W7 ‘In The Buff’ Palette – First reactions review and swatches

I saw the lovely Victoria at Victoria’s Vintage mention that this palette was considered a dupe for the Naked palette and I was intrigued. Now that I’ve seen it I can see that it’s definitely more similar to the Naked 2 palette and I’m not sure that it’s a dupe but it is quite a nice palette either way. 
They even went for the tin packaging just like the Naked palettes – Rather nice really for something that cost me £4.80 from Amazon!

Also rather nice that they included a brush as well as the standard sponge applicator that a lower priced offerings tend to have. As you can see, the shades are quite similar to Naked 2 in the pan – I don’t have the naked 2 but I do have the MUA Undress Me Too palette (you can see swatches in that link if you want to compare) which is held to be a pretty good dupe. 

The first shade, Buff, doesn’t really show up very much, but then it’s a matte, nude shade so there’s not a lot of showing up that can be done! Camel is a very different story, though, nice and pigmented; a really pretty shade. Lastly for this shot we have Sand, another nice shade but very very subtle and doesn’t show up a lot swatched on the hand.
Next up we have Dust which is another beautifully pigmented shade and Chocolate which is a quite sheer matte chocolate colour; it’s not overly pigmented but it’s what I’d expect from a more budget brand. I really like the shade Topaz which is deep with a beautiful sheen of gold in it. 

Three light, but nicely pigmented, shades are Earth, Storm and Silk – All with a nice amount of shimmer or sheen but much subtler shades than others in the palette. 

Back to some more stand-out shades we have Wave, Thunder and Onyx – I really like the coppery, but slightly pinky, tones of Wave and Thunder is just the most perfectly named shade. Onyz isn’t the most pigmented black matte I’ve ever seen but it’s definitely not the worst either. 
Is this palette a dupe for the Naked 2? Well I can’t say as I don’t own it, but I can definitely see some similarities between this and my Undress Me Too shadows – It’s not identical, some of the shades are rather different in tone and some don’t stand out as much as their counterparts in the MUA offering, but it’s a nice palette and it has some really close, positive elements too. Not all of the shades are crazily pigmented but a lot of them are and it’s definitely going to be nice to play with. If you don’t  have the funds for the Naked 2 then this might be worth considering. I’m always going to be an MUA fan so that’d probably be my first choice But this palette has some real plus points too so it’s going to be very welcome within my collection and it would be worth looking at both of these if you’re looking for a nice palette of neutrals (I’ve only swatched them so I don’t know what their longevity is like)

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      That's alright, I wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for you xx

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