Early Birthday Presents (incl Essie, Seventeen and Barrry M) and some amazing Garnier bargains

Just a couple of quick things, really. I thought about doing these separately but, considering the Garnier things aren’t on offer any more, it seemed a bit daft to give it its whole post.

My best mate works for Tesco and, after Christmas, there was a few items that went down to bargain prices (it’s a tiny tesco so it’s not often that they have this sort of item) – Some of the things included these two Garnier  sets – I think he said that one of them was, previously £18 and the other £15 but they went down to £2.50 and £3.50! He quickly put one of each aside for me and once he’d checked that I wanted them he bought them with his staff discount so we’re looking at £5.40 for four, full sized Garnier items! Yup, very pleased with this bargain! It’s not on any more but always worth keeping an eye out at supermarkets (and befriending people who work there, haha!) 

Another plus side of him working in Tesco, sometimes the wrong thing gets sent in and this gift bag was one of them, he saw it and instantly thought about getting it for me – And Chris being Chris, having a bag meant that he needed to get things to put in it… hence the early Birthday present. 

He asked me to give him a little wishlist from Boots that he could pick a few bits from but he, of course, bought everything! (Chris has been an incredibly generous friend for the entirety of our friendship) – He also picked up a few other bits and bobs that he knew I’d like (and was very quick to let me know that they were bargains too!)

So, beauty wise, I’ve got the Seventeen ‘Gel Colour’ polish in ‘Black Cat’ (It looked grey on the Boots site but I quite need a good black polish so it works out nicely), Seventeen’s ‘Mirror Shine Lipstick’ in ‘Roasted Red’, Essie’s ‘Eternal Optimist’ and two Barry M items the matte polish in ‘Nude Vanilla’ and one of the nail art pens in black.

The extras he got me are some Guylain chocs (he knows these are a favourite) and a posh chocolate penguin – Lastly there’s an uber awesome Dr Who note pad which caters to my love of Dr Who And of note pads!!

It’s over a month before my birthday but I’ve already been rather spoiled – Lucky girl; I have a really rather awesome best friend, I think you’ll agree.

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  1. Kim Carberry January 29, 2014 / 12:25 pm

    Ohh lucky lady! Some lovely items there x

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