Friday, 31 May 2013

First ever blog sale buys

I'd never bought anything from a blog sale before, but I've heard plenty of talk about them and know that people get some fantastic bargains from time to time. I'd only, really, want to buy from a blog sale of someone who I've read for a while because you feel like you can trust someone (hopefully) (And in this case I could, of course).

Soo... when the lovely Kat at Tales of a Pale face announced her Blog sale a short while ago I just had to have a look! 

I have wanted the blackcurrant balmi for quite a long while now. I'm an utter lip balm addict and I've never had one in a blackcurrant flavour. I picked up the mint flavoured one from Birchbox a few weeks ago, with my birchbox reward points, and I love love love it so I was even more eager to get the blackcurrant flavour but it's just been out of stock everywhere I look. And then, there it was, on this blog sale and I just Had to get it! I can't remember how much she asked for it but I think it was something like £2.50, bargain!

To justify paying for the p+p (which I think we alllll do sometimes), I looked for another item. Most of the items I liked were gone but then I saw she was selling this, gorgeous, Essie polish in the shade 'Penny Talk' and it had only been used once. I think she was selling this for £3 ish and it, too, was a fantastic bargain.

Adding on the few pounds for p+p I paid a similar amount as I would have done for the Essie polish, alone, for both items plus the p+p!

Kat was really lovely and she sent my items soo soo quickly, I got them in only a couple of days even though there was a bank holiday in between. I'm definitely so pleased with my first ever blog sale experience! 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Organic Surge sale and Seche vite bargain!

Just wanted to share a couple of really rather wonderful bargains with you all.

I've wanted a couple of bits from Organic Surge for quite a while and then when I watched a video by Khila from MissBudgetBeauty and she used their Million dollar brown sugar body polish I decided to have another look at their site (HERE). Imagine my surprise to find out that the scrub is normally £32 down to £8!!! I made an order of a few bits which I really love the look of and made it up to £20 for free delivery. The sale is up to 75% off and their prices are rather reasonable in the first place anyway - Well worth checking out!

The second bargain I wanted to share is concerning Seche Vite top coat. I'd heard so so much about this top coat and I've been having some real nightmares with bubbling polish so when the lovely Victoria at Victoria's Vintage said that Amazon (HERE) were selling it for £6ish I ordered a bottle. I've actually bought a second bottle, as a back up, since then as it's now down to an even more amazing £4.41! This is an amazing top coat at less than half the normal price - If you ever wanted to try it, now would be the time.

**And for anyone who's not entered, don't forget my giveaway! **

Massive book haul from 'The Works'

Once we move out and have less money it's going to be rubbish having to cut back on spending - Obviously I enjoy buying beauty products these days, and it'll be annoying having to cut back, but the thing that'll be hardest to stop spending on is books.

I find it hard to think of books as a luxury, they feel more like a necessity, growing up in a family like mine probably explains why. Books have always been a massive thing for us, we love to read. When I was a child my family holidays with my mum and my step dad would consist of going to cornwall, with lots of space in the boot, and buying lots of books, sitting on beaches and reading them. That was probably one of the biggest expenses of our holidays, masses of books! Best holidays ever!

Anyway, I digress. When I get the chance to get a Massive bargain on books, I more often than not, take it up. And that's how we ended up with 29 books from 'The Works' for £27 and free p+p!

A lot of the time the best offers are often on unheard of books by lesser known authors, but these were, for the most part, by fantastic, well known authors - Which makes the offer even better! 

The offer I got these on was 8 fiction books for £12, so they worked out at £1.50 each! 

'Whit' and 'A Song of Stones' by Iain Banks - He's one of my favourite authors and I have read both of these books before, but I don't own them and will definitely want to read them again. 

'The Killing Hour' by Lisa Gardner - I love me some random crime books from time to time, I've never read Lisa Gardner before but pretty sure I've had her recommended. 

'The Distant Echo' by Val McDermond - Another author I've never read before but the description sounded good and I needed an 8th book. 

'Never Go Back' by Robbert Goddard - Goddard is another of my favourite authors, writing mysterious books with unusual twists and undertones of the unknown. A fantastic author who I've read a lot of and really enjoy, not read this one before. 

'Dead Night' - Peter Robinson - Another crime author who I really enjoy. Just very very well written books, have read a number of these before, but not this one. 

'Bitter Blood' by Rachel Caine - This is the 13th book of the Morganville Vampires series; it's not the most mind blowing series ever but I do enjoy it. I'm a bit behind and the last one I'd read was 12, so getting 13 for £1.50 was too good to pass up. 

'Shades of Grey' by Jasper Fforde - Try Googling this one without knowing the authors name, you won't be able to find it very easily ;) - I've not read this before and hadn't heard of it but the synopsis sounded great. It's in the flipback format which I love. 

These are the books I got for the children. The majority are for The Boy but I bought one, specifically for The Fiance's daughter and also once we have our own place and she stays with us on their weekends I'm sure she'll enjoy these books too. 

I got these with two different deals. The 6 Mr Men and Little Miss books were in a deal for £5 for the 6 of them making them less than £1 each and the remainder of the books were in a 10 for £10 offer. The little box in the bottom left is a collection of 6 books, though, which is how I come to the total figure of 29 books rather than 24.

I won't go into as much detail with these ones but we got three of the Octonauts books, one of which is a flap book too. I also picked up a Humphrey's corner book as The Boy has a few of these and loves them, this is 'Humphrey's Farm adventure' (they're so beautifully illustrated).

The three random books I got for The Boy are 'Teacup in a storm' which is a weird little board book, but beautifully drawn, 'Toucan Toucan't' and 'Racing car is Roaring'.

For The Fiance's little girl I picked up the 'Little Kitten' book as she loves cats. 

And then we also got the boxset of 6 little books about the 'Cars' film, plus 'Mickey Mouse and the Knights of the Round table' which is illustrated in a comic book format. And, obviously, as I said above, we got the 6 Mr Men books which you can see in the photo. 

These books were all either £1.50, £1 or less than a pound, absolute amazing savings and we're all really going to enjoy them - I've not been reading enough, recently, maybe some new books to focus on will help me get back in the habit.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

GFC - Google Friend Connect - It might not be leaving us!

Firstly I'd like to say that this is only based on information I've gathered from searching on google and reading other peoples sites/articles/blogs - I don't have any Real knowledge about this and Google don't seem to have said anything solid either way.

But, it seems there is hope! Google Friend Connect might not be going when Google Reader does!

The reason it got out that GFC was going was being Google announced that Reader was going and the two are linked, but not to the extent that many have assumed - I won't go into it in massive detail as I'm going to link you to a few of the sites I've read that explain it properly.

That doesn't, though, mean that GFC is here forever, a couple of years ago Google started to phase it out by stopping it being available on wordpress accounts etc - That suggests that the Do want it go at some point. BUT, hopefully, it won't be any time soon (or maybe they'll be really nice and let us keep it!)

It seems like a good idea to keep following our favourite blogs on Blog Lovin' and Twitter, too, as the info I've found could be wrong, or GFC could go at another time, but I just wanted to share the information I've found with you all

Here's a few of the pages I've read about this:!topic/reader/4htV15y7sqs

Some tasty new blush shades from MUA: Make up academy

Ooh yay another announcement from MUA - They're adding to their selection of £1 blushes with 6 new, delicious looking shades (yeah, you'll see what I did there when you read the names!)

Check out MUA's blog (HERE) for more details and swatches of these gorgeous new shades - I already know which ones I have my eye

(The picture above is from the MUA facebook page and is being used with permission)


I can't believe I've reached over 100 followers already!

I just want to say thank you, so much, to all of my new followers as well as to those who've joined all along the way or even been here from the beginning.

I already said in my giveaway post (HERE) that I had almost enough things for a second giveaway after this first one is over, but now I have a reason too! So yay, a few weeks after this current giveaway ends, I'll be doing another!

I hope you all enjoy following and reading my bits and bobs of family life, beauty and general nonsense - I look forward to finding out what you enjoy and have really enjoyed your comments, so far, on the competition post about what you'd like to see more of. Very pleased to see lots of requests for more Nail art as that's something I'm already beginning to spend more time upon again.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How to follow someone via Google Friend Connect

Ok, for those of you following me, this will be a pointless post (of course) but since I started talking about doing a giveaway some friends have asked about how to follow on GFC and haven't worked out how to do it yet - Soo I thought I'd do a quick post for anyone who'd like that information.

It's not too hard when you know what you're looking for. The most important thing is to find the follow button and that's located to the right of every page on my blog, it's just above a selection of avatars of my other followers and it looks like this:

This screen cap was taken a few days ago so, obviously, it's a different number of 'members' and the avatars are different, but you get the idea.

If you can find this, and click on the blue button that says 'Join this site' you'll be taken to a screen which allows you to log in with your google account and it'll lead you through to finalizing following the blog.

If you don't have a google account, I'd really recommend getting one (and No, not just because I want you to follow me!) - Google is one of those things that's growing and growing, a google account can give you access to gmail, youtube, google+ and all sorts of other features of google and things which they are buying and adding into their repertoire. 

Obviously, on other peoples blogs the button for GFC will be in a different place, but now that you know what you're looking for you can start having all the blogs that you follow in one place which makes it soo much easier.

There's talk that google friend connect is being shut down in the not too distant future. BUT I have been doing some reading into it and it doesn't seem entirely certain that it will be. I, for one, hope that it won't.

But if you want another way to follow all of your favourite blogs there is also Blog Lovin', if anyone wants a post on how to do that then please comment below and I'll be more than happy! 

Poundland and Primark Haul

We went to town a few days ago and we went to those oh so inevitable shops... Poundland and Primark - It seems impossible to go to town without visiting these establishments and it seems impossible not to buy at least Something!

To be fair, we got some fantastic bargains, and I actually went to Primark with something I actually wanted to get!

Poundland first. We got a few home bits, a few toddler bits and a couple of beauty bits.

For the boy we got a Pirate Adventure book, a duo of a football and a rugby ball (he's a bit obsessed with football out of the blue at the moment) and an awesome giant bag of bubblebath! I love getting his bubble baths from poundland, so much cheaper than elsewhere and often more exciting too. 

I also picked up a vanilla candle in a screw top jar, couldn't beat this for £1, even the jar will be fantastic to keep afterwards. We also picked up four plastic picnic plates, which are homeware but they're not going to be used as such; I've kept 1 for putting nail polish on for nail art and the other three are for The Boy to go as a part of his tea set. Lastly, four really pretty floral coasters. All of these things seem like they're worth much more than £1 each! 

The couple of beauty items I picked up were a 'Bourjois rouge hi-tech lip tint' and a Famous sparkle top coat. The lip tint is a weird colour but seems to be ok blended out and dried on. And the famous polish is gorgeous, it's an iridescent polish with the tiniest holographic glitters in. Can't wait to try it out. 

From Primark it was two bargains: 

I went in to buy the candle after seeing one similar on a post on Katie from 'Beauty and the Baker's post. They didn't have the exact same one but the one I got smells divine and is so cute.

Whilst I was in there, though, I saw this really cute polka dot dress for £5 - These £5 dresses are just soooo nice, well made, lovely style, lovely patterns and such an amazing price. I don't have a polka dot dress... or I didn't, I do now!

Here's a quick closeup of the candle I picked up:


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beauty giveaway - It's competition time! - ENDED

As you may have seen, a few days ago, I was really lucky to reach 50 followers!

I've been collecting together a number of items, in order to put together a giveaway, for some time now so I'm really pleased that I've finally got to a point where I can get my competition going!

I have actually been collecting things for so long that I had too many things to give away all at once so I've got a second set of things which I want to add a couple of bits to which will become a second giveaway for another time in the future - so if you don't win this time there'll be a second chance to win in the not too distant future!

So, here's what I'm giving away! (If you want to skip the details of these items then just scroll down to the How to enter part)

I'll just run through what everything is, for you.

From Soap and Glory's range of miniatures we've got 'Clean Girls', 'Hand Food', 'Scrub of your life' and 'Righteous Butter' - I'm a Massive Soap and Glory fan so would love to give someone else the chance to try out some of their gorgeous products.

These three items from MUA are their new 'Undress me Too' palette, their 'Undress your skin' highlighter powder and their nail polish in 'Stormy Skies' - Sorry that the polish is in the old style bottles, I was gathering these bits together before the new bottles were released. 

I'm a big fan of all three of these products, here's my NOTD post wearing Stormy Skies and posts containing swatches for both 'Undress me too' and the highlighter powder.

Lastly, a couple more makeup items. A miniature of Benefit's 'They're real' mascara and Miss Sport's 'Dr Balm' tinted lip balm in shade 02. 

I've tried to get a nice mixture of some more pampering body care items and some makeup items from a few different brands that I really enjoy. I hope that whoever is lucky enough to win really enjoys them too. 

All packaged up in an old birchbox box, ready for whoever wins! 

Soo, on to how to enter. 

Firstly, I'm sorry but this has to be a UK only give away, I just can't afford the costs of postage for international post. I do hope to do an international giveaway in the future but for now they'll have to be UK only. 

The only mandatory thing will be to follow me on GFC - I've had a couple of friends struggle with knowing how to do this so I'm going to post another post for those who're not sure, it'll be linked HERE once I've written it. 

There will be options for getting extra entries via twitter, fb etc. I'd love to put an add to Blog Lovin' as an extra entry but it's too difficult to confirm (But feel free to follow me on there, too, if you don't already, it's a fan way for keeping track of all of your favourite blogs!) 

So, feel free to enter via the Rafflecopter widget below - If anyone is unsure about Rafflecopter, as I know some are, please don't be put off entering, it's a great way to run giveaways. If you're not sure how it works please comment or e-mail me and I'm more than happy to help you work it out so that you get the chance to enter! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway A winner will be drawn, at random, by using the Rafflecopter widget, once the competition is over. I will contact the winner and they'll need to reply within 7 days.

The prize will be posted via recorded delivery and everything will be packaged as carefully as possible but any damage, in transit, is out of my control.

If you're under 18 you'll need your parents permission to enter.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

LIB - Latest in Beauty - Summer Lovin discovery Box

Oh yes, more news from Latest in Beauty! You know I'm a massive fan of their samples and their boxes so it should come as no surprise that I am really tempted by their new 'Summer Lovin'' box!

As it happens I won't be buying it (Insert appropriate sad face) - Although there's some amazing items in there I'd have three or four duplicates if I got it and, even though the items that wouldn't be duplicates are amazing, it just seems silly to buy something where I'd end up with two of soo many things!

But I'm still sharing because I want to make sure you all get a chance to check out this amazing collection - There are Two full size Bella Pierre products in it, worth £29.99 and £12.99 each, which more than cover the cost of the box, not to mention all of the other fab goodies inside!

Take a look, HERE, it's £14.95 incl p+p and the contents of the box are worth Far Far more than that!

If the Summer Lovin' box doesn't take your fancy then there's also their free delivery option for this bank holiday weekend, there's a possibility that a couple of the luxury samples may become mine!

Body Shop Flash sale purchases - First online purchase with Body Shop

I just had to order a couple of bits when the Body Shop 40% off and free delivery Flash Sale popped up - Some amazing savings were to be had and it's been a while since I bought anything from the Body Shop.

I wasn't going to go crazy, though, so I just bought a couple of items.

I got the Vanilla body mist and the Sweet Lemon lip butter. The body mist normally retails at £7.50 and the lip butter at £4 but I got the whole order for £6.90, bargain!

I got the vanilla body mist because I used to have their vanilla perfume many years ago and I thought it'd bring back some nice memories. It's in a beautiful, high quality feeling glass bottle and it smells gorgeous. I'm really impressed with how long the scent lasts, too. Definitely going to be enjoying this one.

The lemon lip butter is already a favourite, too. It's not a super thick formula, as you might expect with a butter, but when you apply it it's very moisturising and feels lovely on the lips. If it had been a thicker consistency then there would have been the danger that the pale colour would've left a pale cast on the lips but because it's thinner it just looks like any lip balm would. And... oh the smell! I love love the smell of this. It smells sweet, creamy and lemony, a little like lemon curd - It's soo nice!

I'm really pleased with what I got and I had a great experience with using the Body Shop website for the first time - The site was easy to use, the order easy to place and my package arrived in good time and the items were very very well packaged to prevent damage. Very nicely done, Body Shop!

Friday, 24 May 2013

NOTD - Nail of the Day - MUA Pistachio icecream - Polka dots

I've been pretty lazy when it comes to nail art, for some time now. Last year I was doing so much more; polka dots, nail stamping etc but for months now I've just been painting plain colours, really regularly.

So, I decided it was time to start getting back into practice with doing prettier nail effects.

This is my first attempt at polka dots in about a year - The base colour is MUA's 'Pistachio Icecream' and the dots are done in their off-white shade 'All Nude'.

Not the best nail art ever but I'm quite pleased with it considering how little practice I've had. Was very nice to break out the dotting tools again!

If you want a chance to win some lovely MUA products then please feel free to check out my giveaway HERE (Not this Pistachio icecream, in this giveaway, but the lovely Stormy Skies instead, and some other of MUA's fantastic products too)

Kids are flippin' funny #28

The Boy is developing such a sense of humour, I love it! It's easy to see that he's grown up in our sarcastic, jokey household as his 'jokes' are a bit daft and deliberately silly.

The other day Grandma and I asked what he wanted for dinner, he was adamant that he wanted 'Elephants' or 'Bertie the bus' - He was, of course, laughing like a loon, but he managed to keep the 'joke' up for quite some time.

A couple of days later and I'm getting him dressed. I ask where his socks have gone as I'm Sure that I had put them down just next to where I'm sat. The Boy, though, bursts out laughing and shrieks 'They're in bed!'. And, of course, they were.

Mm he's a real comedian this child...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time to get organized and start writing some reviews

Because beauty is still, relatively, new for me I've been wanting to make sure I try products out for long enough before I start trying to really review them. This is why I do first reaction posts, and some swatches and the likes, but tend not to end up doing a more full review.

So, I think it's time I start doing more and let you all know what I think of products after I've been using them rather than just at the beginning. Some of them I will have covered just fine when I did the first reactions, there won't be much more to say, but there's definitely going to be lots of posts where I can go into more detail.

The other thing that's been holding me back is photos. Obviously 99% of my time when there's daylight around is spent with an, ever so slightly, crazy toddler so it can be tricky to get photographs done. So I want to spend some time working on some good photographs for the review posts. Though that also includes getting the confidence to do more photographs of the products actually applied, ek, yeah.

Lastly, I'm also planning on trying to make sure I use up samples and things. I've become a bit of a samples hoarder from magazines, from freebie sites and of course from my beauty boxes, so I want to try and make sure I get those products used up.

So, to sum up, watch this space! More reviews Should follow!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

'Story Time' at the Library

We live in an area which is quite a distance from town so it's not been entirely easy to get to groups and things so The Boy has mostly socialised with the friends we already have plus his cousins and other family. But Grandma found out that our local library had started, a few months ago, doing 'Story Time' so they decided to pop along and see what fun was happening!

It was so lovely, they read two stories 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'The Gingerbread Man', they played with instruments and did singing and dancing, and they also did some crafty stuff too. 

Oh yes, I won't lie, a little tear came to my eye when I saw this. Might be daft but this is the first thing he's made at a 'group' in a more educational setting, so it reminded me how grown up he is getting.

But anyway. The Boy and grandma had the most wonderful time and they're going back next week. A lot of the children were younger than my little money, they were two's where he's three but that's to be expected seeing as he's not at nursery yet but he had a lovely time with the other children and came home talking about everything they'd done.

So, for a free, fun, activity. Check out what events your local library run - It's amazing what you can do for free, I'm so glad my mum found out about this particular group and I'm so glad they've started running it too. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

50 followers! Competition time - Giveaway coming soon!

I've been collecting things together for a few months now, bits and bobs to put together for a giveaway , but I've been waiting until I got 50 followers ... So logging in to discover I've gone from 40 something to 52 was rather exciting!

I'm going to try and get photographs together of everything that's going to be included in the giveaway - There might be too many things so I might have to do a second one  a while after the but we'll have to wait and see regarding that.

Soo... watch this space for details of what can be won and how to enter - The post should go up in the next few days or the beginning of next week at the latest

Kids are flippin' funny #27

The Boy loves 'helping' in the kitchen. Ok, so yes, he doesn't really help that much but he does have a lot of fun and he Is actually learning and beginning to lean a little more towards helping than he has been before.

So, when he heard Grandad was going to make an apple crumble, he just had to go and join in!

It wasn't quite the same as the organised baking he does with Mummy, no scales, no aprons, Grandad is very good at just making it up as he goes along (And that's not actually sarcasm, for once, it was a delicious crumble!) 

Even though he did miss the scales (he's obsessed), it was still very, very fun! 

Got something on your nose, there, kid! 

Monday, 20 May 2013

New MUA purchases swatched - Merged shadows in Legendary, Gel liner in Tribe and Power pout in Broken hearted and Justify

Long title, I know, but I want to make sure people know where to look for these swatches, these are some, understandably, really popular products at the moment and it's so important to check out swatches before you make a purchase. I am going to work on getting some 'worn' swatches, mostly on the lip products, but it's a work in progress. But, before I go off on another ramble, here are the swatches from the haul post yesterday.

Merged eye shadow trio in Legendary - I've enlarged the photo but it would be best viewed enlarged further (click on it for bigger viewing) - These shades are really pretty, full of shimmer and nicely pigmented (even the paler shades). You can see, in the photo, how nicely they catch the light, especially the pale pinkier toned copper on the left. I like all three shades, though, and they all work separately as well as together. 

I don't wear eye liner a lot these days, but I've been really enjoying playing around with some green and blue shades of khol pencil that I have which is what led me to want to try out this gel liner by MUA in the shade 'Tribe'. These liners are really good, they are very creamy and once they dry they stay put really, really well. I love this shade and I think I'll be wearing it a lot - I'm going to try to post a look with this so you can see how well it works actually applied. 

I bought this pencil liner to go with the gel liner above. The turquoise shade goes perfectly with the Tribe liner and the pencil applies really easily. You'd expect a £1 eye liner pencil to be hard and scratchy but these aren't at all and they go on really well. I have used this to accompany the gel liner, in the water line, and sometimes to fill in gaps where it's harder to use the gel product. I'd definitely recommend using these two products together. 

This is the MUA Power pout in 'Broken Hearted' - It's a gorgeous, pale raspberry shade. It applies nice and sheer, though can be built up, and I really like the formula of these pencils - I've been wearing them a lot as the range of shades works well with a variety of looks. 

Lastly I have the Power Pout in 'Justify' - I was hoping that this shade would be more orange (surprise surprise) but it's, actually, a really lovely shade even though it's more of a reddy/pinky/orange. It's really easy to wear with a variety of looks and just adds a simple wash of colour rather than anything too dramatic. It's the one that I've worn the most out of the five that I have. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Superdrug Haul - MUA, Barry M, Revlon and Loreal

When I did my '30 Ways to save £1' post I thought that it was, simply, as an entry into their competition, but when I received and e-mail from them talking about money for the post, I went back and checked the t+c's - Turns out they were offering £1 per tip in each post (To the first so many bloggers - Which is why I didn't post when I found out as I figured that number would have already been reached).

So, I was planning on saving the £30 once it was transferred into my paypal account - Then superdrug announced their 3 for 2.

I bought this set of lovely things, first, from in store and then I bought the second set of products online (And boosted it up with essential items such as calpol and cotton wool pads to get to the free delivery amount) - This meant that I was able to make the most of the 3 for 2 offer rather than just getting the cheapest items free.  

These were the more expensive items and, so I was able to get one of them free, too, by getting them separately from my more bargain purchases.

You may have already seen these in my NOTD post just a couple of days ago, but aren't they soo pretty! I have a full on obsession with the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine paints and these completed my collection (for now) - I'm really enjoying greens and blues at the moment so this gorgeous cornflower blue (Shade, blueberry) and bright, almost turquoise green (shade, greenberry) are perfect. 

And what would a superdrug haul be without stocking up on some of the MUA bits that are missing from my collection. I'm not going to put pictures of the swatches of these, in here, because it's already going to be a pretty long post, so I'll post pictures of swatches tomorrow. But in the picture you can see the Gel eyeliner in 'Tribe', the Merged eyeshadow trio in 'Legendary', two Power Pouts in 'Broken Hearted' and 'Justify' and a pencil eyeliner in 'Turquoise' - I actually paid for the bargain eyeliner pencil separately as it was only £1 and I paid for it on my points card. 

All in all my in store purchases came to about £15, with the 3 for 2, the Barry M polishes were £3.99 each, and the gel liner, power pouts and shadows from MUA were all £3 each. An absolute bargain I'm sure you'll agree! 

And these are the three, gorgeous items from my online order; Revlon's Matte lipstick in 'Mauve it over', Loreal caresse lipstick in 'Dating Coral' and Revlon's Photoready cream blush in 'Coral Reef' - These three items cost around £16 with the cream blush and the rouge caresse coming in at £7.99 and the £7.49 Revlon lipstick being the third, free, item. 

Here's a swatch of the Revlon lipstick. I have wanted this shade for ages but just kept putting it off, so glad that I have it now, though. The matte formulas for Revlon are pretty good, they're a little drying but much less so than other brands and they're great wearing. This shade is a lovely mauve/neutral sort of colour and wears really well. 

I know it's hard to tell (sarcasm) but oranges and corals have found their way into my life and ooh yay do I love them. After loving the Loreal caresse in 'Tempting Lilac' I really wanted to get another shade so the 'Dating Coral' was an obvious choice. I love this product and have worn it quite a few times already, it's a more toned down, pinkier, version of the Revlon lip butter in 'Tutti Fruity' 

This is a couple of layers of the Revlon cream blush in Coral Reef. I love love love this blush. If you look at this photo in an enlarged format it looks like there's a sheen to the blush but that's just my skin underneath, it's actually a lovely, soft, matte finish and it wears beautifully. I anticipate wearing this a Lot. 

Friday, 17 May 2013

NOTD - Nail of the Day - Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Blueberry and Greenberry

I'm still loving these Gelly Hi Shine polishes and Blueberry and Greenberry are no exception - I thought they looked soo pretty having them on alternating fingers.

I just keep using the Barry M polishes over and over and I keep lusting after other colours too - Arg, addictive!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Birchbox UK - May 2013 box - Unboxing

Ooh it's Birchbox time again! I've been really looking forward to getting this box, no real reason I was just hoping for good things! And, oh, I wasn't disappointed!

This month is the 'Red Carpet Ready' theme, but Birchbox is also supporting 'Fashion Targets Breast Cancer' so there's various information regarding that, too. 30% of all e-shop sales in May and £5 for every friend referral will go to the charity - So beauty for a good cause, I like it.

So, here's to this month's box - If you don't wait spoilers then look away now!

Oh just look at that collection of goodies! 

This is OPI's 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie' it's a beautiful pink with a sheen to it and I can' wait to try it, though I think it might be more of a toe nail colour for me. It's my first ever OPI polish so that's a massive plus, too. This is an OPI mini and a full size product would be £11.50.

This is the Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser with SPF8 - it's full of lots of goodness for the skin and it's going to be a welcome addition to my list of things to try out in my skincare routine. This is a really good sized sample, it's 30ml and the full size is 50ml which retails at £42!

This gorgeous pot contains B/Attitudes body souffle. I looove the packaging with the gorgeous blue design on the top, it's so pretty. I opened it up and it's full to the brim with a thick, gloopy body cream which smells absolutely divine! It's a gorgeous spicy scent which reminds me of a mixture of incense and cakes - I rubbed a small amount on to my arm which now feels lovely and soft and smells just amazing, I can't stop smelling it! The sample is 50ml, a quarter of the full size of a 200ml jar which retails at £24 - So another fantastic value sample. 

I was instantly drawn to this pretty looking box, it automatically looks good quality and the gold design is such a pretty addition. 

The box opens to reveal this clear plastic packaging which is pretty non descript, but neither good nor bad, really. I was expecting the product to be a powder so was surprised when I touched it and it was a thick creamy texture. I've swatched it on the back of my hand and it's got an amazing shimmer to it. I was worried when I read it was meant to enhance a tan as I'm not the tanning type but this really won't be a problem as it's just a lovely, very shimmery product for any skin tone. 

You can get an idea of the level of shimmer from this picture, but obviously shimmer isn't always easy to capture, 

On to the 'lifestyle extras' I got a couple of sachets of Doctor Duve Anti-aging eye firming cream. As ever, sachets are always welcome as an added extra, so these will be great to try out at some point and shall join the legions of sample sachets that I have become the owner of! 

And, yes, a second lifestyle extra! This is the Kusmi Detox tea. It comes in a lovely tin, which I like, I like tins. The card says it 'rids your body of pent-up toxins, boosts your energy and lowers your stress levels' - If a tea can do that much then it's worth its weight in gold! I'll definitely give this a go, I like tea.
All in all, I love love love this box. I've not been disappointed by Birchbox, yet, and still not this month. I love the variety, some skincare, some bodycare, a highlighter and a nail product plus some nice extras too. I like that it's supporting a good cause and I just like everything about this box. And if you're all about the value, this box holds a good value as far as I can see, easily well over the price of the box itself. Good month, Birchbox!