The #100HappyDays challenge – Days 1-7 of My 100 Happy Days

A friend of mine mentioned the #100HappyDays challenge last week and I quickly felt like I wanted to get involved as the idea behind it is so lovely. The whole point is that you take a photo, every day, for 100 days in order to remind you of what makes you happy and, then, have something to look back on and make you smile. You can see the site HERE to find out more.

I’m planning on uploading the photo via Instagram (Find me on petitmoi_bigworld) every day and then doing a weekly update on here.

I’ve been really enjoying spending the day focusing on all of the things that make me smile, the things that make me happy and then deciding which part of the day I should photograph – It’s been lovely and this is only the first week! So here’s my photos so far (they’re all instagram photos so they might look a little grainy)

Day 1 – Ethan with some of his cousins and with Nanny Josie. We don’t get them together very often so it is so nice to see them all together.
Day 2 – First time in a Long time that I’ve got a nice, warm coat with a hood! Pretty big deal for me, knowing I might actually be able to stay warm without wearing tonnes of layers.
Day 3 – My first attempt at using striping tape and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out (a little wonky but not bad for a first go)
Day 4 – Sitting in starbucks with a soya latte (which I don’t get to do very often), applying some imPress nails just before catching my coach to London, was very excited and nice to have some me time. 
Day 5 – The meaning behind the symbol on the bracelets we got at the Ojon dinner, it’s just so nice and rather inspiring. Plus the symbol itself is really pretty on the bracelet.

Day 6 – Our letter to confirm we’ve finally registered our intent to marry, fourth attempt at a flipping appt and it’s actually happened. August here we come! 

Day 7 – Starting to watch Buffy from the beginning, with Azii. We haven’t watched anything together for a while so it’s really nice to have that to do together again and also Buffy is awesome.

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