - I'm a very very lucky lady, I'm sure you'll agree

Kids are flippin' funny #9

Just chatting with The Boy and I ask him how old he is, he insists he's 'Big'.

Ok, so telling him he's a big boy and not a baby (as he previously insisted) has worked to some extent...

So I tell him he's two and ask how old he'll be on his birthday.

He says 'Thhrr... CAKE!' - Pretty sure he was going to say three, we've talked about it a bit recently, but obviously his priorities are more to do with his stomach :)

So... my 'big' year old boy will be 'cake' next month, who knew?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The BigJigs Play Patrol

I'm absolutely thrilled to be writing to say that we're through to the final stage of the application process to be on the BigJigs PlayPatrol!