The main point of the post is to let you know that there’s a 50% off Models Own sale going on! You can find the code on their facebook page HERE – You need to spend £25 before the code works and there’s other t+c’s which you can find on the FB page too – It’s on until the 4th Feb though I imagine that things are selling out (especially the New Hypergel’s which they’ve added as a little pre-release for the sale)

You’ll probably hear a lot about how much of a nightmare it was to try and make orders in the first few hours of the sale, and it was. But the team Did sort things out and we did get our orders done so no complaining from me!

Due to there being so many people online that the site crashed, to begin with, I thought that it would take a good few days for my order to arrive – How wrong was I! My order went through shortly before 11am on the Wednesday and my order was here on Thursday morning!!! Less than 24hrs after I ordered, during a massive sale – Well done Models Own, well done indeed!

It was insanely grey when my polishes arrived so I didn’t do anything productive (like a colour wheel) with them, but here’s a couple of, slightly too dark, photos to show you what I got!

Was impressed with how nicely packaged they were.

So so pretty.

And some funky tissue paper too.

Not all of the shades are showing up perfectly (especially Utopia) but here’s what I got – From L-R ‘Purple Blue’ and ‘Pinky Brown’ from the Beetlejuice collection, ‘Champagne’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘Red Lustre’ and ‘Cornflower Gleam’ from the Hypergel collection. 

And a Models Own pyramid, why not?! 

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 Straight after ordering this mascara I posted on twitter that I’d ordered it but didn’t know why as I didn’t, really want ‘manga lashes’. Why did I order it? I’m not sure, I knew there was going to be hype over it and I wanted to know why, plus when I get intrigued about something I’m not good at letting it go.

The metallic pink packaging, along-side the black, is rather cute looking but not too easy to photograph, what with the reflective nature of it. You can probably see that the pink part of my packaging is a bit scratched but that’s because it came in two layers of protective plastic, the inner of which was perforated but the outer wasn’t – Took me quite a long time to get in to it I’ll admit!

I do quite like thick, chunky packaging on mascara, though, and this one is rather catchy – You won’t miss this in your collection.

The brush is tapered and the bristles aren’t too dense – You can see part way down the wand that there’s a thinner part, that’s where it flexes. It does flex quite a lot but I really like it, it seems to work really well with the application. What I really like about it is that the formula isn’t too wet – It does similar things to my lashes as Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ but without it being overly wet (which is one of the things I’m really not sure about with They’re real)

I normally got for more natural lashes but this mascara has made me like fuller, bigger lashes, a lot. I think I’ll still opt for natural more often than not but this is, without a doubt my ‘go to’ for when I want some bigger impact.

Ok, ok, so here’s to the before and after photos!

My natural lashes, not curled. They’re naturally quite long, dark and curly which is why I often go for more natural mascaras.
And natural lashed with my eyes closed – Why? Not sure, just because it is another good indicator of how my natural lashes look, I guess. (Look at all that shadow fall out, never notice it normally!)

Two pics because I couldn’t decide upon which one I preferred – I think they both show quite how cool this mascara is, though! My natural lashes are good but just Look at what the mascara does!

There’s no mascara on my lower lashes, anything you can see has transferred from the upper ones.

So, yes, I’ll let you make up your own mind – But me? I love it.

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Ethan’s been on the verge of needing new shoes for a while, now, and the weekend just gone we finally managed to go and get him measured up to get some. In the week leading up to it, though, I told him that we were going to get some and his first response was ‘I want pink ones, like Amber!’

Ethan loves pink, he always had, given a choice between a new green beaker and a new pink one it’d always be pink and I’ve always given him that choice. I love that he’s at the age, right now, where that messed up stererotype that ‘pink is for girls’ hasn’t touched him yet.

My first thought was ‘yay’, I’ve always loved the pink shoes in Clarks, but soon after that came my second thought ‘but, of course, I can’t’. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. I’ve always encouraged Ethan to play with toys which many consider ‘girly’ as well as his typical ‘boy’ toys too, I’ve always let him pick the pink option rather than a stereotypically ‘boys’ colour. But the moment he wears pink shoes he’s going to get comments from other kids – ‘Why are you wearing pink shoes?!’ ‘Why’s Ethan got pink shoes?’ and comments from strangers (we already get them about his hair, and he doesn’t understand). 
Does it matter what other kids think? Does it matter what strangers think? Of course not, but Ethan’s getting to the age where he’s going to care about those comments (he already gets some nasty remarks from the kids at nursery because he’s still in nappies and because he has a pink drinks bottle). 

I just Wish that it wasn’t like that – If kids weren’t brought up to think ‘pink is for girls’ and ‘blue is for boys’, if buggys weren’t a ‘girls toy’ and cars a ‘boys toy’ then there really wouldn’t be this problem. I will Never tell Ethan that he can’t like a colour or that a colour is for a girl not a boy, but other people Will! And I have to protect him from that even though I don’t want to, I want to let him dress top to toe in pink if that’s what he wants!

I do know that there are an increasing number of people who are feeling the same way as me, thankfully, but I know that the majority are stuck with the way they were brought up. Fingers crossed things change, in a more widespread way, we’ll see.

As it happens, we compromised. Pink shoes wouldn’t really have gone with his transformers tees anyway so we got him some sensible coloured daytime shoes and then got him some pink wellies and some pink slippers instead. He didn’t need wellies or slippers but I want my boy to have his pink! He love love loves them, as you can see from the pic above.

I just wish he wouldn’t grow out of this, but you know as well as I do that once he starts hearing the other kids say ‘pink is for girls’ he’ll start spouting it himself – I’ll always tell him that pink is for whoever likes pink, but school yard peers matter much more as they grow up and Mummy saying pink is ok won’t mean a thing if the little’uns in the playground tell him otherwise. Well I’ll cherish him as he is, and even when everything has to be ‘boy colours’ I’ll carry on cherishing him (and who knows, when he grows up and realises other people’s opinions don’t care, maybe he’ll get some pink wellies again!)

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I’ve been wanting to do some on lip swatches of the Revlon colourburst matte and lacquer balm pencils since I got them but I’ve had to wait until my lips weren’t horrendous, or the light was ok or any variety of factors that kept being less than favourable. But, finally, here they are – They aren’t quite perfect but with the weather as grey and icky as it is, this is probably the best I’ll get in a long time.
You can see my initial photos HERE, these include swatches on the back of my hand and photos of the product packaging. 
These are my lips with no product, as a point of reference – Though they have a tendency to show darker at different times, they were a little darker looking today which helped with the look of  ‘Coy’.
Here’s the first product on the lips:
This one is the matte balm in ‘Sultry’ – As you can see, really rather beautiful. I’m really rather glad that they sent it accidentally! 

This one doesn’t sit quite as nicely on my lips but I still really like it; I was hoping for a slightly more pigmented, matte version of ‘Honey’ and I am quite pleased with how well this matte balm in ‘Elusive’ works in that respect.
On to the first of the lacquer balms, this is ‘Coy’ – As  you could see in the previous post, the packaging makes it look a bit brown. It is still a little brown on the lips, but the pigmentation of the lips helps it become of a more mauve shade – I like it a good deal.

 Lastly we have the lacquer balm in ‘Demure’ – It’s looking a little too pale in this photo as the shimmer reflects back a little. This shade is a very very sheer pale pink with a large amount of shimmer. It’s nice, though, very easy to wear.

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Just a couple of quick things, really. I thought about doing these separately but, considering the Garnier things aren’t on offer any more, it seemed a bit daft to give it its whole post.

My best mate works for Tesco and, after Christmas, there was a few items that went down to bargain prices (it’s a tiny tesco so it’s not often that they have this sort of item) – Some of the things included these two Garnier  sets – I think he said that one of them was, previously £18 and the other £15 but they went down to £2.50 and £3.50! He quickly put one of each aside for me and once he’d checked that I wanted them he bought them with his staff discount so we’re looking at £5.40 for four, full sized Garnier items! Yup, very pleased with this bargain! It’s not on any more but always worth keeping an eye out at supermarkets (and befriending people who work there, haha!) 

Another plus side of him working in Tesco, sometimes the wrong thing gets sent in and this gift bag was one of them, he saw it and instantly thought about getting it for me – And Chris being Chris, having a bag meant that he needed to get things to put in it… hence the early Birthday present. 

He asked me to give him a little wishlist from Boots that he could pick a few bits from but he, of course, bought everything! (Chris has been an incredibly generous friend for the entirety of our friendship) – He also picked up a few other bits and bobs that he knew I’d like (and was very quick to let me know that they were bargains too!)

So, beauty wise, I’ve got the Seventeen ‘Gel Colour’ polish in ‘Black Cat’ (It looked grey on the Boots site but I quite need a good black polish so it works out nicely), Seventeen’s ‘Mirror Shine Lipstick’ in ‘Roasted Red’, Essie’s ‘Eternal Optimist’ and two Barry M items the matte polish in ‘Nude Vanilla’ and one of the nail art pens in black.

The extras he got me are some Guylain chocs (he knows these are a favourite) and a posh chocolate penguin – Lastly there’s an uber awesome Dr Who note pad which caters to my love of Dr Who And of note pads!!

It’s over a month before my birthday but I’ve already been rather spoiled – Lucky girl; I have a really rather awesome best friend, I think you’ll agree.

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