The #100HappyDays challenge – Days 8 – 14 of my 100 Happy Days

I’m a bit late in posting this, I’m on day 16 now, but I’ve been quite poorly so everything’s been on delay a bit, but I’ve got me some antibiotics, now, and I’m on the path to recovery (fingers crossed) do trying to catch up on lots and lots of things! So, here’s my days 8-14 of my #100HappyDays challenge. 
Ethan makes me happy every day, even though he’s going through a really challenging phase at the moment. But on this day it was just so sweet, he asked to have his lunch in a lunch box like Daddy Azii does and he was so so excited about it – This is Day 8.
My phone has been giving me trouble for a while, now, it almost lasted its 2 years but I just got to a point where I Really wanted a new phone. All the options seemed pretty rubbish for a while until I came across Phones4U and their buyout scheme (which utilizes cashback, I think, but they also got me a cheaper offer than I’d have been able to get myself) – So, yes, I am now the proud owner of a rather lovely Samsung Galaxy S4 which works soo well and has an amazing camera – Yay! – This was Day 9

On day 10 I got in to a bit of a chat online about whether or not boys should be allowed to play with ‘girls’ toys – I couldn’t  help but love the irony that, only a little while later, my darling boy decided he wanted to swaddle his babybear and pretend he was a baby – The sort of play that closed minded people would consider is ‘for girls’ – I have a post planned, soon, about this sort of thinking, keep your eye out and make sure you follow if you want to see more.
Day 11 I celebrated the fact that I got lots of cuddles with my baby even though we were both feeling really run down – He had a cough and it seems like it was the start of my infection. 
Day 12 I was so happy that my Mum and I had managed to order and collect Skye’s bridesmaid dress, from Next, despite some complications. When my mum brought it home I was SO happy because it turned out to be the absolutely Perfect colour rather than a ‘making do’ colour like we thought it was going to be. (the photo makes it look a bit too grey but it’s the perfect dusky pink) – Isn’t she going to be the most beautiful princess ever in this dress? I hope she loves it as much as we think she will, she’s really looking forward to being a princess. 
Day 13 I couldn’t help be happy about the gorgeous gifts that my, very very generous, best friend bought me/us. The gift bag contains my Birthday presents, which are a few weeks early, planning to post about these soon and the Rose Champagne and champagne flutes are a Very early wedding present for Azii and I.
By Day 14 I was starting to get really quite poorly (can you see my pyjamas in the background?), it was a pretty rough day and I wasn’t feeling my best but I was really cheered up by Ethan’s drawing of an alligator – I’m not sure you’ll all be able to see it, but I can, his drawings are starting to have a bit more form and even if this one isn’t blindingly obvious, other than to those of us close to him, but the fact that he’s Trying to draw things rather than just staying with the scribbles makes me very happy. 
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