Asos sale haul – Dress and Jewellery bargains

As I mentioned, in one of my Christmas posts, my Nan made the unusual decision to buy my earrings for the first time this Christmas. The decision is unusual because I don’t have my ears pierced. In all honesty I don’t know why she forgot this, she’s never bought my earrings before, but I guess these things happen! And, as it happens she quite likes them so she’s kept them herself and she told me I could find myself something, of the same value, to replace it.

So I popped on to the asos site to look for some jewellery and I found some real bargains! I also had a quick look in the dress section and found a rather lovely bargain in there too – Oh asos and bargains, such a good mix! 
This Tokyo Jane bracelet cost me £8 down from £16 – This isn’t the one that’s on the actual site, but I can’t find this one on there so I’m a little puzzled – I’ve emailed Asos to ask, though. I actually like this so happy to keep it, would just quite like to be able to order the one I originally ordered too! (edit – The Asos customer services team have sorted this for me and I’m getting the one I, originally, tried to order so I’ll have two of these beauties! Keep an eye on my Instagram to see the other design when that arrives)

I want to get some bigger, more statement necklaces but when I saw this delicate little one I just couldn’t help myself – It’s so so pretty. This is called the Charlotte necklace and it’s by Designsix – I got it for £5 when it was, originally, £18 – Mega bargain! 

Lastly I picked up this cute little floral charm necklace. It’s hard to photograph but it’s actually a really dark green colour, but shows as black in most lights – I love the straight faceted edges going across each petal as when the light lands on it it makes it look like different colours rather than just all one colour as it actually is. By Pieces this was, originally £9 but I got it for £2.50.

So, I spent £15.50 of the allocate £16 that my Nan gave me to replace the earrings – And for that I actually got jewellery worth – £43!!! Such a mega bargain! I’m actually going to put this post live earlier so that you guys have a chance at picking up some of these bargains if you like the look of them as, at least, one of them is showing low in stock. 

This is the jumper dress that I bought with some of my Christmas money – I have wanted a jumper dress for a while and I love the cable knit sleeves of this one. Hopefully it’ll be a slightly warmer alternative for the really chilly days – Add in a pair of thick tights and there’s a decent chance of not totally freezing in this outfit!
I like the shades of grey in this, too, but it’s also available in other colours if you like it, it’s made by Vila. I ordered it in a S-10 and due to the fact that it’s a bodycon fit, it’s very fitted around the waist, so I’m hoping to reduce some bloating before I wear it next week! All in all, I love this dress and it was, yet another, bargain at £15 down from £22.


    • admin January 1, 2014 / 3:26 pm

      The bodycon style is a concern as it's a little tight, lol, but I do love it. I'm going to be dressing it up for a dinner next week and I think it'll be really good to dress up with the right jewellery and shoes 😀 xx

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