Sunday, 30 June 2013

NOTD - Nail of the day - Color Club polishes from Birchbox

I was so pleased when I got two Color club nail polishes in June's Birchbox and I couldn't wait to try them out. I wanted to do something creative with them pretty quickly but I've had a run of icky headaches which has stopped me from doing as much as I'd like.

As such it's taken me a bit longer to do something arty and pretty, but here's what I did in the end.

The image may be best viewed in full, if you click on it it should enlarge. 
Please forgive the dry skin/cuticles around my thumb, I've no idea what's going on with it.

But I was really pleased with this! I alternated the two colours on each finger and then decorated the thumbs, I would normally have opted for one thumb and one ring finger for decorating but both of my ring finger nails are pretty short at the moment so I went for both thumbs. 

The bright apple green shade is called 'London Calling' and the bright pink/lilac colour is called 'Pardon my french' and they're both Birchbox exclusives.

On each thumb I did a nail stamp pattern in a pretty, summery flower pattern, in the opposite colour to the base. I then also found a fimo flower to go with the pattern colour as best as I could. The flowers weren't quite as easy to work with as they have been previously because they tried to curl up a little and lifted some of the polish that they sat on, but I think I managed to sort it ok - considering I've not done a lot of nail art for quite a while I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

MUA swatches - Theatrics merged trio and Cupcake and Candyfloss blushes

These are the new MUA bits I have from my lovely lovely blog swap with Fiona from 'The Beauty Fiend'. I was photographing them pretty quickly when I got everything out as I was hurrying and just too excited so I thought I'd do a proper post with some swatches for you all.

These are both from the new line of blushes by MUA and they're beautiful shades; the pale pink on the left is 'Candyfloss' and the peachey shade on the right is 'Cupcake'. All of the single, powder blushes are priced at £1 each.

In the same order (this time), these are the blushes swatched. 

I really like both of these colours, I'm loving my peach, orange and coral products at the moment and Cupcake is a lovely one to add to that collection, being a soft and subtle shade that I think is just gorgeous. Candyfloss is a lovely shade, too, it's a soft pink but with that hint of brightness too, I've not tried this one yet but I think that both of these will be gorgeous this summer. 

This is the merged, baked shadow trio in 'Theatrics' - Fiona got me this because she saw that I had the first three and thought this would complete my collection. I wasn't planning on buying this any time soon as I don't wear colours too often on my eyes but I'm so glad that she bought it for me as I really do love the shades. These merged trios are priced at £3.

I know that these aren't particularly opaque but they're gorgeous shades and I think they'd be quite buildable. The left shade is a dark green colour which has cream veins running through it and it transfers into a nice, smoky green when on the skin. The middle, purple, shade is a darker tone than I expected but it has a beautiful amount of shimmer to lift it a little. The shade on the right really surprised me the most, though, just looking to be a cream and gold mixture it transforms into a gorgeous dirty, antiquey gold colour on the skin; I am absolutely in love with it. 

This one shows you how the particles of glitter can catch in the light. 

As I said, before, these aren't the most dense colours but the formula is just lovely and I think these are going to be able to make some beautiful looks. Also, because these are baked shadows, they can be used wet in order to make the colours look more intense. This isn't something I've tried and not sure I'd want to as I like them as they are, but for someone looking for something more it might be a good idea to try out! 

Reading again!

I've always been a massive lover of books. And I mean always, I've enjoyed books ever since I could read and books have always been a huge part of life for me, one of the most important forms of entertainment.

As such, I've always read a lot. The past couple of years I've been involved in a '50 books in a year' group with some, lovely, friends and we all aim to read 50 books in the course of each given year. Normally I reach the 50 and keep going far beyond that but this year it's been so so weird. I started off the year well but since I've been blogging more and since The Fiance moved in I've ended up barely reading. It's felt really really wrong, but as much as I've tried to make myself get going again, it just kept not happening. Guess that goes to show how much of my time has gone in to this lovely blog of mine!

But anyway ... I'm reading again! I feel so happy about it, it feels 'right'. I've actually gone a bit nuts and read six books in less than a week, just to make up for everything. That's the other thing that does help, I read Freakishly fast. I don't have a Lot of time reading but in the time that I do manage it I read a Lot.

I don't think there's much more to the post than that, really, but my book collection and my beloved kindle are, finally, getting the attention they deserve. Hopefully there'll be some booky type posts coming up in the future!

What sort of books do you enjoy reading? Any recommendations?

Friday, 28 June 2013

Quick mention about Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin

As you may have seen, if you read my post a few weeks ago HERE, it seems uncertain as to what's happening in a few days, at the beginning of July. Google have said that Reader is going to be going but that doesn't necessarily mean that GFC will be going, as some have previously thought.

But, that's not to say that it won't go at some point. In all honesty I really hope that Google don't get rid of the feature - I like how it integrates with the blogger page so that I can see other people's posts whilst I'm logging in to see my own blog. Plus I have a nice number of followers now, and I really wouldn't want to lose any of you!

I do think, though, that it seems to be a good idea to keep things on Bloglonvin' as well updated as possible. As such I've just imported my GFC list into my Bloglovin account - It's a really easy thing to do, once you have a profile just pop into the options (the button at the top which is a heart), settings and then scroll down to 'Others' and 'Import Blogs' - That way everyone that you have on gfc who's on Bloglovin' too will automatically be in your Bloglovin' reader list!

If you want to make sure that you won't lose my blog then please do follow me, there's a button to do so just to the right of every page of the blog. I really do appreciate everyone who reads my blog, I love getting your comments and just knowing that people enjoy reading what I have to say.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Body Shop Sale haul - And the sale has been extended!

I posted, last week, saying that Body Shop had another of their fantastic sales which was 40% off and free p+p including items which were already in the sale!

Of course I had to pick a couple of bits up, seemed wrong not to!

Believe it or not I got all of this for a little over £10! The Rainforest Radiance set including two 60ml bottles of shampoo and two 60ml bottles of conditioner and a detangler comb cost me £2.20, the Born lippy balms (in toffee and in pink berry) were £1.80 each. I also picked up their eye shimmer powder in the shade copper for £1.20 and the Moroccan rose body butter was £3. They also threw in a free sample of the rainforest moisture hair butter. From what I've worked out these bits would have cost me over £30! 

Some other good news for those of you that haven't been able to order, yet, is that the sale has been extended until the 30th June so if you pop on the website and use the code EXTRA TREAT you can get 40% off and free delivery. 

Don't forget to enter my giveaway - Less than a week to go!

Not much to say here really, just want to give everyone a quick reminder that my giveaway is running until the 3rd of July and, so, will be ending in just under a week. There's a lovely little selection of goodies which someone will be lucky to win so, if you haven't yet, get entering!

It's easy enough to enter via rafflecopter - If anyone's not sure about how it works, how gfc works anything like that, then please comment or message me (some people I know haven't been sure so it's always a good idea to check)

You can find the link to the post at the right of every page on my blog.

Good luck everyone! 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My latest free samples; including 295ml bottles of Cetaphil!

This is my second post about free samples. It seems I Might have become a bit of a samples hoarder! Yes... I still have the best intentions of using them and reviewing them. Yes... it will happen. No... it's not happened yet!

But I've had some pretty amazing free samples recently, if you pop back to my last post (HERE) there's links for the sites that I use which link me to where free samples are available, plus there's always freebies from magazines too!

This is the main bulk of what I've picked up from the aforementioned places, a nice little bundle of free things to try out! Top left is three sachets of the new E45 daily lotion and next to that is a little bottle of Cussons 'Mum and Me' emollient bath wash. Below that is a mini tube of Colgate Interdental toothpaste and then below that itself is a sample of Escada 'Cherry in the air' and a sachet of Douwe Egberts Caramel coffee.

The last three things are the two sachets of 'Polar frost' which is meant to help with pain (so could be amazing for me if it works), three huge sachets of Loriel's Ever Riche shampoo and then another of the Garnier moisture match sets of samples (I think I've had a third of those through the post since then!)

I'm quite pleased with what I've managed to pick up for free, I'll get a good use out of most of them, it's nice coming across samples that are actually usable.

The massive shock for this month, though, was when I got a package which I wasn't expecting. Opened it up to find these two, massive, bottles of cetaphil.

These are 295ml bottles from their Restoraderm range, the 'Skin restoring' body wash and moisturiser. 
Honestly, at first, I thought I'd entered a competition or something but when I pulled the accompanying leaflet out it thanked me for having requested these samples... well if that's what you call samples! Just wow! 

These may actually be amazingly useful for me as part of the fibro can mean getting irritated, sore, itchy skin for no apparent reason. As and when that next happens I'll be using this stuff to see if it helps. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

NOTD - Nail of the Day - Nails Inc Sweets Way

My third, and final, Nails Inc sprinkles polish; this time in 'Sweets Way'. I didn't think this polish was overly exciting but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. As with the other polishes this looks bad on the first coat but the second you put a second coat on it looks great.

I really love this sheer white base with pink, blue and white specks of glitter in. These photos look better enlarged. 

There are points where it looks like the polish is too sheer but that's, mostly, just where it's the pink shiney glitter particles

Monday, 24 June 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #35

We had a lovely time, last weekend, at my nephew's birthday party. The Boy was, really, well behaved and he loved playing with all of his cousins.

When we got home he gobbled down some dinner so that he could eat the jelly and cake that we'd brought back with us. Whilst eating the jelly he came out with a right gem 'Mummy, there's jelly in my tummy, I just did a trump... Mummy, there's a baby in my tummy'

Oh yes, I just had to explain to a three-year-old that boys don't have babies in their tummy, only ladies...

I knew something was going to come of him realising that Katie on Cbeebies had a baby in her tummy, though I wasn't quite expecting that!

NOTD - Nail of the Day - Nails Inc 'Sugar House Lane'

Presenting the second of my lovely new Nails inc 'Sprinkles' collection, 'Sugar House Lane'

There's not much I can say about this that I didn't say in the 'Topping Lane' post but I absolutely love this colour combination - It's much more subtle and understated than its pink counterpart, but it still stands out and is really different. I think this is definitely a favourite polish (also note the bit of my jumper you can see in the background, it sort of matches!)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Collective MUA haul - With swatches

I realised, the other day, that I'd bought a couple of bits from MUA here and there but never enough to bother doing a proper haul post. I took a look at what I'd got and I think it's enough things to deserve its own little haul now!

Got two of the new powder blushes, a cream blush, a glitter polish and one of the regular polishes. I also have an eyebrow pencil but that's not in this photo for some reason, there'll be a photo below, though.

These two are really pretty shades. The normal polish is from the £1 range and it's in the shade 'Bright Coral' and I love it - My collection of coral polishes is pretty big seeing as it, not long ago, was non existent! But this is the darkest of the ones I have and I really do think it's stunning. The other polish is one of the Fairy dust glitter polishes in the shade 'Rose Dust'. I have the purple one of these and I really like the type of glitter so I think I'll enjoy this one too. The glitter polishes are £2.50 but at the time of writing this they're on offer for £2.

And these two, beautiful items, are from the new range of powder blushes. I'm really impressed with these, the formula is really nice, the pigmentation is great and the shades are just beautiful. Oh and don't forget they're an absolute steal at £1 each. On the left is the shade 'Bon bon' and on the right is the shade 'Lolly'. I do want to get more shades but, for now, these two are serving me very nicely.

Here's a swatch of them both. I managed to forget which order I photographed them in so these are the opposite way around with Lolly on the left and Bonbon on the right, Sorry!

But aren't they just soo pretty! 

I really like these cream blushes, again the formula is just lovely. I know that some cream blushes can be a bit too oily on the skin but these have a 'drier' feel to them and they go on so nicely. They're £2 each and are in gorgeous colours. This one is in the shade 'Dolly' it's quite an orangey shade, which doesn't seem to show in this photo but is more evident in the swatch below: 

I really do love this colour; it's a lovely balance between a more orangey tone but still having that, more natural, pink in it.

Lastly I've picked up one of the brow pencils. This is in the shade 'Brunette' and sells for £1. I am pretty lazy with my brows and tend to just set them with the MUA clear mascara but when I do fill them in I use the Pro-Brow kit which is great but, sometimes, just takes a bit longer than I want. Which is where this pencil product comes in. It's pretty simple and easy, pencil on one end, a little brush on the other. The brush is really handy and the pencil is really really soft and easy to apply; you do need to be quite light with it if you don't have super dark brows as it can be a little Too easy to apply, but it's not hard to get the hang of. 

Pretty much what you'd expect from a product like this, but it works nicely and is such a bargain at £1. So glad I, finally, got around to picking this up! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

MOA The Green Balm - A more detailed Review

To say that I love MOA: The Green Balm would be an understatement, I've never really used the phrase before, but this just has to be one of my 'holy grail' products.

It doesn't look like much from the tub, and when you open it it's a pretty basic balm with the slightest hint of green to it - Well, what is it? you might ask and, no, it isn't going to fly out of the tub and start cleaning the room (sorry, I know, I'd love that too).

But this product Can do so much. I've barely even begun to scratch the surface of what this oily little balm can achieve but I'm willing to give most of them a go at some point. The list of claims is pretty long, and you can see it HERE for rescue and HERE for beauty; but without rewriting out their lists, it ranges from health to beauty, from skin care (see here) to hair care and plenty more in between.

The product is also filled with so much! See HERE for information on ingredients that are included (and lots of things that Aren't in there too!)

So, why doesn't everyone already use this stuff? Honestly, I don't know! They should!

Enough raving, I'll tell you what it does for me.

Firstly there's the eczema, I get this weird type of eczema on my fingers which leaves tiny, itchy bumps and I also get really dry patches in the same areas. It's almost impossible not to scratch and the dry patches crack and get really sore. One application of MOA balm and it starts to improve. Two applications and it's on it's way out. Three.... and well you get the picture.

Another thing is my stupidly slow healing time. I believe that this may be fibro related, or it's just one of my 'special' little quirks, either way it drives me nuts. I heal-so-slowly it's untrue, it takes weeks upon weeks for cuts and scratches to heal and blemishes hang around for so so long. Also, once things do heal, I end up with red scarred patches for so long afterwards. But this little beauty of a product cuts that time in half, maybe even quarter or more, in some instances; my blemishes can be healed up and only left with a bit of dry skin, within a few days rather than a few weeks, and I also tend to scar a lot less if I've used this.

The uses above are the main ones for me, but my gosh does the MOA balm make such a difference in these two areas. I do use it for a few other things, too, unexplained dry patches, on my cuticles etc. And it helps quite nicely with these little, random things too.

I think something I'd like to do in the future is just run down their whole list and try everything out, even if just once. Mmm I think that will go on my list of things to do.

So, you can see why I have a tub of this in my travel bag, one on my bed side table and one amongst my beauty bits - I can not be without this stuff.

I was lucky enough to get two, teeny little 3ml tubs of the Green balm from MOA's facebook a couple of weeks ago when they did a first come first served giveaway. The 3ml one is the tiny one in my pics, the one that goes in my travel makeup bag. And I've decided that, as hard as it is to give away a product I love so much, the second 3ml size tub I got will go into my 100 follower giveaway which will be being launched a few weeks, to a month, after my 50 follower giveaway ends (see HERE) - So, one of my lucky readers will be able to try this stuff out. Even if eczema or slow healing don't plague you then check out the lists that I linked above, I bet you'll find Something you can do with it (even if you just try it out as a cleanser!) plus they're always on the look out for other uses, maybe try thinking out side of the box and let them know if you find another use for this little, miracle product.

Friday, 21 June 2013

NOTD - Nail of the Day - Nails Inc 'Topping Lane'

Told you it wouldn't be long before I was posting a nail of the day with these gorgeous polishes! I just Had to use 'Topping Lane' first as the pinky shade reminded me of what I had wanted the Barry M pink sequin polish to be like, the glitter is different, but it's not totally dissimilar. I love this polish. The glitter doesn't sit totally below the polish so you get some showing up as glitter and then some sitting below, like in a 'jelly sandwich' or in a speckle type polish.

Please forgive my horrid broken nail. My nails break So So easily, the day after I took this I lost two more on the other hand. I love my nails long but as soon as they reach this length they just start to go and absolutely nothing works to make them better (Links with fibro and also inherited)

But don't let that take away from how pretty this polish is.

As with all glitter polishes, they were a pain to remove, but I only needed two round cotton pads unlike a lot of other glitters where it tends to take 4 or 5!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #34

I knew this moment would come, it was bound to... made me giggle none the less.

This morning 'The Boy' got in trouble for emptying all of his clothes out of his drawers and flinging them around his room - Troublesome to say the least.

When I asked him why he had done it he told me that 'B b bear needed him to' because 'He wanted to sit on the pile'.

Oh yes, it was only a matter of time before he'd start blaming other 'people', or toys in this case, hehe.

Poor Baby bear, getting the blame for all of that mess!

The beloved bear that got the blame

My first ever blog swap! With Fiona at 'The Beauty Fiend'

I was really interested when I saw that Kat over at 'Tales of a Pale Face' was organising a blog swap - I've enjoyed reading/watching blog swaps and, so, was really excited at the idea of being involved in one myself.

After signing up I got an e-mail a few weeks later telling me that I'd been paired up with Fiona from 'The Beauty Fiend' and straight away we got chatting and reading each others blogs so that we could learn what each other liked.

I was really excited to send Fiona's package off, so much so that the focus wasn't on the fact that I was going to receive something myself! Sounds silly but it's so exciting to be buying things for someone else, and trying to imagine if they're going to like it, that what I was going to get back didn't seem to matter!

But... that all changed when my package arrived today! It was Full with absolutely Amazing products and I couldn't be happier with what Fiona sent me!

Fiona even made it more exciting by giving little clues as to what everything was going to be. Everything was wrapped up, beautifully, in tissue paper so opening everything was like xmas! 

Ok, firstly, sorry about the photo I thought it had come out ok but it's de-focused the top half, grr. 

I was, really, excited when I saw what this first package held. Last week I went to poundland in the hope that I could get this Exact NYC appleicious balm in the shade 'Apple Blueberry Pie' but my poundland didn't have it. How perfect, then, that Fiona chose to get it for me in the swap! The pencil is a really cool dark blue, too, it looks black mostly but in certain lights has a flash of blue in it - The shade name is 'moody blue'.

The second package contained MUA's merged, baked, shadow trio in 'Theatrics'. We'd talked about how we both like neutrals but also both want to branch out into more colours so this trio is perfect. I love the other two that I have and so I can't wait to get playing with this one! She also sent me the MUA polish in Frozen Yogurt. I already have this, in the old style bottle, so am more than happy to get a new one in the new style as they're so much easier to apply now! 

Going on the fact that I love coral and peachy products at the moment Fiona got me these three amazing lip products. At the back is a Revlon gloss in 'Kiss me Coral' which is absolutely Stunning, in the middle is a Miss Sporty gloss in 'Thrill' which looks really pretty and shimmery and, at the front, is Max Factor Colour Elixir pencil in the shade 'Subtle Coral' which is also really beautiful. I am just obsessed with lip products at the moment and not been wearing many lipsticks, it's been about the balms, pencils and glosses so these are perfect. 

This is another instance where we were really lucky. Fiona knew that I wanted to try the new MUA blushes so she got me two in 'Cupcake' and 'Candy Floss' - I actually already have two of the blushes but haven't blogged about them yet (they're going up in a few days in a post) but I got the shades 'Lolly' and 'Bonbon' so by pure luck Fiona managed to get two of the shades that I don't have yet! I really love these blushes so am really pleased to have these lovely two shades to add to my collection. I'll be doing a swatch post for the trio and these blushes later this week or next week. 

I was soo excited to open this up as I've been really wanting to get some real techniques eye brushes! This is the shading brush and I can't wait to do my make-up tomorrow (today as this was written yesterday) just so I can try the brush out. She also got me the Miss Sporty single shadow in 'Emotion' which is an absolutely beautiful shade. 

We both agreed on a few 'freebies' that we'd send, some bits we had that we weren't going to use that were either new or barely used, the sorts of things that would have ordinarily gone into a blog sale, but in this instance wouldn't come out of the budget. Fiona was rather naughty here as we had agreed  on the Elf baked shadow in 'plum' and the 'Nearly Naked' foundation in 'Ivory' but she also added in a brand new Models Own polish in the shade 'Aqua Violet' (which looks sooo pretty) and some funky nail files too! I can't believe how generous she's been and all of these items are just fantastic. 

Annnd. Lastly, being the lovely, thoughtful, person that she is, Fiona sent a lovely little present for The Boy! He loves opening presents so was very very excited! 

Yup, the post was so exciting he still had his backpack/reigns thing on.

She got him a lovely little colouring book with some crayons, and some melody lolly pops. I remember having the same lolly pops when I was little, tonnes of fun! Needless to say he had to have one Right Now!

And, after having a good go at the lolly he broke out the colouring crayons and did some colouring of Fireman sam!

I'm so so grateful for how fantastic Fiona has been as a blog swap partner. She obviously put a lot of thought into what to get for me, and she did amazingly well with the budget (though I keep wondering how she managed it!) that we set of £25 (not incl p+p). And the fact that she sent something for The Boy, too, is just the sweetest thing ever. Thank you, so much. Fiona! It's been absolutely lovely getting to know you and you've made this the best experience, ever. And, thanks again, Kat for setting it up in the first place.

If you want to see what I got for Fiona you'll have to pop on over to her blog which is linked towards the top of this crazily long post! I believe she's posting around the same time frame as me, so if it's not up yet it should be soon.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Latest in Beauty - Little Beauty Box - June 2013

A quick post about my Latest in Beauty 'Little beauty box' for the month of June. I actually got it at the end of May but due to not being able to get it until later in the month it seemed to fit better in June.

I got more of the Lavera intensive night cream even though I've got it before - I don't really know how because you can't normally get the same sample twice but seeing as it was the only thing available to me in that section I had to go for it - I don't mind, though, it means I can really get a good feel for the product when I get around to using it.

I also got two sachets of the 'Spa Fabulous' Organic Heavenly Glow exfoliator which should be nice to try out, even just the sachets look nice and luxury.

Lastly I got the 'Yes Nurse!' 'Protect your Lovely hands' cream which is a brand I've heard of but not come across myself before. It came in this lovely little envelope with a heart drawn on it and a little card with some info on - I thought that this was a lovely little touch for something like a sample.

I've got all of my samples sorted into three different old beauty boxes now, all in different categories, I Will start my series of 'using up samples' posts at some point... honestly. I'm becoming such a samples horder.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Poundland, Primark and The Entertainer haul

We went to town the other day because I've been seeing some Amazing posts about what people have been picking up in Poundland and I didn't want to miss out, unfortunately my local poundland is naughty and none of the really good stuff was anywhere to be found. We also had to get some bits from town, it's my eldest nephew's birthday and so I needed to pick him up some bits and just things like that.

I did, despite the disappointment at no super exciting stuff, pick up a few bits for The Boy and I, nothing massive, just a few nice little bargains. So here's what we got.

These are the things I got for the boy, spent a grand total of £5 for the three things, I'm sure you'll agree that's an utter bargain. 

The little red, diecast car was from poundland as was the Uki book. The Boy LOVES Uki from 'Show me Show me' on Cbeebies and, although we don't watch telly much anymore, he still shouted 'Mooki!' when he saw it. It's a bit young for him now as he knows his colours and numbers but it was £1 and it has Uki in it, why not? 

The car was a bit of a no brainer as he's obsessed with my Mum's little red car, he even recognises cars of the same model and colour and thinks that it must be Grandma. This little toy car isn't anything like my Mum's but as far as The Boy is concerned, it's just like it. He loves it and has played with it Loads since he got it and it's been to bed with him a few times too. 

Lastly comes the 'Moon Dough'. I went to The Entertainer toy shop to get something for my nephew and on the way out I saw a display of a Massive box of 20 sachets of Moon Dough for £6 and it seemed wrong to not go back in and have a look. There was no way we were going to get the huge box home as we were having to walk half the way, and the buggy was already heavy enough, but I couldn't say no to this 10 sachet box for £3. We've not played with it yet, but I am quite looking forward to it, it seems really interesting and it might help The Boy become more tactile as he's funny with different textures. 

And here's my mini haul. 

The two bits from poundland are in the middle. There's a peachy coloured 'Chit Chat' lip pencil. I've got a couple of their nail glitters and they're pretty average but I figured, for £1, why not? It's a nice shade and it's quite sheer so it only gives a light tint to the lips but that's what I'm going for most of the time at the moment so it's pretty good. 

I also picked up the tube of Neutrogena Visibly clear gel. I know it might not be the newest, but then the things we get from other places have likely been stored for a long time too. It was sealed just fine and seems ok to me. I've yet to try it out because I've just come to my one and only clear skin week of the month(!) but  I'll have plenty of time to use it soon I'm sure!
I picked up the Barry M angled eyeliner brush from Superdrug for £2.99 as I have been really wanting one but struggling to get hold of one for some, weird, reason. I have to say the gorgeous colour of this brush added to the appeal, but mostly it was a great bargain for exactly the type of brush I need. It's got a really fine end and it works nicely, I'll need to  use it more to really say, though. 

Lastly is my bargain sandals from Primark. I only have one pair of sandals, which I love but have this one bit that rubs my foot, so I thought I'd check out another pair and these were half price down to £3. I used to have spikes everywhere, back in my black clothes, black makeup and black... everything phase, but now that they're in fashion I haven't had any. These seem fine though, I tried them on and they feel quite comfy, I don't plan on walking miles in them but I'm not up for walking miles in any footwear so I think that'll be fine! Now we just need the nice weather to return so I can bumble about on a walk around the block in them (Yup, it's an exciting life!)

Body shop are at it again -Massive sales and 40% off

The Body Shop sale has been on for a bit and there's been some nice reductions in there. But it seems they didn't think that was enough... oh no.

Now it's an Extra 40% off and free delivery over £5! And that is including extra money off sale items!

I just ordered a hair care set, two born lippie balms, a rose body butter and a shimmer eye shadow and I can't even imagine how much I saved! I spent £10.20 and the butter alone is normally £13! Some pretty massive savings to be had, lovely friends.

The code for the extra 40% off and free p+p is EXTRATREAT

Monday, 17 June 2013

Nails Inc Sprinkles collection - Sugar house lane, Sweets Way, Topping Lane

I have an ever growing love for Nails Inc polishes and, thankfully, they keep making themselves available to me at super bargain prices, or in beauty boxes - I am very very grateful for this!

This is about one of the opportunities where they appeared as an unmissable offer - I, basically, got three of the Nails Inc Sprinkles effect polishes and only spend £4 of my money on them... Mhmm, I kid you not.

How did I do this? Well, firstly, my mum got a leaflet through the door from QVC to say that she hadn't shopped with them for a while so, if she spent £30 she could have £10 off. Secondly, it was my Mum's birthday last week and I needed to get her something anyway, so adding these two together and the picture is becoming clear.

My mum found a set of stamps she liked for £11 with £2 p+p and I found the Nails inc polishes for a little over £19. Added up the order was just under £33, of course with the money off it was £22. I was going to spend the £13 on my mum anyway, so now we're down to £9... I had £5.60 payable from my topcashback account so I credited that to my account and tadaaaa three Nails inc polishes for £4!

Ok that was a complicated explanation but that was too good a bargain to not let you know how it worked!

After all of that, here are the polishes! Aren't they something special! They're reminiscent of the Ilamasqua speckle polishes, the Maybelline polka dot polishes and what I hoped the Barry M sequin polishes were going to be before I discovered the sandy texture stuff was included. 

I love the shades, they're so pretty and they really do look like they could be sprinkles on cupcakes! 

I think that £19 (ish) would have been a great price for these, considering the price of a single Nails inc polish, but for my bargain it was one of those 'It'd be stupid not to' moments. I doubt I'll ever get a chance to get four Nails inc polishes for £4 ever again and I'd have kicked myself if I hadn't. 

Needless to say, eyes peeled for nail of the day posts featuring these in the near future! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

MUA - FashionistA - Customizable palettes - Blush and eye shadow with swatches

You might have had an inkling that I was interested in what would come with the MUA take over of FashionistA so it should come as no surprise that I have some lovely products to show you already!

I was going to wait to pick up some of the customizable palettes, but the offer that is available at the moment was just Too good to ignore. You can fill a four piece palette with shadows, bronzers or blushes (or a combination of all) for just under £7 and you can fill a six piece for just under £10. This is an amazing offer when you consider that that includes the, very nice quality, palettes and a really decent amount of product in each pan.

So, without any further ado...

I picked up a four palette and a six - The four is filled with three blushes and a bronzer and the six is for shadows. I don't, really, know why I chose the red rather than the black, I just think it looks nice and stands out really nicely. I definitely won't be loosing either of them amongst my collection. The palettes feel really sturdy and well made and they have a nice, big mirror in the lid, the same size as the lid - Would be perfect to use for travel - I think I'd click all of mine out and do a two shadow, one bronzer and one blush in the four palette if I wanted to use it for travel (That was all I was going to get at all to begin with, but you know how these things happen...)

So, here are my shadow shades. Shocker, I went for neutrals, but I also added in a pretty deep red/brown to change things up a little. I've got two merged baked shadows, the top left and bottom left, and then the other four are normal single shade shadows.

I'm including this photo as the change of angle helps you see the two far right shades in a better light, so pretty aren't they. 

The shade names are 'Bella' which is the baked with white and gold, 'Nude Glimmer' which is just a nice shimmery nude, 'Subtle Glamour' which is a lovely shimmery taupe/mushroom, 'Gold Rush' which is a medium brown baked, merged, shadow with veins of gold in it (It didn't show up too well in the photo but it's gorgeous), 'Foxy' which is a medium/dark brown with gold shimmer and 'Sultry' which is the deep red/brown.

And here's my bronzer/blush palette. I tried to get the palest, matte bronzer I could, and then a range of shades of blush, the bottom left being one of the merged, baked ones. 

Top left is the bronzer in 'Paris' which is a pale, matte shade. The top right shade, the paler pink which is matte with only a tiny hint of glitter to it (it swatches darker than it looks) is called 'Blush'. Bottom left is 'London' a merged, baked peachy pink shade with pink veins in it (it's more peachy than shows in the photo) and bottom left is 'Amber Glow', a shimmery deep peachy, pinky coral shade. 

Here are the swatches which are all in the same order as in the palettes. 

Taken from a couple of angles to see the colours at their best. 
They're so pigmented, really really pigmented - I was hoping for good things but they were far better than I had expected. The formula is so creamy and smooth and the density of colour is astounding - Very very impressed. 

The bronzer is a little orangey toned but with a light hand I was able to use it as a contouring shade. The top right shade is a little more red toned than I'd expected but I do still like it, it's mostly matte with a hint of glitter. My favourite is the bottom left, peachy shade which is really shimmery and wears really well. I think the bottom right shade is going to need a very light hand but could be beautiful if worn properly. 

The blushes are really nicely pigmented, too, and will definitely be buildable as well. Again, as with the shadows, very impressed. 

I love the fact that the palettes have circular cutouts in the bottom which makes it easier to take the pans in and out but it also means that you can see the shade name with absolute ease. 

Very very impressed by these and so pleased that they're going to be so readily available through the MUA site from now on!