Friday, 3 January 2014

The books that I read in 2013

In 2013 I read a total of 71 books - It wasn't solid reading, I tend to read in bursts and then not read for a while in between. I enjoyed a lot of the books that I read, last year, but I also didn't enjoy a good deal of them too so them being on this list doesn't mean I consider them good, just means I read them. If you're planning on reading any of them and want to know what I thought then just let me know and I will happily chat to you about it, I love chatting about books!

Some people have asked that I do a post saying which books I'd recommend - As such I've done a post of the books I enjoyed the most, from this list. If they're not on there, and it's not on there, don't be offended, I probably enjoyed most of them well enough, but I just posted the ones I enjoyed the Most:

I tend not to review books too often but I'd really like to - I guess we'll see how this goes as the year goes on. I've reviewed a few of the books from my 2013 list, though, and if I have I'll make sure they're linked: 

  1. 'The Wind Singer - Book 1 of The Wind on Fire series' - William Nicholson
  2. 'Slaves of the Mastery - Book 2 of The Wind on Fire series ' -William Nicholson 
  3. 'Firesong - Book 3 of The Wind on Fire series' - William Nicholson
  4. 'The Christmas Train' - David Baldacci
  5. 'The Gift' - Deb Stover 
  6. 'Every Seventh Wave' - Daniel Glattauer
  7. 'What's Left of Me' - Kat Zhang
  8. 'Gone Girl' - Gillian Flynn
  9. 'Wicked' - Gregory Maguire
  10. 'Bitter Blood' (Book 13 Morganville Vampires) - Rachel Caine
  11. 'Fall of Night' (Book 14 Morganvilla Vampires) - Rachel Caine
  12. 'The Fallen Star' - Jesicca Sorensen
  13. 'The Underworld' - Jessica Sorensen
  14. 'The Vision' - Jessica Sorensen
  15. 'The Promise' - Jessica Sorensen 
  16. 'Storm Front' - Jim Butcher
  17. 'Fool Moon' - Jim Butcher
  18. 'Grave Peril' - Jim Butcher
  19. 'Summer Knight' - Jim Butcher
  20. 'Death Masks' - Jim Butcher
  21. 'Blood Rites' - Jim Butcher
  22. 'Dead Beat' - Jim Butcher
  23. 'Proven Guilty' - Jim Butcher
  24. 'White Night' - Jim Butcher
  25. 'Small Favour' - Jim Butcher
  26. 'Turn Coat' - Jim Butcher
  27. 'Changes' - Jim Butcher
  28. 'Ghost Story' - Jim Butcher
  29. 'Cold Days' - Jim Butcher
  30. 'Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files' - Jim Butcher
  31. 'Mummy Fever - Mission Accomplished' - Charlotte Pearson
  32. 'Buddah in the Attic' - Julie Otsuka
  33. 'Oath Bound' - Rachel Vincent
  34. 'The Bone Quill' - John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman
  35. 'Furies of Calderon' - Jim Butcher
  36. 'Academ's Fury' - Jim Butcher
  37. 'Cursor's Fury' - Jim Butcher
  38. 'Captain's Fury' - Jim Butcher
  39. 'Princep's Fury' - Jim Butcher
  40. 'First Lord's Fury' - Jim Butcher
  41. 'Rivers of London (PC Peter Grant)' - Ben Arronovitch
  42. 'Moon Over Soho (PC Peter Grant)' - Ben Arronovitch
  43. 'Whispers Underground (PC Peter Grant)' - Ben Arronovitch
  44. 'Broken Homes (PC Peter Grant) - Ben Arronovitch
  45. 'Fallen' - Lauren Kate
  46. 'Torment' - Lauren Kate
  47. 'Passion' - Lauren Kate
  48. 'Rapture' - Lauren Kate
  49. 'The Mortal Instruments 1 - City of Bones' - Cassandra Clare
  50. 'The Mortal Instruments 2 - City of Ashes' - Cassandra Clare
  51. 'The Mortal Instruments 3 - City of Glass' - Cassandra Clare
  52. 'The Mortal Instruments 4 - City of Fallen Angels' - Cassandra Clare
  53. 'The Mortal Instruments 5 - City of Lost Souls' - Cassandra Clare
  54. 'The Killing Hour' - Lisa Gardner
  55. 'The Survivors Club' - Lisa Gardner
  56. 'One Step Too Far' - Tina Seskis
  57. 'I am Number Four' - Pittacus Lore
  58. 'The Power of Six' - Pittacus Lore
  59. 'The Rise of Nine' - Pitacus Lore
  60. 'The Fall of Five' - Pittacus Lore
  61. 'I am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Forgotten Ones' - Pittacus Lore
  62. 'The Half-Life of Hannah' - Nick Alexander
  63. 'Good Girl, Bad Girl' - Christopher Finch
  64. 'You Know What You Have To Do' - Bonnie Shimko
  65. 'Confessions of an Angry Girl' - Louise Rozett
  66. 'Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend' - Louise Rozett
  67. 'Rook' - Daniel O'Malley
  68. 'Among Others' - Jo Walton
  69. 'My animals and other family' - Claire Balding
  70. 'The Dragon Legacy' - Jane Hunt
  71. 'The Taming of the Tights' - Louise Rennison
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  1. Have you read the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare? I must say that I much preferred them to the Mortal Instruments :)
    Amy xx

    1. No, I've not read them, thanks though I'll keep an eye out for them xx

  2. Thanks for the list! I have been wanting some new reads, currently reading Gone Girl and i can't put it down... love it!

    Claire xx
    Claire does beauty

  3. Are there any from there that you would recommend? x

    1. I was thinking about that, I'm thinking I'll edit the post to include a note of which I'd recommend - Have you got twitter or an email address etc? I'll let you know once I've updated it xx

  4. Dang, you put me to shame haha! Your list is totally motivating me to read more. =)

    1. Ooh well that can only be a good thing!

  5. What an impressive list!! How do you find the time to read, shop, blog and run a home???

    1. I don't run the whole of the house, I live with my mum so just deal with the parts my son, fiance and I are in (though our bedroom is testament to lack of time!) - Also reading is one of the only things I do in my free time, bad health means I can't do a lot once evening comes around... and most importantly... I read freakishly fast, always have done! I'm on my 5th book this year and really haven't spent That long reading, I'd say I read for 6 months of the year and not for the other 6 :D