What’s in my Handbag – The trip to London edition – Featuring my Nica bag

Ever since I got my Nica bag I have been wanting to do an updated ‘What’s in my handbag’ post but, it turns out, I’m so boring that I rarely change up what’s in my bag! Haha! So when I was adding things to my handbag in preparation for my afternoon/evening in London for the Ojon dinner I thought I could do a post about that; We all take different things when we know we’re going to be away from home for a little longer, and also when we’re going out somewhere special.

This is the general contents of my handbag – It’s not much different from a normal day other than the fact that I only take my Kindle somewhere if I know I’m definitely going to be able to read, same with the Ipod. 
One change that I did make, though, is that I decided to separate my notes and cards from my coins – So I used a new little coin purse I picked up off eBay and my gorgeous MAC brush bag instead of my standard purse – I have to say I’m in love with my MAC bag as a purse, as long as it doesn’t chew up my notes (need to be careful about keeping them away from the zip)
Here’s the beauty related items (apart from the pen but that’s kept in the bag so that’s why it’s in there) – I’ve got a Denman travel hairbrush, Soap & Glory ‘Hand Maid’ hand sanitizer gel, Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for lips, Sleek ‘Matte Me’ in ‘Birthday Suit, Bach Rescue Remedy, Beauty Fixation pre-filled cotton swabs with make-up remover in, Moa ‘The Green balm’, Katy Perry ‘Killer Queen’, MUA ‘Cover and Conceal’ wand. I took these pictures before I went so there was some changes, the Tisserand oil came out and I added some Kleenex blotting sheets.
From this section the items which I added specifically for the trip were the cotton swabs, the Kleenex sheets and the Dr Lipp balm – I’d normally take a lip balm but I took the Dr Lipp balm, specifically, because I wanted something super nourishing to apply on the coach home. 

My essential items – Coin and note purses, phone, umbrella, house keys, gloves and inhaler. This is all pretty self explanatory, really. 

In this purse, as well as notes, I had a few cards; bank card, drivers license and Boots advantage card (As essential as the Boots card is, I don’t Normally think it’s quite That essential but I knew I wanted to go to Boots before I got my coach). I also was lucky enough to borrow my Mum’s husband’s Oyster card which made travelling around London easier and cheaper (always good!). Lastly I added a few of my new business cards – I tend to keep them in whatever purse I’ve got on me because, on the few occasions that people have needed my information, it’s the one thing I have always had on me. 

A three hour coach ride, twice in one day, requires some entertainment so that’s why that dominates my ‘extras’ – My Kindle and my Ipod just have to go on any sort of long journey I go on. I also take my note pad with me most places. Considering my trip to London was for a blogging related dinner it would seem obvious that I’d want to take my camera, hence it featuring in this photo – Of course I forgot it! Thank goodness for camera phones! 

And here’s the things I forgot to add to my other photos or didn’t have at the time. Biig bottle of water, water is important all of the time, especially when I may need to take meds (the bottle didn’t actually fit in my handbag with everything else but it is included in what I took). Talking of which, I took a good sized pile of meds, very important whenever I’m going to be out of the house for any length of time. 
My hat managed to evade my last picture but that was in my handbag, too, in fact it stayed in there as there was no need for a hat but it’s always good to have in case it becomes super chilly. That also explains the jumper – I put the thinnest jumper I had in my bag because sometimes an extra layer, however thin, can make a big difference (that also stayed in the bag). 
Seeing as I get poorly when I get low blood sugar levels a cereal bar seemed like a very good idea. Lastly is the weird looking device, my Pebble. I actually forgot that I had this, I’ve had it for a looong time, but it’s a fantastic little device. I charged it up via my laptop and, it was a really useful backup for when my phone battery ran low – This may become a regular feature of my handbag.

Ok so that’s it – Probably more rambling that needs be and some of it pretty boring but I enjoy ‘What’s in my handbag’ posts so maybe a couple of you will have enjoyed this too – One can hope!

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  1. Vicky Wombwell Kuhn January 10, 2014 / 11:29 pm

    So organised! Mine starts of pretty similar before getting filled with receipts and biscuit crumbs – including puffers and drugs, lots and lots of drugs (the prescribed type in case of confusion – I don't want to get added to a database lol). Look forward to hearing about the dinner and seeing lots of pics 🙂
    Love Vicky

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