Sunday, 26 January 2014

New phone case from Mr Nutcase* - Dressing up my new Galaxy S4 with a personalised case

When I first took up the opportunity to review a personalised phone case* from the, amusingly named, 'Mr Nutcase' it was a shame to see that they didn't do a case for the phone I had at the time (HTC One S). Of course it wasn't long before I took my plans, to upgrade, ahead and the Samsung Galaxy S4 became mine, and that phone Was one that they did cases for! (There are plenty of cases that they do make for, just check the site if you want to see if yours is one of them) 

My case arrived Really quickly (which is good, I hate leaving a new phone without a case, it feels Very very wrong!) They also send a free screen protector if you like their Facebook page, too, which was also quite handy! 

As you can probably tell I didn't go for the obvious photo cover, or photo collage - I love photos of my boy (what other photos would I use?), and I have them on most of the menu screens on my phone, but I quite wanted something pretty, in a way that was unique to me. Soo I got on to my scrapbook making software (I use Craft Artist) and I made this. 

I picked a pale, dusky pink colour because it's the colour I'm loving at the moment (As shown in my wedding colours!) and I decided I wanted the rest of the design to represent me a bit too which is why I went for the Dickens quote - I'm no Dickens buff but I am a massively booky person so having a literary quote on there (and a classic at that) was a bit special, not to mention that it's such a nice, happy phrase (When taken out of context!) - The flower made of book pages is a bit obvious when you know I was going for booky, I love love love flowers made of book pages and will, hopefully, be having some included in my wedding so that was an obvious one too. 

Lastly is the birdcage - I know they've been quite a popular symbol for a really long time, now, but I never really got on board with that, in fact most symbols and designs passed me by until more recently. But, when I decided to go for the bird on my blog header, I began to enjoy more avian things, including bird cages (which also feature on my business cards). So, the bird cage, a well as being pretty, is a little nod to my blog.

As you can see from the photos, the quality of printing is good, everything looks really nice and, although I have no actual photos, the book page flower is a photographed embellishment so you can get an idea of what something like that would look. The case is made of a really thin, but solid, plastic - I've not chucked my phone around so can't say how it holds up to damage but I can imagine it's relatively resilient but that's always going to depend upon the level of damage done to the phone! The fact that the plastic is nice and thin, though, means it's so lightweight and doesn't make the phone feel at all cumbersome as some heavier, less well fitted cases can do.

For £14.95 you're not getting the cheapest case in the world, but you are getting a case that's totally and utterly personal to you and I do think that's well worth paying a bit extra for. The free p+p is a nice touch and the speed of service definitely works in their favour. As well a being a great way to treat yourself these would make the nicest gifts (as long as you know what model of phone someone has, that could be tricky if not!) that someone could really treasure.

Over all, very impressed 'Mr Nutcase'.  

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*I said it in the body of the text, but to be extra sure - This item was sent to me for the purpose of review 


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