My first Lush haul – Christmas sale goodies – January 2014

I can’t believe this is my first ever Lush haul! I have had items from Lush before, but most of them were many years back when people have bought me bath bombs for Christmas but I wasn’t much in to things like that, then, and I did enjoy them but not as I would now. I did, as well, buy the Lush lip scrub a number of months back but that was hardly a haul! 

I want to get in to Lush but I know that it can become an addiction for some and I’m not sure I can afford that – I did cave and buy some lovely things in the 50% sale on boxing day because it was Such a bargain and I can’t ignore a bargain! So here’s my first, real, foray in to Lush. 

All snug in the box with lots of polystyrene peanuts – I got a few individual items and, then, a gift box as it contained lots of the things I wanted plus a few things I hadn’t thought to get but liked the idea of.

I got one of the Melting Snowman bath melts for £1.12, his nose broke off which is quite sad, a melting snowman with a broken nose, can I get an ‘awww’? Secondly I picked up a 100ml bottle of the Flying fox shower gel for £2.47 which smells amazing, I used the tiniest bit and my whole bathroom smelled good for ages. Lastly, for the single bits, I picked up one of the Christmas Penguin bubble bars for £1.47 – Again with the cute, I’m going to find it hard to use both this and the snowman because they just look far too cute.

The  gift box that I opted for was the Candy box as it contained a number of the things I had planned on getting, plus a couple of extras. I got it for £9.98 which is a bargain considering one of the items, alone, is worth £5.50. Whilst the sale was going on a few boxes came up that contained a few of the things I wanted but I was biding my time and was lucky that it worked – It was very stressful hoping for everything you wanted to become available at once as things appeared and disappeared during the crazy! 

First up is the Snowman bath bomb – I hadn’t expected him in the box as he’s not listed on the Lush online listing but it was on the label of my box so, yeah, a rather nice surprise!

I’ve heard So much about Snow Fairy that I just Had to try some out! I was tempted to by a bigger, single bottle but if it had turned out I didn’t like it I would have been quite disappointed. So when I saw it in this box it seemed like the perfect idea – Can’t wait to try this out as I really think I’m going to be a fan. 

Candy Mountain is something else that I had been hoping to get hold  of as the description of ‘sweet shop fragrance’ is always going to capture my attention not to mention that it looks so fun and that sheen of glitter is really rather pretty – I’m looking forward to trying out my bubble bars, I rarely have bubble baths as, without a shower, our bath is normally practical rather than pleasure but I think I’m going to have to change that! (May also be trying to cut these in half so they last longer, cheapskate through and through haha)

The last of the things that I had been hoping to get was the Rock Star soap – I’ve not tried one of their soaps and that promise of candy store scents was doing its job again. I love the star shape and the lovely colour, very much looking forward to trying this. 

This was the item that I’d not been planning on getting but I was very happy to get as part of the set – I already love the bubblegum lip scrub so I was quite sure I’d like this, and I was right. I know not everyone loves this and I can see why, if you’re not a fan of the whole sweet and salty combo then this might not be for you but for me it’s a real love. This is the item that costs £5.50 so as an addition to this box it’s an absolute bargain, very happy to have it now. 


    • admin January 11, 2014 / 4:20 pm

      Cat, that's more than just a bit lucky! Hehe! xx

  1. Sharon Taylor January 11, 2014 / 4:19 pm

    Fantastic haul, I love LUSH sales, I haven't bothered this year as I'm so overwhelmed with toiletries right now! I do have a Snow Fairy already to use for next Christmas in stock, not usually my thing, especially the pink but I love it.

    Haven't tried the popcorn scrub but like you I love Bubblegum – the Christmas one was great also!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    • admin January 11, 2014 / 4:23 pm

      See I have more than enough body care but Lush… I just had to try it for that price! I'm just worried of the potential, resulting obsession hehe

      I still haven't tried the snow fairy, had quite the day today so I think I might use it tonight to cheer me up heh

      Mm I really like it – I don't think everyone will what with the sweet and salty together but I love the two together. Ooh I didn't try that, was tempted in the sale but there's only so much scrub a girl can use hehe xx

  2. lisa prince January 12, 2014 / 6:52 pm

    such a gorgeous selection and fabulous post x thankyou for sharing x

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