The books that I Enjoyed in 2013! – Follow on from my ‘Books that I read in 2013’ post

Ok so when  I wrote my ‘Books That I Read in 2013’ post quite a number of you asked which ones I’d recommend. First things first, don’t go over to the other list and compare and go ‘So these ones left out are Bad’ because not all of them are – Some of them were bad, some were good but things that I wouldn’t recommend to absolutely everyone (If that makes any sense) – The ones I’ve listed are ones that wowed me for some reason or another and that have stayed with me – Plus they’re ones that I think most people would like, genre dependant of course!

Before I show you the books I just want to remind you about ‘The 50 Book challenge’ – Some people are a little put off by the large figure, understandably within the busy lives we lead. The thing is, though, it’s not about reading 50 books, it’s about setting yourself an amount to read so that you do read – If you normally read 20 books a year set yourself a target of 25, 10? set 15 and if you read none then set yourself a target to read one a  month! The lovely Alex over at Fangirls & Foundation illustrates this perfectly with her ’14 in 14′ challenge.

Every Seventh Wave – Daniel Glattauer – This is a sequel to a book called ‘Love Virtually’ which was a great, very different, love story. The sequel wasn’t quite as good, when are they ever? But I’d recommend them both.

‘What’s Left of Me’ – Kat Zhang – This was a Really good alternative future/alternative reality, fantasy book. In a world where everyone starts out with two personalities, the main character is an anomaly, why isn’t one of her parts fading away? 

 ‘Gone Girl’ – Gillian Flynn – A fantastic thriller/crime book – I really really enjoyed this one and I know a it got on a lot of peoples lists so you’ve probably already heard of it, loved it.

‘Wicked – Gregory Maguire – If you haven’t heard of Wicked you’re a bit daft, but this was just as wonderful as everyone made me hope. 

‘The Dresden Files’ series

‘Storm Front’ – Jim Butcher
‘Fool Moon’ – Jim Butcher
‘Grave Peril’ – Jim Butcher
‘Summer Knight’ – Jim Butcher
‘Death Masks’ – Jim Butcher
‘Blood Rites’ – Jim Butcher
‘Dead Beat’ – Jim Butcher
‘Proven Guilty’ – Jim Butcher
‘White Night’ – Jim Butcher
‘Small Favour’ – Jim Butcher
‘Turn Coat’ – Jim Butcher
‘Changes’ – Jim Butcher
‘Ghost Story’ – Jim Butcher
‘Cold Days’ – Jim Butcher
‘Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files’ – Jim Butcher – 
Yup, I read  a Lot of Jim Butcher in ’13 – The Dresden files is a paranormal, urban fantasy type things (I’m not good with genres) – Harry Dresden is a professional Wizard for hire and a Whole lot of awesome, I loved these.

‘Buddah in the Attic’ – Julie Otsuka – This is something I read for a book club – It’s not the sort of thing I normally read but it was beautiful despite being very sad – About Japanese women emigrating to America as ‘mail order brides’ – The writing is so stunningly beautiful that it almost overrides the sad topic, but you still come away from it with a sadness for the women.

‘Codex Alera’ series
‘Furies of Calderon’ – Jim Butcher
‘Academ’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
‘Cursor’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
‘Captain’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
‘Princep’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
‘First Lord’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher – 
Oooh look some more Jim Butcher! This is a more typical fantasy series, set in another world, one where people can bond/attune with the elements via their ‘furie’- Totally enthralling series. 

‘Rivers of London (PC Peter Grant) – Ben Arronovitch
‘Moon Over Soho (PC Peter Grant)’ – Ben Arronovitch
‘Whispers Underground (PC Peter Grant)‘ – Ben Arronovitch
‘Broken Homes (PC Peter Grant)’ – Ben Arronovitch
This is a series that got on to a lot of peoples favourites list in 2013 – Another wizard, another urban fantasy – PC Peter Grant is a wizard, which makes for some incredibly interesting reading. It’s a Really enjoyable series, doesn’t take itself too seriously but is really captivating. 
‘Rook’ – Daniel O’Malley – There was something about ‘Rook’ which I fell in love with – Imagine waking up, surrounded by dead bodies, you don’t know who you are and you have a letter in your pocket from your ‘self’ at least the one you were before your memory was gone. And then discover that you work for a secret government agency who specify in members of staff with ‘powers’ – Honestly, fantastic. If there’s a sequel then I will be soo happy!

‘My animals and other family’ – Claire Balding – I’m not big on biography but this one was rather good. It read a lot like a story, a story of a young girl growing up in a totally different type of family, and the ways in which that impacts upon her life growing up. A very absent father who’s a racehorse trainer, a Grandmother who wasn’t impressed with having a Granddaughter and a whole lot of horses and dogs. It was good. 
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      Shows the diversity in what people enjoy, really! I really did love it, though, quite think I may read it again this year xx

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