The books that I read in 2013

In 2013 I read a total of 71 books – It wasn’t solid reading, I tend to read in bursts and then not read for a while in between. I enjoyed a lot of the books that I read, last year, but I also didn’t enjoy a good deal of them too so them being on this list doesn’t mean I consider them good, just means I read them. If you’re planning on reading any of them and want to know what I thought then just let me know and I will happily chat to you about it, I love chatting about books!

Some people have asked that I do a post saying which books I’d recommend – As such I’ve done a post of the books I enjoyed the most, from this list. If they’re not on there, and it’s not on there, don’t be offended, I probably enjoyed most of them well enough, but I just posted the ones I enjoyed the Most:

I tend not to review books too often but I’d really like to – I guess we’ll see how this goes as the year goes on. I’ve reviewed a few of the books from my 2013 list, though, and if I have I’ll make sure they’re linked: 

  1. ‘The Wind Singer – Book 1 of The Wind on Fire series’ – William Nicholson
  2. ‘Slaves of the Mastery – Book 2 of The Wind on Fire series ‘ -William Nicholson 
  3. ‘Firesong – Book 3 of The Wind on Fire series’ – William Nicholson
  4. ‘The Christmas Train’ – David Baldacci
  5. ‘The Gift’ – Deb Stover 
  6. ‘Every Seventh Wave’ – Daniel Glattauer
  7. ‘What’s Left of Me’ – Kat Zhang
  8. ‘Gone Girl’ – Gillian Flynn
  9. ‘Wicked’ – Gregory Maguire
  10. ‘Bitter Blood’ (Book 13 Morganville Vampires) – Rachel Caine
  11. ‘Fall of Night’ (Book 14 Morganvilla Vampires) – Rachel Caine
  12. ‘The Fallen Star’ – Jesicca Sorensen
  13. ‘The Underworld’ – Jessica Sorensen
  14. ‘The Vision’ – Jessica Sorensen
  15. ‘The Promise’ – Jessica Sorensen 
  16. ‘Storm Front’ – Jim Butcher
  17. ‘Fool Moon’ – Jim Butcher
  18. ‘Grave Peril’ – Jim Butcher
  19. ‘Summer Knight’ – Jim Butcher
  20. ‘Death Masks’ – Jim Butcher
  21. ‘Blood Rites’ – Jim Butcher
  22. ‘Dead Beat’ – Jim Butcher
  23. ‘Proven Guilty’ – Jim Butcher
  24. ‘White Night’ – Jim Butcher
  25. ‘Small Favour’ – Jim Butcher
  26. ‘Turn Coat’ – Jim Butcher
  27. ‘Changes’ – Jim Butcher
  28. ‘Ghost Story’ – Jim Butcher
  29. ‘Cold Days’ – Jim Butcher
  30. ‘Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files’ – Jim Butcher
  31. ‘Mummy Fever – Mission Accomplished’ – Charlotte Pearson
  32. ‘Buddah in the Attic’ – Julie Otsuka
  33. ‘Oath Bound’ – Rachel Vincent
  34. ‘The Bone Quill’ – John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman
  35. ‘Furies of Calderon’ – Jim Butcher
  36. ‘Academ’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
  37. ‘Cursor’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
  38. ‘Captain’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
  39. ‘Princep’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
  40. ‘First Lord’s Fury’ – Jim Butcher
  41. ‘Rivers of London (PC Peter Grant)’ – Ben Arronovitch
  42. ‘Moon Over Soho (PC Peter Grant)’ – Ben Arronovitch
  43. ‘Whispers Underground (PC Peter Grant)’ – Ben Arronovitch
  44. ‘Broken Homes (PC Peter Grant) – Ben Arronovitch
  45. ‘Fallen’ – Lauren Kate
  46. ‘Torment’ – Lauren Kate
  47. ‘Passion’ – Lauren Kate
  48. ‘Rapture’ – Lauren Kate
  49. ‘The Mortal Instruments 1 – City of Bones’ – Cassandra Clare
  50. ‘The Mortal Instruments 2 – City of Ashes’ – Cassandra Clare
  51. ‘The Mortal Instruments 3 – City of Glass’ – Cassandra Clare
  52. ‘The Mortal Instruments 4 – City of Fallen Angels’ – Cassandra Clare
  53. ‘The Mortal Instruments 5 – City of Lost Souls’ – Cassandra Clare
  54. ‘The Killing Hour’ – Lisa Gardner
  55. ‘The Survivors Club’ – Lisa Gardner
  56. ‘One Step Too Far’ – Tina Seskis
  57. ‘I am Number Four’ – Pittacus Lore
  58. ‘The Power of Six’ – Pittacus Lore
  59. ‘The Rise of Nine’ – Pitacus Lore
  60. ‘The Fall of Five’ – Pittacus Lore
  61. ‘I am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones’ – Pittacus Lore
  62. ‘The Half-Life of Hannah’ – Nick Alexander
  63. ‘Good Girl, Bad Girl’ – Christopher Finch
  64. ‘You Know What You Have To Do’ – Bonnie Shimko
  65. ‘Confessions of an Angry Girl’ – Louise Rozett
  66. ‘Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend’ – Louise Rozett
  67. ‘Rook’ – Daniel O’Malley
  68. ‘Among Others’ – Jo Walton
  69. ‘My animals and other family’ – Claire Balding
  70. ‘The Dragon Legacy’ – Jane Hunt
  71. ‘The Taming of the Tights’ – Louise Rennison
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  1. AmyD93 January 3, 2014 / 11:43 pm

    Have you read the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare? I must say that I much preferred them to the Mortal Instruments 🙂
    Amy xx

    • admin January 3, 2014 / 11:48 pm

      No, I've not read them, thanks though I'll keep an eye out for them xx

  2. Claire doesbeauty January 4, 2014 / 9:35 am

    Thanks for the list! I have been wanting some new reads, currently reading Gone Girl and i can't put it down… love it!

    Claire xx
    Claire does beauty

  3. Willow Graham January 4, 2014 / 2:43 pm

    Are there any from there that you would recommend? x

    • admin January 4, 2014 / 2:47 pm

      I was thinking about that, I'm thinking I'll edit the post to include a note of which I'd recommend – Have you got twitter or an email address etc? I'll let you know once I've updated it xx

  4. Niki T. January 4, 2014 / 2:55 pm

    Dang, you put me to shame haha! Your list is totally motivating me to read more. =)

    • admin January 5, 2014 / 12:00 am

      Ooh well that can only be a good thing!

  5. Mina Joshi January 4, 2014 / 11:47 pm

    What an impressive list!! How do you find the time to read, shop, blog and run a home???

    • admin January 5, 2014 / 12:02 am

      I don't run the whole of the house, I live with my mum so just deal with the parts my son, fiance and I are in (though our bedroom is testament to lack of time!) – Also reading is one of the only things I do in my free time, bad health means I can't do a lot once evening comes around… and most importantly… I read freakishly fast, always have done! I'm on my 5th book this year and really haven't spent That long reading, I'd say I read for 6 months of the year and not for the other 6 😀

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