Revlon Colorburst – Lacquer balm in ‘Coy’ and Matte balms in ‘Sultry’ and ‘Elusive’ – Swatches and first impressions

I’ve been so excited about these new balm pencils from Revlon ever since I heard them mentioned and saw them photographed on other blogs – I love the original balm stains so I was so excited to find out what their new incarnations would be like.

I had it set up so I’d get the alert when Boots  got them in to stock and, even better, I knew that the first 500 people would get £2 off! When the morning came that I got the email I didn’t hang around and was lucky enough to have the code still working – I thought that the code would work on one product per person but, actually, I got all three for £5.99 instead of £7.99 (bargain!). I also paid for them with points as I’d been saving them up for this exact reason.

There was, unfortunately, a mix up and when my order arrived this morning I saw that they’d sent me the Matte Balm in ‘Sultry’ instead of the Lacquer Balm in ‘Demure’ but, as always, fab customer service from Boots and when I said I’d not mind keeping ‘Sultry’ the lady let me re-order ‘Demure’ with free p+p, this one was at full price but getting a fourth always would have been and I don’t mind having to have an extra one! 

From L-R ‘Sultry’, ‘Elusive’ and ‘Coy’ 

  Matte balm in ‘Sultry’
Matte balm in ‘Elusive’
Lacquer balm in ‘Coy’

And here’s the swatch for ‘Sultry’ – It’s a beautiful shade, I really like it so am really pleased that it got sent by accident. As you can see the matte formula definitely looks very matte, and from the swatch it might look a bit drying, like other formulas. But I’m currently wearing ‘Elusive’ and it feels balmy rather than drying; very impressed.
‘Elusive’ draws, obvious, comparisons to the balm stain in ‘Honey’ but it comes out more pinky and the formula makes it so much more opaque. As I said, above, the formula feels fantastic on the lips, I’ve only been wearing it a short while so can’t say what it’s like longer term. 

And, lastly, this is the Lacquer balm in ‘Coy’ – As expected it’s a much sheerer formula than the matte balms but it still has plenty of colour in it, too. I tried this on, earlier, and I like the formula, very easy to wear, doesn’t feel sticky etc. ‘Coy’ may look quite brown and, really, it is, but I bought it because I saw on the lip pictures online and it was clear that it being sheer works to add more pink to it and make it more of a mauve’y shade. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have super pale lips and don’t want a brown shade, if you want it to make a more mauvey you need to have at least some pigmentation in your lips.

I’m very very impressed by both formulas and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them in the future.

(if the post is a bit jumbled, I’m sorry, I’m quite poorly and totally exhausted, I keep falling asleep whilst typin)

I will try to get some on the lip swatches later in the week when I’m less poorly/

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  1. T Bellew January 18, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    I'm not one for lipstick these days, was when I was younger lol, but just started to wear it again and these look really nice 🙂 x

  2. Mountain Beauty January 22, 2014 / 11:18 pm

    These look great! (not that I need any more chubby stick type products…) 🙂

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