Why we’re erring on the side of a Playstation 4*

First things first – This is a sponsored post, But the content was written by me and this really is a decision we’ve been trying to sort out, and many of the points are ones we’ve covered in the massive back and forth that is, next gen consoles.

I used to game a lot, back before the Ethan mostly, having owned consoles from the Sega Megadrive when I was about 7 to a PS3 which graces my desk to this very day (and was definitely a factor in Azii deciding he wanted to marry me, I’m quite convinced). I miss gaming, a lot, it was something I did as an extra form of escapism and it was just so fun! But now that I have an Ethan, and considerably less time, gaming has taken a real back seat to blogging, reading and watching shows with Azii.

Our techy little set-up when Azii moved in

Azii, though, is a Very big gamer and he’s hoping to get one of the next generation consoles this year. He’s currently erring on the side of a PS4 and I’m a bit glad of that because, despite the advantages of both options, I’m a bit of a Playstation fan – In fact I’m a Sony fan, if I could have everything Sony I would.

As it happens, though, there are some real, genuine, reasons why PS4 is the current front runner. Price is a definite factor and with the PS4 coming in at £349, the affordability aspect comes in to play (Ok it’s not cheap but it’s cheaper than the alternatives! And Azii is planning on saving over a space of time, he really wants to play the newer games).

And that takes us one to the second reason; games. Sounds like an obvious one but it takes some real thought if you’re really big in to gaming, as Azii is, because all consoles will have their exclusive content so you have to, somehow, manage to balance out how many exclusives you can get on one console and quite how much you want each of them! For Azii the PS4 has a good few exclusives which is a big reason for why it’s at the top of his list such as ‘Killzone: Shadowfall’, ‘Infamous: Second Son’, ‘Don’t Starve’ and ‘Knack’.

The littlest gamer in the house playing on Grandad’s PS3 – In fact I game the least, these days, Daddy Azii, Grandad, Grandma and Ethan all love gaming – Yup, the whole family! At least they make up for my more recent lack of gaming.

It’s quite hard to ignore things like accessories when you’re looking in to a new console, too, if you’re going to want to get involved in all of the online, team player, stuff then a headset is a must. You’ve also got to factor in noise levels, if you have a small person sleeping nearby (like the one above, in fact) then a  headset would be advantageous because loud shooty noises aren’t always ideal and when we move out we’re likely to have Ethan sleeping in a room much closer to us so this could be even more important. But even if you don’t have kids then maybe you’re a student and you share accommodation? Or you live with your parents and they’re constantly telling you to turn ‘that noise down’? Or, as is the plight of many, your husband or wife might want to hear a bit less of your game playing! If you want to treat yourself, and go for something really exciting, maybe even space age like, then there’s places like gioteck.com who sell some really interesting devices, notably their rather sleek and sexy looking PS4 Headsets which, I can imagine, we shall lust after quite extensively once we actually invest in a new console.
This is my favourite, the EX-06 Foldable HD headphones – They look like a James Bond Gadget or something!
So yeah – I might not be the big gamer that I used to be, but I still like to talk these things through with Azii, even if just as a bit of a sounding board. I’m sure, though, that when it comes down to it he’ll make the right decision.


This is a sponsored post – Please see disclaimer here
The image used from the website was used with permission


  1. admin January 28, 2014 / 7:34 pm

    Yeah we have a stupid amount of consoles (I hate to think where all of Azii's other ones will go when we get our own place) – But there's something about getting the newest one xx

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