Our Bargain Photo Book from Snapfish

I don’t think this deal is on any more But I’m still going to share this because Snapfish are one of those companies which are really good to watch as they do offers All the time and, even without the offers, I quite like their prices. I pre-ordered hundreds of prints from them a few years back and still have some left to get pictures of Ethan printed off for my own albums and also for family – I think it’s really nice to have real photos as well as just digital sometimes!

Anyway, being the bargain lover that I am I checked for offer codes before checking out my order for my Christmas prints for the years and, lo and behold, I was thrilled to see that they had an offer for a free photo book, only requiring for the £1.99 p+p to be paid. It was quite late so I hurried a bit but I think I managed to put a nice book together (even though one of the photos is duplicated, oops!)

I made us a lovely little family album


Some photos of Ethan with Daddy Azii and with Mummy, including some from one of the photo shoots we had a while ago.


Some of the rather nice photos of Azii and I from a different photo shoot we had – Not meaning to be vain, I just knew Azii wouldn’t like me putting in pics of just him if there wasn’t one of just me in there too!


Some really fun photos of Ethan from this year – as a cat when we went to the Benefayre, some cheesy grins, Ethan in a box and plenty more!


And I just had to include these fabulous photos from Ethan’s playgroup photos! Just look him!


And that cheeky face ending our book – How could I not!

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