Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – January 2014

Birchbox time, again, yay! I’ve been looking forward to this box after hearing whispers of some rather nice brands that are included in this months box and the whispers weren’t wrong, some fab brands this month!

If you enjoy the box as much as I have then you can subscribe HERE – If you subscribe with my link then both you and I will be credited with 50 points in the birchbox shop which is the equivalent of £5 to spend.

But let’s get going on the box, you must be itching to know what was inside, I always am.

Really loving the dusky pink and lemon colours in this months box – The yellow is so refreshing and paired with the pink it  makes me think of pink lemonade. 
I really like the theme for this month, too, the idea that we should be making ‘little tweaks’ rather than big resolutions as we’re much more likely to manage to follow through with little tweaks than we are those big resolutions that tend to be completely outlandish! 
The selection of samples in this months box – Some amazing brands, seriously? Benefit, Philip Kingsley, Rodial! Plus Lavera and Premae; I’ve only had sachet samples of Lavera before and Premae are a brand I’ve not been lucky enough to try before. Some people aren’t a fan of food based samples but I’m quite excited to try the Miso soup too – Nice nice box; let’s have a closer look at what everything is! 

January’s lifestyle extra is Itsu’s Miso Soup – When we’re talking NY Resolutions weight loss is a big one and, so, these little 42 calorie sachets could be great for those who want to be able to make a soup that’s supposed to be tasty, light and healthy plus they claim it’s ‘full of antioxidants and amino acids’ – Not bad for a little sachet! These cost £2.25 for three sachets, I’m really looking forward to giving it a go.

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has a real cult following among beauty junkies so to get another product from the range, in the form of the Moisture Balancing Conditioner, is just great. It claims to give moisture but not weigh down the hair as many products end up doing – This tube holds 20ml of product, a full size is a massive 250ml and costs £18.

Another great brand we have Rodial up next – This Stemcell Super-food Day cream is rather intriguing and a very interesting addition to the box as it offers ‘a boost of hydration for a healthy, radiant, youthful complexion’ which is a pretty impressive claim. This is a nice sized 5ml tube, the full size is 50ml and costs a rather pricey £42.
As I said above I’ve only used Lavera from sachets before and, in the past, it’s always been facial skincare so I am pleased to get this tube of Basis Sensitive Hand Cream, it’ll be nice to try something different from their range. This cream has organic almond and shea butter in it which are both very enticing products for a hand cream so I look forward to seeing how good it is. This tube is 20ml and the full size is 75ml which costs only £4.45. 

Ok, hard to deny the excitement of getting Benefit in a box, who doesn’t like a good dose of Benefit in their lives? I’ve had samples of POREfessional before but I can never make my mind up about it so am more than have another to try out – I definitely like it but I can’t decide How much haha! The box contains a tube with 7.5ml of product in, a full sized POREfessional is 22ml and costs £24.50.

The last sample for this month is the Premae ‘Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil’ – I’m a fan of a good body oil and I really like that this little bottle comes as a spray which makes it easier to not over dispense the product. I’ve not got my full sniffing facilities at the moment but despite that I can still catch a nice whiff of that natural scent that you get from this type of product. I’m very much looking forward to trying this. The spray holds 20ml whereas a full size is 100ml and costs £9.50.

As a nice feature for the month the Birchbox UK team have included this lovely little book of ‘Tiny Tweaks’, ideas of little changes you can make in your life to improve things – I really really like this and will flip through a little more later.

All in all it’s another good box from my point of view – There’s healthy food, haircare, facial skincare, cosmetics, body care and hand cream… It covers a multitude of areas, all of which are the types of things you might want to improve during the New Year. I also like the variety of brands and the size of the samples, they’ll all give a good use and there’s also a mix of higher end and more affordable – Nice.

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