Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Moments that mattered

This year is going to be a big one for us, getting married tends to be quite a big event for most people! But I love looking back at what was important about any one year - Last year was, for the most part, made up of lots of little moments. Other than the one big one everything is just tiny moments that make me smile, that helped make the year a beautiful one.

In terms of Azii and I, as a couple, the big one was him moving here, going from a long distance relationship where we had to scrape together as many hours together as possible in a month, to living together and being able to see each other more than every day - A pretty massive step, to say the least. It all kinda went really smoothly, though, as massive as it was it didn't feel massive, it just felt kinda normal (in a really nice way). The best photo to illustrate this is:

Yup, for geeks like us, merging the technology collection is a pretty big deal. (I do miss our desk being as tidy as this!)

I think it goes without saying that my blog was a massive part of 2013, for me, I can't believe how far I've come from struggling to blog at all to blogging almost daily - I absolutely love doing it and can't wait to see what 2014 brings.

And, now, on to what's going to be the bulk of the post - What would 2013 have been without my darling boy? He turned three, he started nursery and he had so much fun! (My only regret about last year is that we didn't get to see Skye as much as I'd have liked but that will be fixed this year)

On to the photos!

We don't see my Dad's side of the family enough but seeing Ethan with some of his cousins is one of my favourite things - My sister made a fantastic pinata for Tyler's birthday party! (It was angry birds)

We had lots of lovely fun play outside with his new sand pit - He's not been to the beach yet (I feel very bad about this) but he was happy to stick with this for now. 

He made a rather handsome fireman when we visited a local village fate - He also went on his first fairground rides.

He washed his first ever car! Ok so it might be a while before he upgrades to anything bigger but he did a Very good job! 

Baking apple crumble with Grandad is something Ethan loved all throughout the year - As evidenced by how much flour he is wearing in this one! 

And in this one we took him to his first Mop Fair in Tewkesbury. Up until a number of years ago I used to go every year, with family or friends as I got older. It's one of those things that everyone does in Tewkesbury and even though I didn't live there a lot of my family did so I took part in the tradition. So my Mum, Azii and I wrapped up, bundled Ethan into the car and met my Grandparents and Uncle and we all enjoyed the fair together - Ethan went on rides (my Mum and Uncle did, too, though my Uncle didn't enjoy it, oops), plus he won a couple of cuddly toys and his first ever fair fish who, thank goodness, is still doing well.

I may have skipped over him going to nursery, a bit, but I get a bit choked up about the fact he'll be starting school this year so I've focused on other things, heh!

It, really, was a beautiful year and I couldn't have been blessed with better people to share it with - Not everyone who's been a part of our lives this year has been mentioned but you can be sure that you helped to make it what it was too.

And here's to 2014 ... Plenty more little, happy moments plus our 'Big day' (Oh and Ethan starts school but shh I don't think about that because I might cry!)

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